Michigan at IU women

6-foot-6 Krista Phillips got the in-bounds pass and had her point-blank layup roll off the front of the rim as time expired, and Indiana escapes with the victory. Hope Elam ties a career high with 24 points for IU and also grabs 10 rebounds. HOOSIERS 62, WOLVERINES 60

:1.8: IU got the stop and Whitney Lindsay hit 1-of-2 free throws. The ball was deflected out of bounds by IU and Michigan has it under their goal with 1.8 to play. HOOSIERS 62, WOLVERINES 60

:41.6: After Michigan took the lead, Jori Davis scores on a scoop to the hoop to give Indiana the lead back, now Hoosiers need a stop. HOOSIERS 61, WOLVERINES 60

3:24: Michigan took its first lead of the game with 5:32 to play. Reynolds and Elam traded 3s, then Jori Davis was fouled on a 3, making just one free throw to tie the game. Elam was just fouled on a 3 and will have free throws when we return. HOOSIERS 58, WOLVERINES 58

7:25: A 10-0 Michigan run has cut the margin to just one, highlighted by back-to-back 3s by Carmen Reynolds, a 40 percent 3-point shooter on the season. HOOSIERS 54, WOLVERINES 53

11:33: Back-to-back jumpers by Hope Elam got IU going again. Add in a 3 by Jamie Braun and Indiana is back in control for the moment. HOOSIERS 52, WOLVERINES 43

15:58: Michigan gaining some traction to start the second half. Elam already has her third foul, but after Michigan got within 3, Whitney Lindsay hit a big 3-pointer to stem the tide. HOOSIERS 44, WOLVERINES 40

The best shooting half Indiana has had since before Christmas at 44.4 percent, including 5-of-11 on 3-pointers. Michigan is shooting just 36.7 percent, but has hit 9-of-10 free throws to stay close. Hope Elam has 15 points and Jamie Braun 13, while Jori Davis has only two. Jori Davis, Danilsa Andujar and Elam all have two fouls, so that could be something to watch in the second half. HOOSIERS 39, WOLVERINES 34

3:56: First team to figure out how to play defense will get a leg up in this one. Elam has 13 points and Braun 12 as IU’s lead got up to 11 then closed to five before Braun’s layup. She was fouled and has a free throw coming out of the time out. HOOSIERS 34, WOLVERINES 27

7:55: Both teams have struggled to put together sustained runs, but IU doing slightly better so far. Hope Elam has 10 points and Jamie Braun 8. Danilsa Andujar has two fouls. HOOSIERS 24, WOLVERINES 17

10:36: IU’s biggest lead has been seven as the Hoosiers are shooting 41.2 percent. Michigan is shooting 35.7 percent. Jasmine Davis has also made her IU debut. HOOSIERS 17, WOLVERINES 11

15:26: Indiana comes out firing. Hope Elam hit a baseline jumper and a 3 that left Michigan coach Kevin Borseth shaking his head. Jamie Braun also has a 2 and a 3. HOOSIERS 10, WOLVERINES 6

Andrew Wyder and I are at Assembly Hall for tonight’s Big Ten basketball game. It’s Pack the Hall night, and the crowd is definitely going to be bigger than usual. We’ll wait to see just how big. Certainly not the sellout they were aiming for.

This is an important game, especially for the Hoosiers, in the jumbled Big Ten standings. Holding serve at home is essential to keeping pace with the other nine teams in the middle of the pack.