1. Had to stop reading after the idiotic question by billionaire, Bloomington. Should not have even been dignified with a response.

  2. The seat just keeps warming up. Billionaire is actually representing the thoughts of much of the hoosier nation.

  3. NO, I was not. I never use any other name, once again and was not able to join the discussion. I agree with him though.

  4. Stevealford, I have no concerns if someone wants to criticise the coach. IU is a big time job and that comes with the job. That being said I am not of the opinion the criticism is fair or warranted at this point. Back to Billionaire’s question. If you are going to criticise or question the coach, at least be fair about it and don’t ask stupid questions that have no relevant points or comparisons. Reading that question tells me he/she really know nothing about college basketball and IU. No matter what your thoughts on Crean I hope you see the flaws in the questions?

  5. The question had some flaws in it, but the overall message is more important. People are getting fed up with the excuses and undisciplined play. I actually liked the question from Sam better. At least I am not the only one who recognized that and was disgusted by it.

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