Rivers among those honored for academics

I interviewed Jeremiah Rivers right after finals, and afterward he told me he felt like he’d crushed his exams. I guess this proves it. From IU sports information.

Three Hoosier student-athletes were selected as the Female and Male Scholar-Athletes and CHAMPS Champ of the Month for the December. Indiana junior diver Heidi Mahnken was named IU’s Female Scholar-Athlete of the Month and redshirt junior guard Jeremiah Rivers was honored as the Male Scholar-Athlete of the Month. Junior tennis standout Santiago Gruter was named the December C.H.A.M.P.S. Champ of the Month.

Mahnken, a native of Springfield, Mo., earned a bronze medal in the synchronized women’s platform competition at the 2009 AT&T National Diving Championships. She finished third on the platform at the Ohio State Invitational this past December.

“Despite being enrolled in a rigorous schedule in Fall 2009, Heidi achieved a perfect academic semester with the best grades of any student-athlete I have seen in my five years working here,” said IU academic advisor Scott Maxwell.

“What a well deserved honor,” said Dr. Jeff Huber, IU diving coach. “Heidi works as hard in the classroom as she does on the board. She came to IU as an inexperienced diver and last summer made finals at the US National Championship in the toughest event in our sport: the 10-meter platform. I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments thus far. She continues to bring honor and distinction to Indiana University and the IU diving program and we are lucky to have her in our program.”

Rivers, native of Winter Park, Fla., is averaging 6.4 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.2 assists in 19 games for the Hoosiers. With 18 games started this season, Rivers also leads the team with 1.5 steals per contest.

“Jeremiah has worked extremely hard since coming to Indiana University,” said Mattie White, Indiana Assistant Athletics Director for Student Services. “Being a transfer student is no easy task, yet still he has been able to reach higher heights academically each term. I am truly proud of his efforts.”

“This is an outstanding personal achievement award for Jeremiah and it just goes to show what happens when you take every area of your life as serious as the other,” said Tom Crean, IU men’s basketball coach. “He has come here and he has not only worked to become a better basketball player and leader, but has done a fantastic job of building his academic successes and his academic work. It really is an honor to have him at Indiana University.

Gruter, a native of Lima, Peru, is 11-3 on the season, with a win over No. 75 Patrick Daciek of Virginia Tech. In the fall, he advanced to the semifinals of the Big Ten Singles Championships.
“Santiago was a very active and engaged participant in our Elite Leaders program this fall,” said Maxwell. “He really did a great job representing the Tennis program.”

“Santiago is currently one of two upper classmen on the team and I am proud of him for making the effort to acquire the tools necessary to assert himself as a leader on and off the court,” said Randy Bloemendaal, Indiana men’s tennis coach. “The Elite Leaders program is a great opportunity for all of our student-athletes and I am thankful that my young men are utilizing this program.”

The CH.A.M.P.S. (Challenging Athletes Minds for Personal Success) Champ of the Month is an outstanding student that has excelled in all of the five areas of C.H.A.M.P.S.: service, personal and career development, and academic and athletic excellence.


  1. Clearly, the team needs less time studying and more time practicing or doing work individually.

    Same for that diver, how is she going to make the Olympics if she spends all that time studying?

    What a pity, I always wanted an IU grad to win Wimbledon, I guess Mr. Gruter won’t be it though.

  2. Congratulations to all the STUDENT athletes who received recognition. You all clearly have your priorities in order and demonstrate that true leadership and excellence doesn’t always resonate through athletic prowess.

  3. Cooper, I hope that’s sarcasm.
    Academics should always be the first priority for collegiate athletes.

  4. Wow awesome, a few years ago we would of never thought any IU basketball player would be accepting an award for academics. I sometimes give Rivers a hard time, but when it comes down to it this is the real life situation. Extremely proud to have a guy like this playing for Indiana. Rivers future will be a bright one!!

  5. Knight’s former players are now doctors, dentists (Steve Green for example,) business owners and were also good in school. There’s nothing wrong with being an athlete and getting a good GPA. The key is to be good BOTH as a STUDENT and an ATLETE. Not just as a student. Because they are student athletes not just students. They’re ATHLETES and representing Indiana nationally in an athletic competition where GPAs are irrelevant.

    So Knight’s student athletes were exceptional students and exceptional athletes. Maybe by next year Rivers will be able to shoot better and sink FTs consistently so he can be honored as an athlete as well.

  6. Wow. I must have missed it. I guess I didn’t know what to look for. Everyone of Knight’s players were just tremendous. Imagine. Like Vikings that have sailed off to Valalla, Knights’ players grow in legend. Roby Eggers, Robert Mandeville, Todd Jadlow, Brian Sloan and the like. Super athletes. Not!

    Look folks, I don’ to like saying things like this about fellow Hoosiers, but these straw men erected by the Crean haters have to be razed. The distortions, the half-truths, and the fact free allegations need to be taken on directly. Responsibility for the collateral damage belongs to the people who put our history in the line of fire.

    Good job Jeremiah Rivers, student athlete.

  7. I am a Coach Crean supporter but if Rivers had played for RMK he would have not been allowed to shoot outside of six feet of the basket but I am also sure Coach Knight would give strong praise for the academic achievement Rivers produces. Sorry GFD but I can’t agree with the “straw men” description for I remember the four you mentioned setting some mean screens in the motion offense.

  8. Crean worshippers consider a Crean hater anyone who doesn’t worship Crean. Their excessive adulation is turning non-haters into haters faster than anything Crean bad might do. One starts losing respect for what Crean has tried to do here when you see Crean showered with money and excessive praise for virtually nothing! The only one gone to Valhalla is Creek: he has acquired Michael Jordan status among Crean’s groupies since he injured his knee. How can you not feel the disappointment when at the end of Crean’s first year here at IU the player Crean lauded the most for his development was: Eric Arnett.

    “He’s a great guy,” Arnett said of Crean. “He’s even helped me through baseball. He talked to the Brewers. He talked to a lot of people. He’s been great.”

    Players are being praised for the GPAs, Crean is praised for developing baseball players. And basketball? Well, basketball was being played here a long time ago (e.g., during Bob Knight’s years.) But it has since gone to Valhalla.

  9. This is typical. An article about the achievement of Jeremiah for his achievement’s in the classroom as an athlete, turns into an argument about who hates Crean the most. Bobby vs. TC, unbelievable, I’m not sure things will ever be the same here, the fans wont let it. Once again, Congrats to J. Rivers. Not only putting in the hard work on the basketball floor but in the classroom too. Hats off young man!!!!!

  10. Just ignore the crazies. Unfortunately, the comment section here has gone the way of the IndyStar, YouTube, etc.

  11. stevealford: Go get the real Steve Alford’s permission for the way you use his name and then come back and talk to me about respect.

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