Just in case you didn’t realize…

…two former Indiana players will be playing in the Super Bowl. They would be New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter and wide receiver Courtney Roby. Indiana’s press release follows.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Former Hoosiers Tracy Porter (2004-07) and Courtney Roby (2001-04) of the New Orleans Saints are headed to Super Bowl XLIV after their 31-28 overtime victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday evening.

The Saints will take on the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, Feb. 7, in Miami. Kickoff is set for 6:25 p.m. and the game will be televised by CBS.

Porter picked off a Brett Favre pass at the Saints 22-yard line and returned it 26 yards with seven seconds remaining to force the overtime period. He also thwarted another Viking scoring opportunity when he forced a fumble inside the New Orleans 10-yard line as the Saints held a 28-21 lead with 9:45 remaining. The Port Allen, La., native finished the game with eight solo stops.

Roby averaged 28 yards on five kick returns. He opened the second half with a 61-yard return to the Minnesota 37-yard line, which set up a New Orleans touchdown.

A four-year starter for the Hoosiers, Porter closed out his career second in IU history with 16 interceptions and topped the record book with 413 return yards. Porter claimed first team All-Big Ten honors following his senior season when he picked off six passes and led the Hoosiers to the Insight Bowl.

Roby sits second on the Indiana career lists with 2,524 receiving yards and 170 receptions to go along with 12 touchdowns. In 2002, he made 59 catches (sixth on IU single-season list) for 1,039 yards (fourth) and four touchdowns.

In addition to Porter and Roby, Mike Mallory is a member of the NFC champions. Mike, the son of IU’s all-time winningest coach Bill Mallory, spent the 1986-87 seasons as a graduate assistant in Bloomington. He is in his second season as the Saints assistant special teams coach.


  1. Was really happy for Roby! I could never figure out why the Colts let him go but then again the Colts have never had a return man. Roby is a burner and a class act. I bought his rookie card from Tenn Titans.
    Porter on the other hand I am not a fan of but of course wish him well. I have never seen a kid arm tackle and miss open field tackles like he did at IU and strut around all cocky on the field. Then I see him dominating at New Orleans. He only got burnt once really last night. Makes me wonder about the secondary coaching at IU because I went to every game he played in B town and he just was not that good, over rated big time!

  2. J Pat, you’re on crack. Tracy may not have been Deion Sanders at IU, but he was a damn fine CB. He was one of the few DBs that IU coaches have felt comfortable putting on an island consistently. Whatever little bit of credibility you had with me is now completely gone.

  3. My condolences, J Pat. I hope you can come to terms with life without Bobbie Sue’s approval. Life is still worth living.

  4. B Sue, I have always been respectful to you and you come at me like that. I missed one game Porter played and he was a little girl on the field. Many that sat around me saw the same stuff I did. I saw him move out of the way time and time again to avoid a hit or tackle. I would record the game and come home and watch it in slo mo. Maybe you are on crack! Fisher was better than Porter and only played the position one year at IU. That is all I have to say on that! Everyone has an opinion though. Maybe I can earn that credibility back someday. Jeeeeez!

  5. I can remember Porter making some great plays and I can also remember Porter making some really dumb penalties and maybe celebrating a bit much after a hit even though we were losing by 40. Either way, props to him for makin it in the league and doing so well.

  6. I came off like a real hater and I think it was in my response to BS. Sorry about that. I joked with my wife about Porter over dinner and her comment was he played halfheartedly…I agree. I do wish him well but I would take Roby on my team any day! Take care all, even BS.

  7. Heard this is the first time that two QB’s from the same university have made it to the Super Bowl. What about that!

  8. You definitely don’t get drafted and play in the NFL at corner if you can’t cover. Porter could always do that very well.

  9. GFDave, agreed and that was/is the best part of his game, oh agreed except when covering Braylon Edwards!

  10. I always thought Porter was an excellent cover DB, it was his ability (or willingness) to stop the run in the open field that I questioned. As for playing in the NFL, he was beyond impressive in the combine and really earned his shot there.

    Dave, I don’t get where you are coming from? The starting QB’s are not from the same school. If they are referencing the fact that Brees & Painter are both from P****e, who gives a s**t? Painter will never step foot on the field during playing time on Superbowl Sunday.

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