Still unchallenged after all these years

Kentucky, the last undefeated team this season, lost to South Carolina tonight.

The 1976 Hoosiers will remain the last team to win the national championship without losing a single game.

Savor it, Indiana fans. Here’s what Sports Illustrated had to say about the title-clinching game.

Somewhere, Bob Knight might be smiling.


  1. Some positive news. But Chris, I’ll expect this type of post every year the last undeafeated team loses. I kid….I kid.

    Last time it was ever so close was UNLV 1991? Duke I believe had the upset in that Final Four and beat Kansas for their first of two consecutive NCAA titles. Believe it or not, that year I picked Kansas in my dad’s Final Four office pool for the NCAA championship. As a fifth grader I never felt so rich when I took home 3rd place. It was a lot of funny money to spend on Lik a Maid and baseball cards.

    Interesting posts with regards to the Selby article. I would say this…We should treat and analyze IU like an out of contention MLB team after September call-ups. This is the time to tweak the team and lineups to understand what IU can achieve for next year. Mike P. was right on with our ceiling being 12 wins. All 7 feet of him. Ha.


  2. Washington 123, Seattle 76

    Jan. 26, 2010

    SEATTLE (AP) -Quincy Pondexter rebounded from his worst game of the season with 27 points and 11 rebounds, and Washington overwhelmed neighboring Seattle University 123-76 Tuesday night.

    Fill-in starter Venoy Overton added 20 points and eight assists as the Huskies (13-7) scored their most points since a 130-67 demolition of Chico State on Dec. 1, 1992.

    Husky Tom,

    YOU DA MAN! Things will soon get better for Chico and his dusty Hoosiers.

    Was Downey unbelievable last night against UK! Don’t mess with guys sharing the first four letters of his last name.

  3. The only other headline to compliment the Kentucky lost would be: “NCAA finds major recuriting violations against Calipari.”

  4. Looks like the ever disturbing (and thoroughly disturbed) Downing is back. To understand his troubled soul one needs to listen to Garrison’s Keillor “The In and Out Song” (from the CD “Songs of the Cat”).

    But the cat came back the very next day,
    The cat came back, we thought he was a goner
    But the cat came back; it just couldn’t stay away.
    Away, away, yea, yea, yea

    Poor Old Downing.


  5. Well, Old Mister Korman was crying in his nog,
    He had a yellow cat which wouldn’t leave its blog;
    He tried and he tried to give the cat away,
    He gave it to a man goin’ far, far away…

    But the cat came back the very next day,
    The cat came back, we thought he was a goner
    But the cat came back; it just couldn’t stay
    awaaaaaaa-aaaaaay. (Give me a “meow!”)

  6. Going undefeated always leaves everlasting memories. Miami Dolphins-1972, Indiana Hoosiers-1976, Indianapolis Colts- 2010
    wait…. they threw away their place in history… Maybe in 34 years from now some may remember that the Colts won the 44th Super Bowl. Going undefeated and winning the Big Game would have immortalized the 2010 Champs. What were they thinking?

  7. PB, an undefeated team in January isn’t really that uncommon. Just a couple recent examples of unbeatens that lasted into March…St. Joe’s in ’04 was undefeated going into the A-10 tourney, and the next year Illinois didn’t lose until their last regular season game (at O$U).

    I like your September call-up analogy. With the way our guards are playing, the biggest tweak should be to play Watford, Elston, and one of the “bigs” (Pritch/Capo/Bawa/Jobe) at the same time.

  8. The Colts are not the champs. There is this pesky team from New Orleans that they still need to dispose of.

  9. Kentucky lost a game…Such trivial matters to try and take chill out of our cold Hoosier season…I shall warm my heart by reminiscing the days of Bobby Knight and singing a summer samba.

  10. Mike P I know just trying to vent my disappointment with the decision to pull the starters. I love IU first,then the Colts. I wish
    they could both say they had an undefeated season. Go Hoosiers!!
    Go Colts!!

  11. Great accomplishment, for sure, but PLEASE let’s not act like the ’72 Dolphins celebrating whenever the last undefeated teams take a loss. There’s not much out there as pathetic as that.

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