Matta: Turner could be back soon, but not yet

The talk around the Ohio State basketball program says that star guard Evan Turner could be back a lot sooner than the eight weeks he was expected to be out with broken bones in his back. He’s been out since Dec. 5, but reports from Columbus say he could be back within two weeks.

Ohio State coach Thad Matta said he isn’t certain when Turner will return, but that his activity is increasing.

“He’s going to get another MRI here, I think today or tomorrow,” Matta said. “He’s doing a little bit more every day shooting wise. He’s running treadmill, up and down the court a little bit. I just don’t know exactly when it’s going to feel right for him. Once the x-rays come back, hopefully they’re positive. From that point, we’ll start working him in a little bit more and hopefully get him ready to go as quickly as possible.”

Matta said he doesn’t think it’s possible for Turner to be ready on Wednesday. IU coach Tom Crean, however, said he’s making sure the Hoosiers are prepared for him anyway.

“We’ll prepare like Evan Turner is going to be out there so that we’re not caught by surprise if he is,” Crean said.


  1. The Big 10 is a mean place on the road. Although the conference may not be as improved as the prognosticators said, it’s still going to be tough out there for IU.

    I don’t want to see people jumping off the bandwagon if we lose on Wed. We should be happy if the team is able to compete, dude, compete.

    Still, with Illinois at 9-5, OSU at 10-4, and Mich at 8-6, things don’t look quite as forboding as I thought they would.

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    Welcome your salt and pepper to taste.

  3. 5 Star: Believe it or not I’m known around these parts as being a foodie and pretty good cook. But regardless here is my take:

    Its all about the stock. Get the flavor into the stock and the rest will follow. The beans and pasta are not interchangeable, use both. They add different texture, flavor, starchiness and nutrition.

    Its a lot like building a basketball team when you think about it. You need complimentary skill sets.

  4. GF-

    Thanks for the input…I used the pancetta and substantial chunk of cheese rind(actually 3 pieces..1 large + 2 small)to build the stock…I always save the rinds from Parmigiano-Reggiano wedges. The minestrone had surprising depth without the need of beef or chicken(I did cheat just a tad by adding 1 beef bullion cube at halftime of simmer)..I got some pretty juiced-up play from San Marzano tomatoes working around the starting five of Celery, Carrots, Onions, Leeks, and Kale…Kale didn’t stand up too well…Must have been exhausted from the heated pace and looked quite pale midway through…Maybe just too green to go start to finish…I reluctantly pulled Kale out but it was undeniable the important balance and contribution…I did use both Beans and Pasta..As you said, each brings a different texture and element…Beans did continued to provide explosive backcourt scoring punch late in the contest…very late in the contest..I must now go celebrate victory!…Boom, baby!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Thanks again…

  5. Glad it worked out for you.

    Lidia Bastianich is my go to gal for this type of thing. A great game day Chef.

    I save Mario Batali for things you don’t associate with grandma. Final Four type guy.

    Carlo Middioni is also a good source. Can’t go wrong with a gamer like Carlo.

    Beans for three…GOOOOOOD!!!!

  6. Beans Delivers Game-Winner on Prayer Bank Shot!… Minestrone Upsets Beef Barley.

    You gotta have some luck…Even with a well thought out game plan, you just never know…Beans is so versatile…When things get clogged in the middle, Beans handles the extra pressure at the perimeter..really facilitates our inside-outside game..Can hit the little floater..makes the quick move off the dribble…and we’ve all witnessed the explosiveness…the ability to just take it to the rim and flush it down…If our offense is running smooth, Beans is usually in the mix…I’m happy for Beans…Right at the edge of facing elimination…when I saw the desperation bank shot go in, I was relieved…You gotta have some luck in this game…Definitely our go-two guy.

    And let’s not forget the great support from the fans…So thankful for our fans.

    Beans hopes to keep the hot streak going as Ministrone will face Lobster Bisque in what proves to be a real barnburner.

  7. I remember the good old days, when we used to only talk about sports…boo hoo…

    Just kidding. See how fun it can be to digress? Who would trade Downing’s bean/basketball/digestive analogy or Dave’s culinary advice for a boring old regurgitation of basketball minutiae?

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    Pho fever has a great online directory of where to find the closest Pho restaurant near you. There is only one place in Bloomington, the Mandalay Cafe, that serves Pho. While the place is actually a Burmese restaurant, they make a pretty decent bowl, I must say.

  8. Just heard on the radio (I live in columbus, Oh.) that Turner will play tomorrow if things go well at practice today…

  9. It’s clear to me now that the GF in GFDave stands for “Great Fun”!

    I liked that:

    Beans for three… GOOOOOOD!!!!


  10. Looks delicious…..Fee-fi-pho-yum!..My broth smells like armpits of a Husky from Washington.

  11. adam,

    But jubilee said he won’t play tomorrow; he hasn’t even been cleared for contact drills!!!

  12. Casey,

    I could be wrong as of this time. At the time of my post, I didn’t think he had been cleared for contact. He was just starting to run the floor and do non-contact drills.

  13. Hmmm,

    Well I guess he’s made a speedy recovery.

    Either that, or Matta’s attempting a little trickery to scare us into preparing for someone that in fact, won’t play.

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