IU moves Iowa tip-off to 6 p.m. for Colts

Fred Glass was hoping to more drastically alter the tip-off of Indiana’s home basketball game against Iowa on Sunday, but he’ll take what he can get.

The Indiana athletic director started talks with the Big Ten earlier this week to move the tip-off of the game either backward or forward to avoid conflict with the Indianapolis Colts’ appearance in the AFC Championship game, which kicks off at 3 p.m. The Hoosiers have moved the game from 5 p.m., its original start time, to 6 p.m.

“My preference was to move it to noon so that fans could come to our game and watch the whole game and still go to Indianapolis,” Glass said. “And they could certainly watch both games. My second choice was to move it to 7 p.m., so a person could watch the entire Colts game if they were students or in Bloomington, even though they couldn’t go to both. My primary goal in all this is to get as many people in Assembly Hall as possible. But having it at noon or 7 p.m.  didn’t work out logistically for everyone involved. What this does for us, is the people in and around Assembly Hall, primarily students and faculty and staff, can watch pretty much the entire Colts game, and still get to Assembly Hall. So hopefully that’s significant.”

Glass said the logistical concerns were mostly about Iowa’s travel plans, “and I understand that,” he said.

Glass’s hope is that the Colts win in a blowout and fans aren’t glued to the TV through 6 p.m.

“This is a game coming off a big win,” Glass said, referring to Sunday’s win over Minnesota. “It’s a game we’d really like to get. We need all the fans and energy we can get, so if there’s anything I can do to make it even marginally or incrementally easier for people to get into Assembly Hall, I’m going to do it.”


  1. Anyone still want to argue that Indiana is “just a basketball state”? Now, if we can only channel this passion for the pigskin, a passion that displaces the cherished Hoosiers from their normal start time, into IU football.

  2. Well, its am AFC championship game versus a regular season game against a team at the bottom of the BT, so its really not a good comparisson. If it weren’t completely impossible due to the time of year, I would say that an NCAA tournament game, even a first rounder, would trump a regular season Colts game.

  3. Again, not technically possible, but I think network affilliates would want to bump a Colts regular season game for an IU final 4 game.

  4. This solves virtually nothing.

    Maybe Fred should have sold the game to Chicago or NYC where we have a lot of alumni who would go see the game. That was his rationale in football, right?

  5. Well, this sucks. I drive 4 hours to go to an IU game and it was bad enough the original start time was 5 on a Sunday, but moving it back an hour will now get me home sometime after midnight. This for the Colt fans? BS. If you a Hoosier fan you’ll be in the seats regardless of a Colts game on or not. I would miss the Colts game anyway while I’m driving to B’town. Thanks Fred for thinking of the alumni in other parts of the state that go to great lengths to see an IU basketball game and even a football game. This is now a choice for me to stay at home or be absolutely worthless at work on Monday. Yes, 1 hour makes a difference. Not all IU fans are Colt fans anyway. So why bother making a change. Anyone who would rather watch the Colts instead of IU isn’t a true IU basketball fan. As far as I’m concerned, there is only one game going on this Sunday and it is in Bloomington. Now I have to decide if I go or not and waste the money I paid for the tickets.

  6. Mark, I consider myself to be as big an IU fan as anyone. I went to all home games as a kid, student and even last year and have missed only one this year. I don’t have to explain my love for IU, anyone who reads this blog knows how passionate I am. With that said, I would rather watch the Colts on Sunday. I will tell you what I tell the kids I teach. You need to appreciate what is going on with football in Indy right now because it only happens once in a lifetime if lucky, P. Manning only comes along once in a lifetime. There are so many that take it for granted, the winning and the classy nature of the team on a whole. I will watch the Colts and rush to Assembly Hall, it works for me. I am sincerely sorry it does not work for you but please don’t think because I would rather watch the Colts if I had a choice that I am not a true IU fan. Oh the sacrifices I have made for IU sports, you have NO idea!

  7. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. That said, even if I wasn’t a Colts fan I would still want to see that entire game.

  8. Any possibility of showing the game on the scoreboard screen until gametime? Don’t know if the NFL would go for it, but it does seem to make some sense.

  9. J Pat has a point, like it or not. Championship-caliber teams don’t come along often, as recent fans of IU basketball should know all too well.

    The state of Indiana in general hasn’t had the worst luck in the sports world in recent decades (Seattle has had it a lot, lot worse, it pains me to say). The Pacers competed for a championship, losing to the mighty Lakers; the Colts bagged a priceless Super Bowl against the dreaded Bears, and the last of Bob Knight’s players were in a title game too in 2002, a game that so many of our whiny, nostalgic bloggers around here cling to as if it were an actual championship.

    Yet, Indiana doesn’t exactly brim with elite teams, and often is disrespected or cast aside by Chicagoans and East Coasters as a backward one-sport wonder state. THis makes the Colts’ legacy that much more important. I say “legacy,” because if they win, they will unquestionably dispute the title of “team of the decade” with New England.

    I want to see football worshipped a bit more around here. If this means adjusting the IU hoops game time, so be it. After all this may be the first time Fred Glass has showed that he cares a lick about football.

  10. It is Fred Glass that wants to attend both the Colts game and the IU game!!!! You probably have great seats at Lucas Oil and if they adjust the schedule you can do both. Since they did not honor your request you are stuck watching the Hoosiers!!!

  11. Hoosierfan- the bulk of this season took place in 2009, and the Colts’ achievements will be attributed to that year.

    I can’t believe I had to explain that to you.

  12. Yikes i’m an idiot…..here’s my sign…..btw how is this gonna affect the BTN showing the game?

  13. Husky Tom said –
    “Anyone still want to argue that Indiana is “just a basketball state”?”

    Maybe another argument could be made that “Indiana is no longer a basketball state.”

  14. Classic case of not being able to please everyone, but I certainly appreciate the effort to do so.

    My one request is to NOT announce the score of the Colts game to the fans in Assembly Hall. My hope is to tape what I miss and view it later in sublime innocence of the result. Good luck with that, I know.

  15. Hosierdad, The NFL PROHBITS showing games on Big Boards and large TV’s other than at sports bars. Remeber the church party controversy with the Super Bowl a few years ago involving the Colts. If you don’t remeber this I suggest you google it and you will see what I mean.

    By the way HUGE PROPS to Glass for caring about this and getting this done and working hard on this. Now I can watch the game and rush over to go to the IU game aas well.

  16. Anybody who thinks that Fred Glass doesn’t have IU Athletics as his top priority in everything he does doesn’t know a thing about him.

  17. HE TRIED! So the modern American standard is now that if you try to do something that clearly benefits MOST of the people, then you are terrible or worse, because it is not what ‘I’ want! And if you try but don’t have absolute power to make the decision unilaterally, you are ‘weak and ineffectual’! We have become a nation of selfish whining brats! Thanks for trying Fred!

  18. If Fred Glass is afraid of a low turn out maybe he should offer ten dollar tickets to lower level seats. Then I would go. If not I will still watch both games at home.

    Go Hoosiers!!!!

  19. Fred Glass is simply trying to get as many butts in the seats as possible and allow as many people to watch both games as possible. Thanks for trying Fred. It’s appreciated!

  20. Husky, when Peyton Manning leaves and the Colts revert to being a normal NFL team (or worse, based on their performance any time Manning doesn’t play even part of a game), you’ll see that Indiana is a basketball state. The Colts weren’t that popular before Manning got there, and it’s easy to get behind a team that wins double-digit games every year and has a superhuman at QB who just also happens to be a nice guy. Absent that, interest in the Colts will gradually dwindle back down to where it was pre-Manning and you’ll see the true state of things.

  21. eric- What about Notre Dame and Purdue football? Even in down years, they draw lots and lots of interest; more than their basketball teams.

    And let’s not forget Butler football or Depauw football, or Ball State – or should I say, the “Lynch interstate carousel schools.” The fact that these schools were willing to pass Lynch along to us so that the state’s flagship university could aspire to greatness one day just goes to show the commitment to the pigskin in Indiana.

  22. I would trade 1 NCAA title or Rose Bowl for 20 Colts’ Super Bowls. That said, the Colts are in a huge game and a below-average IU team is playing a horrible Iowa team in a meaningless non-conference game.

    While I don’t understand why you seem to have taken it is your personal mission to make football more important, Tom, I don’t see why it has to be an either/or thing. I really love Hoosier hoops, Hoosier football followed by the Colts, and formerly and maybe yet again the Pacers. Just because IU hoops is probably my favorite, does not make me less of a IU football fan or anything else. The whole idea that I have to commit to something in an order for it to count is a farce. I’m a fan, it doesn’t really matter. That said, IU comes first as far as my overall dedication and concern, but it’s easy to choose the Colts this week. Fact is, I was going to watch the Colts in Bloomington and go to the 2nd half of the IU game, but my girlfriend and I have plans for the Colts.

    I agree that there has been a problem with IU administration and football over the years. Hopefully, it’s changing. But, there’s little I can do about it. IU football has always been bad, and therefore IU fans lost interest long ago. Not all, but many. Win and people will care. Just like anything else. Similarly, ND football will always trump ND basketball. However, I’d say it’s a close call with Purdue. Pre-Tiller I’d say hoops was definitely more important there, but he made them very good at the same time Keady’s teams were declining.

    Finally, next time I care what people in Chicago or the East Coast think of our athletics, or about anything else, I’ll letcha know. Fact is, while I have many friends there, the East Coasters are pretty much going to disrespect everything that isn’t East Coast.

    Don’t mean to be disrespectful, Tom. I enjoy your posts and often agree. To me, Indiana is traditionally a basketball state, but the moniker is pointless anyway.

    Finally, Bobbie Sue, why do you care so much? Does your nephew play for Penn State or something? I mean I don’t think it’s the greatest or the worst thing ever, but it’s done. I like new ideas and it gives us a little cash, especially if we go coach shopping.

  23. This is a regular season game for IU. This game for the Colts determines who goes to the Super Bowl! DAAAAAAAAAA!

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