1. The team and the crowd were sleep walking through the game. Did Glass do a diservice to the team by moving the game time? Can you imagine in IU’s glory days a game being moved to accommodate a Colts game?

  2. “You don’t play against opponents, you play against the game of basketball.” Thus far Tom Crean reminds me of the old song:

    Here comes Peter Cottontail,
    Clapping down the bunny trail,
    Hippity, hoppity,
    Help is on its way!

    Let’s hope he toughens up and claps himself into a more honest assessment of what he has done and what he has to do. Meanwhile Chris Korman with a Bob Hammel moment in his column today:

    Crean needs to treat the Hoosiers not like a team striving for a .500 record and a possible NIT trip — even if the postseason experience would do it good — but like a minor league baseball team. His goal from here on out should be to put the players who might be the Hoosiers’ future in every difficult spot he can and to demand publicly the maximum effort.

    Only then will he be able to decide who can make it at Indiana, and only then will fans truly understand what their new coach is trying to build.

    Go Coach and Team!

    Beat Illinois and all is forgotten.

  3. Lets see, Tom Crean was 0-9 from 3 land, 16-45 from 2 land and he got out rebounded 23-39. He made 11 turnovers and his replacement, the guy everyone talked about the last 2 games, he had 5 turnovers. Tom on defense let them control the paint and score at will while guarding the outside he let them hit 3 after 3 to ensure Iowa would win. He played so bad that the crowd never got into the game and when ask by the media what happened he said they wanted it more than we did. So it must be those Coaches that lost the game. Lets fire Rivers, Watford, Jones, Pritchard, Hulls, Dumas and the rest of that coaching staff because every time we lose they caused it! So the rest of the season lets stop trying to win and just play Crean’s backups. I am sure that will help us with recruitment because when we end up 9-24 those 5 star players will come play for IU. How quickly everyone can change after one bad defeat. Its like their down so let’s shoot them when they are down and make sure they never rebuild and recover. After all in the words of Chicken Little” the sky is falling the sky is falling. Sometimes the players need to be held accountable along with the coach.

  4. Spot on assessment about letting Elston get the minutes his game needs to adjust to Big 10/D-1 play. Without more minutes, I don’t see his game picking up to the point it needs to be, particularly on defense, where he’s solidly in the mix at the clutch. It seems Capo was given this chance (though likely because Pritchard had flat-lined).

    I recall seeing a +/- stat earlier in the year that showed him heading up this category; any idea where that stat came from or where he’d stand at this point?

  5. Well, OK, if he did all that then that’s why they pay him so much. “Clap, clap, clap!” for Coach Crean! I finally get it: when we had Knight he was delegating all those things to the players, whom he coached. But now that model is entirely obsolete (clap, clap, clap!); no wonder Knight never had a big salary like Tom Crean who makes $1,600/day: just look at all that Crean has to do (carefully described in the previous post).

    Also they showed Indiana’s GPA during the game but not Iowa’s. Isn’t this a double standard? Or did they show Iowa’s GPA too?

    And if we admit that coaches win games and players lose them we can at least say that last night Tom Crean didn’t win the most winnable game of all. It was like playing Bryant (whom we lost to with Creek in the lineup!) But at least I now know what he’s paid clap, clap, clap!

  6. Complaining because our basketball coach claps a lot has got to be one of the most absurd criticisms I’ve ever heard.


    Fine, question his decisions — his line ups, his recruiting tactics. Whatever. Everyone has their own unique opinion about those things, and it’s all good, because those things are important to the success of the team.

    Tom Crean clapping or not clapping has absolutely no bearing on whether we win or lose. If you think otherwise, you’re reading entirely too deeply into the behavior of Crean’s hands.

  7. Play Elston more. I realize that I know less about coaching than Mike Davis did in 2000, but I would still play an athletic, good shooting 6’9 guy more minutes than a 5’10 walkon.

  8. Hoosierdawg, I agree with you that Elston should get more playing time, maybe even start in place of a big man. He is not a guard so the whole walkon thing is not right about his playing time. If you watched the same game I did our 2 starting point guard Rivers and Hulls had terrible games and you can’t sub in Elston as a point guard and unfortunately the 3rd point guard option is a walk on.

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