Lunardi has five Big Ten teams in

OK, it’s mid-January, and it’s way too early to discuss this, but ESPN’s Joe Lunardi just posted his Bracketology today with five teams in from the Big Ten in Michigan State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Ohio State and Illinois. Of interest, the Fighting Illini are one of the last four teams in and Minnesota is one of the last four teams out. That loss to IU obviously didn’t help the Gophers.


  1. I think that’s about right, sadly. Northwestern, Michigan, and especially Minnesota are good bubble teams, but they don’t really have the non-conference resumes would clinch a NCAA bid with a .500 conference record. And that’s about where all of those teams are trending. I could definitely see six Big Ten teams in the NCAAs, but things will have to fall out right, and one of those three teams will probably have to have a good conference tourney run.

    Re: Real Hoosier Fan- I’ll join the chorus elsewhere on the internet and call for some patience with the IU basketball program- losing a Maurice Creek- (or equivalent player) right before Big Ten play would hurt any team. And the Hoosiers, frankly, are a bunch of freshmen. Rivers is new and Pritchard are still trying to figure out their roles, Dumes is just now healthy and starting to fit into his role, and Jones is growing before our eyes as just a sophomore. And having an array of freshmen bigs is a problem at times this year, but will be a blessing in future seasons as Watford, Elston, and Capobianco (& who knows, maybe Muniru, too) understand what it takes to prepare for a Big Ten season.

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