1. FINAL OT: IU 81, MINN 78.
    IU: Jones 24, 7reb; Watford 16, 10reb; Dumes 13; Hulls 8, 4ast; Pritchard 7, 6reb; Elston 5; Capobianco 5; Rivers 3, 7reb, 7ast.
    IU: 24-57 (42%) FG; 8-17 (47%) 3PT; 25-40 (63%) FT; 40 reb; 13 TO; 12 (22) fouls.
    MINN: 27-55 (49%) FG; 6-14 (43%) 3PT; 18-29 (62%) FT; 29 reb; 11 TO; 17 (30) fouls.
    MINN: Joseph 19; Sampson 17; Carter 9, 10reb; Westbrook 7; Williams 6; Nolen 5; Hoffarber 5; Johnson 4; Cobbs 2; Bostick 2; Iverson 2.

  2. Well, when it went to overtime I wasn’t exactly full of confidence. We had yet again let a lead slip away. But the kids took a huge step and stayed with it and found a way to win. A well earned victory.

    Jones and Watford were huge and had lots of help. Everybody on the team contributed. Very nice.

    The free throws continue to haunt us, but we managed to keep the turnovers under control.

    A special shout-out to Bobby “The Situation” Capobianco. I think the chatters have stumbled upon a nick name for you Capo.

    Brief rant: I’m tired of hearing people b*tch about Crean’s clapping all the time. Bozich did it during the chat, but he’s hardly alone. Of all the things to complain about this has got to be the most picayune thing ever. Crean’s trying to stay positive and pick his team up, ok? This isn’t something that should be subject to complaint or need justification.

    Last: Looking at the schedule. Dare I suggest the possibility of our … the next 2 games?

  3. TCW, thanks for the update! Was at my son’s b-ball practice and missed the game. Any comments about how we won in OT? Thanks again.

  4. GFDave – use of the term “picayune” may be too erudite for an inter blog post.
    A good W, it was crazy and way too stressful but a W is a W is a W

  5. I, too, wasn’t too confident when it went to OT. OK I thought we lost it. Stepping up to the plate after falling behind in OT was HUGE for this team. I think this was a milestone game.

  6. I can’t stand Crean’s clapping. It’s annoying. What the hell was he smiling for and clapping so vigorously about after we blew another double-digit lead at the end of regulation? He’s picking them up? God, I would hope a coach does more than claps his hands like it’s a compulsion to get his team “picked up”.

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