Selby’s Mother: List not down to two

I just asked Josh Selby’s mother Maeshon Witherspoon — via text message, her preferred method of communication — if the internet report saying that the No. 4 recruit in the 2010 class is down to Kansas and Arizona are true. She answered with a one-word response that will be at least slightly comforting to Indiana fans.


I then asked if Indiana is still involved and what if any visits are scheduled. That query has not yet received a response.

This is not to say that Adam Zagoria’s blog post is incorrect, because Selby and Witherspoon might very well have indicated to somebody that they’re leaning in that direction. Published quotes from Witherspoon seem to suggest that Indiana is the darkhorse in a race that includes Kansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Syracuse and Connecticut.

But the point is, they’re not making an official trim-down just yet.

[2:49 p.m. UPDATE]

Witherspoon responded with a text that said “Everyone who is still on the list has a chance.” When asked if that list was still the same, including Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Connecticut and Syracuse, she responded, “Yes.”

So the Hoosiers aren’t out yet. At least not officially.


  1. I read the other day posts on this blog that were congratulating Steve Alford and Mike Davis for their teams being nationally ranked as of this week. And my feeling was a mixture of pride and sadness. Because I imagined how struggling here (although paid well) Crean might still fail, then go to another team, and IU would start again, and again, with another coach… and in 3-4 years someone would evenatually come here on this blog and write: “Congratulations to Tom Crean whose team is nationally ranked again.” Do you think that is far fetched? I don’t think so.

    I think Crean should realize his job is entirely safe (and paid very well: the equivalent of 4-8 good physicians per year). But he needs to be more transparent, demanding and direct with the team and with the fans. He’d then gain the trust of absolutely everybody in this extremely passionate Hoosier Nation.

    Think about this: the team is strong, good, (though with fluctuations) even without Creek. We lost to Bryant with Creek, we could have lost to Iowa with him too.

    If Creek had been healthy, we would have relied exclusively on him and some players would have had no chance or motivation to develop. It’s Crean’s job as a coach to make sure everybody is entirely connected to the team’s short and long term goals, so we don’t “need” an injury like Creek’s for players to step up. Crean needs to make them step up regardless. That’s what I don’t like about him: last year’s players were playing with more heart then than now (at least some of them) when this year with a more competitive roster I would have expected them to be more motivated and ready.

    In any event I support Coach Crean but I am going to submit that it’s in his and the team’s interest to criticize him (even excessively) after every game lost. Not because we want to get rid of him, but because we want him to teach his team to only win. Now, and next year, and always. I don’t care how young and inexperienced we are.

    If we keep encouraging softly regardless we don’t get anywhere. I recall reading somewhere a Bob Knight quote on exactly that — but I’m not sure where I read it. I’ll post the quote here when I find it, because I think it’s worth sharing it, and because it gives some insight into a certain mindset that Hugh was recently asking about.

  2. I almost feel like Selby’s mom is picking his future school. It has been almost as bad as Derek Rose brother involved in his recruitment.

  3. To be fair, I don’t know if coaches have to contact her or not. She might just be shielding him from the media crunch. Sure, I’d much rather talk to the kid himself to really know his thoughts, but I see where she’s coming from. He has six schools involved and all of the national reporters care, so I’d venture to say that there are at the very least 20 reporters interested enough in this story to be calling about it. Some kids enjoy that sort of attention, some would rather have their parents handle it. I understand either way.

  4. Let’s see how close Dustin’s numbers are:

    Media outlets following Indiana enough to be on the Selby Trail: HT, Indy Star, Peegs, ITH, Hoosier Nation. That’s 5 IU related reporters.

    Let’s say all the other schools have as many outlets as Indiana. That’s 6 schools x 5 reporters = 30 school based reporters.

    Then add ESPN (multiple people), Fox Sports, Zags, Demling,,, Sports Illustrated, et al. Plus there are the newspapers that cover Selby’s HS teams.

    My bet is Witherspoon is fighting off more like 50 reporters.

  5. You’re probably right GF (also, don’t forget the IDS). Was keeping my estimate low for the sake of avoiding hyperbole. Twenty would be the smallest number I could imagine.

  6. Thanks Dustin for getting this info out. Even if we are a dark horse at least we have a credible source saying we’re not out of it yet. So thanks again for getting the scoop.

  7. rainman-

    Your BS post holds no water..Creek hadn’t even begun to get his feet wet early in the season. He didn’t even get into town until the last of summer. Don’t we all know that?
    Let’s not pretend to exaggerate inconsistencies in his game while ignoring the ridiculously fast learning curve he was on. Not to mention he is a freshman. His loss to the team is a devastating blow; a very unfortunate loss that allows pundits to unfairly scrutinize Tom Crean’s coaching the remainder of the season. I would go as far to say we could be competing on the bubble of an NCAA bid with Creek likely earning Freshman of the Year. It’s insane to judge Crean, or this team, with the services of Mo Creek.

  8. Wilson, you are too aggressive.

    1. Creek became available at the last minute. If he had not been eligible at all are you saying that Crean or his team could have not been judged at all this season? Ridiculous.

    2. Creek’s loss is a terrible blow for Crean and team, no question. However losing to Loyola (MD) was Creek’s 11th game so you can’t say it was early in the season. Yes, everybody was on a fast steep learning curve and still is. But he was not Superman and we could have lost other games with him later in the season, I think.

    3. I heard Crean’s looking in some Bobby Knight books for some answers. How about this:

    Look, the easiest way to coach is to pat everybody on the (behind). “That’s okay, Johnny — you’ve missed nineteen shots in a row, don’t hesitate.” But the coach that really coaches and really teaches is the guy who goes out on a limb even though some kid isn;t going to like him, but he’s out there doing that because it’s the best way to get kids to play as well as they can.”

    This comes from the winningest coach in the history of college basketball. Compare this with Crean’s: “Clap, clap, clap!” regardless of what happens on the court. Compare with Korman’s paragraph two days ago in the newspaper:

    Crean needs to treat the Hoosiers not like a team striving for a .500 record and a possible NIT trip — even if the postseason experience would do it good — but like a minor league baseball team. His goal from here on out should be to put the players who might be the Hoosiers’ future in every difficult spot he can and to demand publicly the maximum effort.

    Only then will he be able to decide who can make it at Indiana, and only then will fans truly understand what their new coach is trying to build.

    4. Here’s another Bob Knight quote:

    An Indiana player has the enthusiasm of an evangelist, the discipline of a monk, and the heart of a warrior (who) never loses the honesty and character of a small boy.


    The best teachers I’ve known are intolerant people. They don’t tolerate mistakes.

    All three quotes are from Quotable General by Monte Carpenter chapters 2 and 3.

    5. I was wrong estimating the amount of money Crean is making, he’s making as much as 10-12 good physicians, not 4-8 as I said before.

    6. You have to admit the team looks pretty good even without Creek. But the exact same group of players would have not played as well as they do now (pretty good, overall, I think) if Creek had been healthy. Maybe it’s the extra number of minutes they get to play. Maybe Creek’s injury just motivated them more. If it’s the latter Crean is a very poor motivator and doesn’t know how to psychologically prepare his players. That’s what I was saying. I don’t entirely expect you to understand but thanks for your interest in my BS.

  9. Lets just hope Selby’s mom isn’t reading post from this site cause if she did he is certain not to come here then. You people just slay me, this kid is probably 17 maybe 18 and your upset that he actually has family that is looking out for his best interest? Do you have nothing else but this to bitch about. Give it time and you all will run Crean out of town next. Lets just have a couple hundred more crap emails, posts, phone calls, twitter messages, and on and on sent directly to him before he decides these are some of the most spoiled fans in college basketball.

    It’s a shame to say I’m a fellow fan with some of you folks. Crean cant do anything right, Selby who for sure wont come here (and I dont blame him after reading half of these post’s from these hicks) cant do anything right. I think some of these fans need to exit stage left like their icon/boy “Bobby Knight”, let the kids breath would ya!!!

  10. J Pat, your comment is the best. “I almost feel like Selby’s mom is picking his future school.” Now that would be something wouldn’t it?? Mom your Dad actually helping their kid pick their future school, their next major step in life, something that they will remember for the rest of their lives!!! I applaud his mom for actually getting in there and protecting him from the savage reporters who want a piece of the action. College for some us was a pretty big decision, not to mention this kid is a all-everything basketball star. If you know anything about Crean you would know this is exactly the kind of kid Crean likes, a kid that has parents that are willing to be vocal and a huge part of their college experience. Not parents who just sit on the sideline and let their kids do what they like. I cant get over your comment, your amazed his mom is interested in his future, you have got to be kidding me.!!!!!!!!! And these are the kink of fans we have???????

  11. Rainman, you need to let the sun come out some of the time. When this team wins when we all think they should not I don’t see these negative comments about coach. Usually the negative guys go hide. Then when we lose and play terrible out comes the rain. When Coach doesn’t get it right then it’s fine to criticize and quote great coaches like Knight, Dean Smith or Wooden even though I doubt he uses this site to get advise. He should be digging for answers to improve the team. Taking to his coaching team and reaching out to his mentors. He may be doing all of that we just don’t know unless he shares it with us. What I don’t like is when we win and he coaches great and the team gives their best why no positive comments using quotes from great coaches. I think as fans we should talk about the bad and good coaching to be fair. Why can’t you do this? Maybe to you he can never be good. I hope you are wrong. We can’t keep starting over.

  12. I never said we should start over — it would be a disaster to start over. I said I support him I support Tom Crean I just want him to be the best.

  13. You have to admit the team looks pretty good even without Creek.

    Please. I would rather watch toads mating.

    Give credit to the Scoop..They hit the nail on the head when they described Creek as having the “it factor”. When he’s off the floor, it’s completely gone. Your from the same crowd that wants 5-star players, but when they don’t perform up to huge expectations every game you make ridiculous claims that the team can easily fill the void and be just as competitive. We’re not Kentucky.. We don’t have a team full of Creeks. This was a much harder blow to the Hoosiers than removing John Wall from the hicks down under.

  14. Huge expectations? Where was the “it factor” against Loyola (MD). That was Creek’s 11th game out of 11 and a half that he played this season. I don’t think expecting to beat Loyola (MD) in Assembly Hall was too much to ask. Look, Creek will be back, and he will show what he can do — maybe you can wait until then to raise him a statue?

    So in your opinion Crean’s coaching is equal to how much Creek can play and the rest of the team is nothing but a bunch of mating toads. Well, thanks for your insight.

  15. I agree that Witherspoon is doing the right thing in shielding her son from the press. I think that there really is no upside to them in allowing access to Josh, while the downside could be large.

    He’s an 18 year old kid who may choose the wrong words, or try to be funny with something that’s not or be the victim of someone trying to play games. It also could be very tiring and time consuming.

    Some kids seem to like to play in these waters, like Irving for example, and that’s fine. They should just know that they’re not in control. Others who don’t want to play the press game should be allowed to choose this path without reproach, imo.

    It certainly doesn’t help feed the fans’ desire for info, but I understand it from the Selby camp view point completely.

  16. And do you rat on every player when they have a bad game? It doesn’t hold water, my friend. You’re a hater. You’re now hating on Creek because you refuse to admit the vacancy can’t be filled. This team of Hoosiers was not deep enough to absorb the loss of its top scoring threat. This isn’t high school ball with no shot clock..We can’t stall and keep the score below 30 points…It aint the movie Hoosiers….Gene Hackman is not in the locker room..We simply can’t find the points..Bobby Knight as coach wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference. Take away Isiah Thomas from 1981…Remove Quinn Buckner from the’76 Hoosiers…You don’t need a statue to have an off shooting night. And yes, I’d rather watch my toads eating your rats.

  17. I think it is very doubtfull that Selby will come to IU. These young kids today are into instant gratification. He will go where he has a chance to win now. IU will need to be rebuilt by Indiana kids predominantly. Who else is going to care? Is some kid sitting in Kansas going, “I think I’m going to go to IU and help rebuild that program, they have a great tradition.” No way, he’s going to Kansas for the ring (Conference championship or NCAA).

    These Indiana kids will need to be bigger, tougher and more athletic than Jordan Hulls.

    These kids are out there, they’re just going to Purdue, Ohio State, and Michigan State right now. And why would they go to IU at this point? Our exciting style of play? The “heart” of our players? The 5 dusty banners?

    Get comfortable people, this is going to take some time.

  18. I’m not hating anyone, especially Creek. I even don’t have any issue any more with how much money Crean makes because I see lots of other idiots are making even more than him. At least he’s more entertaining. I guess that’s the way it is.

    Is it so hard for you to understand I might be writing here to just ask questions and try to figure things out? Maybe it is. In that case… remove rainman from this page and what do you get: a nice, quiet blog thread about Selby. Yeah, I like that!

    I’m going to stop here. I think we’ll upset Illinois, and I won’t say anything if we lose. Or if we win. I’m totally happy now.

  19. To iual88, you are probably right about Selby. But I do find it interesting that Carlino, sitting in Arizona, committed absurdly early to IU and credited it to the tradition.

  20. To Cooper, JPat, Indiana640, and all the other ‘Mommy’ bashers, did you like Isiah Thomas coming to IU? Well the decision was 100% his Mommy. She interviewed Coach Knight, she made sure Mr and (more importantly) Mrs Taliferro were on board as ‘in loco parentis’, and she told Isiah he was going to be a Hoosier! Isiah asked her permission to join the NBA after wining the NCAA Championship and she said OK! What in the heck is wrong with listening to the one person in the world whom you know loves you unconditionally, cares only about your best interests, and has no ulterior motives? Look at Michael Jackson, with his agency, his paid doctors, financial advisers of every type, security hangers-on, his greedy father, publicity hungry siblings, etc., when he died the only one he trusted was his mother!

  21. To BeatPurdue. Calling me a mommy basher might be a little harsh and premature. I just think she is too involved compared to other kids we have recruited. I see her name always instead of Josh Selby anywhere. I would ask this: Is it possible that mom is a little too involved?

  22. RHF, I sort of agree with your general point (see my above comments for my opinion). However, I do wonder what “piece of the action” you think reporters get by covering recruiting.

  23. What is most insulting to a reporter’s intelligence is credence given to a blogger that writes the following:

    Lets just hope Selby’s mom isn’t reading post from this site cause if she did he is certain not to come here then.

    It’s a shame to say I’m a fellow fan with some of you folks. Crean cant do anything right, Selby who for sure wont come here (and I dont blame him after reading half of these post’s from these hicks) cant do anything right. I think some of these fans need to exit stage left like their icon/boy “Bobby Knight”, let the kids breath would ya!!!

    Could there be any bigger insult to the kid’s mother? Could there be any bigger insult to Josh Selby?

    – Ignore Indiana University’s full array of top academic programs that your son will be able to choose from(other than the School of Journalism)
    – Ignore the opportunity to be part of a very unique experience in bringing a storied basketball program back to the top.
    – Ignore playing for a coach that wants to instill the values of a program built around the principle of student first.
    – Ignore the confidence and satisfaction gained from making a decision best for you.

    So much more important to choose a school based on the whacked-out opinions of a few bloggers…Yes, make your decision based on the accurate representation of all Indiana..the accurate representation of every cheering fan that has supported Indiana basketball through thick and thin…the accurate representation of every parent that sends a child to Indiana because they want to throw their kid’s future away in favor of listening to a couple “hick” fans with nothing better to do(this idiot included) than pick apart all things that have nothing to do with their own existence on the planet.

    If a kid is reading the blogs to test the waters, basing his motivation on the uninspired and irrational few to influence his decision of college choice, then he should just go directly into the NBA draft for his guaranteed millions.. Or, just give up basketball altogether and become a full-time blogger on a tiny college town newspaper…Both ensure many years of living in the happy shallows of self-infatuation.

    I would pick the avenue that pays a little more.

  24. I U has no chance to sign Selby let alone any other 5 star recruit. Face it, IU is at best a middle of the pack team fighting to just make into the NCAA tourney! By the way, nice warm ups….NOT!

  25. RHF, you made a good point about Selby’s mom. Plus your comments about fans hating are right on the mark. I luv UK and lord knows we as well as everyother major program have fanatical fans. But we have a player named Patrick Patterson, who’s parents are heavily involved and he turned out to be a great player and an excellent student as well as a fine young man. The fact that Selby’s mom is involved should make the school and it’s fans want that player even moreso especially with all the happenings going on in sports these days.
    (i.e. Tennessee, Arkansas…..)

  26. Dustin, you have article’s to write and a job to do, frankly most times you have very interesting news to report. At the end of the day I’m sure his mom receives anywhere from 30 to 50 txt messages. I’m sure she know this is part of the drill, part of being a top ten basketball player in the nation. I think it’s cool she even responded to your txt message regarding recent articles that have confirmed Josh has trimmed down his decision to two schools. Look at all the responses/post’s the Selby and Will stories both received?? I guess I wish there were 20 more just like it that I could comb through, this is the kind of info you want if you are following IU’s basketball program. Actually I wish this is what I did for a living (how cool would that be!?!?!?)
    I was really just trying to point out that there are a lot of writers trying to get a story, I’m sure most are decent but probably some that awfully persistent to be nice about it.

    I guess it rubbed me the wrong way when some people are taking a direct shot at his mom. People on here constantly wine and cry about anything and everything and most times and just laugh and read on, but to take a shot at a kid’s mom who is just looking out for his best interest is a little below the belt if you ask me. If I have disrespected you I certainly did not mean to and I apologize if I did. Truly I think all you guys do I great job reporting and then writing the information, wish I could say the same for the fans. Actually you need to stop reading these post and get busy writing some more articles for me to read!!!

  27. Make seven figures, we are making the same point. I’m not talking about the writers, I’m talking about the people that write the posts (The comments make by the readers after the initial article has been wrote). Nevermind, I’m sorry you dont understand what I’m trying to say. Oh well…….

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