Saffold moves up draft charts

Indiana left tackle Rodger Saffold played in the East-West Shrine Game last weekend, one of the little brothers to this week’s Senior Bowl.

Generally for second-line players, the Shrine Game is, nonetheless, visited by many a NFL scout. It appears that Saffold played very well all week.

This, from Sporting News’ Russ Lande:

Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana. Saffold arrived in Orlando with questions about his quickness, athleticism, intensity and strength. From Day 1, he shined on the field. He showed the quickness and athleticism to slide to the corner and cut off edge rushers, keeping his knees bent and blocking with good leverage. Saffold proved he has what it takes to play left tackle in the NFL. He certainly moved into third-round consideration, and he could go as high as the second round with a string of good pre-draft workouts.

This, from NFL scouts polled by

Rodger Saffold, T, Indiana–“he pulled up his draft grade at least 2 rounds with us” and “surprised me with his strong footwork”.

And the Sacramento Bee’s Matt Barrows:

T Rodger Saffold, Indiana. I watched him whenever he was on the field because of the high marks he received in practices and because the 49ers need a tackle. He definitely has quick feet. He was able to slide well and reach the second level quickly on running plays. However, he seemed to get off balance too much in pass protection, which allowed his opponent to pull him forward and then get past Saffold on the edge. Saffold also was called for a false start.


  1. Seeing Hoosiers go in the higher rounds of the NFL draft should only help recruiting, I’d guess. Also doesn’t hurt you have Tracy Porter starting in the Super Bowl (just a few years after I used to yell at him for missing tackles at IU) and Chris Dielman named to the Chargers’ 50th Anniversary team.

  2. Heh – just now read the comments. Porter definitely improved by his senior year. His combine also really helped his draft stock. But I remember telling many a friend “Tracy Porter would be a great DB if he could tackle.”

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