1. He’s not playing for a win tonight. This is a step in the process of being ready in February and March.

  2. Rusty or not he is still a huge match up problem and he will give them a huge emotional lift. IU doesn’t have anyone to guard him that matches up well. Elston would be the best but he isn’t ready for that yet. He is too strong for Watford and too quick for any of the bigs. I could see him playing 15min and still putting up 10pts and 7 rebounds

  3. Don’t be concerned about Turner. If he does play put Rivers on him, deny the ball and force him wide. Lauderdale concerns me so do Buford and Lighty.
    I agree with DD, he won’t play much. They are trying to get him ready for later.

  4. J Pat you are right and IU could use that by getting inside his head.
    I think we will see Rivers on him early if he starts.

  5. OSU is down because they haven’t played well without him. They are doing this to raise emotion and motivation for the rest of the team even if he doesn’t perform well. I sure wouldn’t want the liability for this early return from that kind of injury.

  6. Did anyone see Pitt get a tough road win at Cincy? They are now 13-2 and climbing. Whoa. Did we really beat them, at Madison Square Garden no less?

    We get this win tonight, folks, and I will have a whole new set of expectations for the season (read: NIT or CIT)

  7. IU needs to be physical to put doubt in Evan’s head about rushing back. One of Jobe’s moving screens could rattle him a bit.

  8. We’ll have to see if Turner’s playing (if he’s not completely re-established) will not hurt the buckeyes more than his absence. If he does play and if he plays well a screen like last year’s screen by Pritchard on Hummel could do wonders.

    But the Hoosiers just have to focus on playing their game. They’re good!

  9. For the sake of Turner, I hope he is really ready. For IU sake, we want to beat Ohio State at their best. I sure hope that Ohio State cares for the player. If he gets hurt, new recruits might question whether they want to go to Ohio State or not.

  10. Why is this blog so nauseatingly careful to be politically correct? I hope every 5-star on every Big 10 team finds a way to be out of the lineup when we face them this season…Are we now pretending we beat a Pitt team at full strength? Should we forfeit because Dixon was just coming off injury and they were without a kid on academic probation…I’m elated they were out! That’s basketball…That’s the way the cookie crumbles..Did Arkansas send us love letters when Gordon broke a bone in his wrist? Besides, Turner should have some say regarding a decision to play. Do you actually think it’s just up to mommy or Matta?

    I’m sure OSU is just heartbroken that we don’t have Creek for the rest of the season… I’ll bet a nice flower grouping of crimson roses with a splash of creamy white baby’s-breath will be waiting in the locker room for Crean and our Hoosiers when they arrive in Columbus….How impassive we’ve become.

    Go Hoosiers!

  11. Matta must be really worried about being upset by Indiana at home if he’s going to risk losing Turner for the season due to possible reinjury. Stupid move to play him…Matta, you’re a great recruiter but not so good of a coach!

  12. It actually makes perfect sense to phase Turner back in starting with IU. IU is considered one of the weaker B10 teams and therefore it would be best to get him time against a team like that. I’m sure he will not play a lot but it gives OSU a huge emotional boost and will get the crowd in to it. He will get a standing O when he comes in off the bench and it will give the rest of the players confidence.

    With that said, hopefully he is rusty and IU can try to pull out a win

  13. Downing-

    A few corrections:

    1) Pitt had it’s top 3 scorers when we beat them. Having your 4th-leading scorer “just back from injury” and “a kid on probation” doesn’t take away a lick of the impressiveness of IU’s victory. Sheesh.

    2) A full-strength Gordon wouldn’t have meant much against Arkansas; I doubt if they even noticed Gordon was injured. The team had already mailed it in a month beforehand.

    As they say in Spanish, “a otro perro con ese hueso.” (take that bone to another Dawg?

  14. It makes perfect sense to play Turner sparingly if his broken back bone(s) are 100% healed. If not, stupid move…a health Turner is the only way this Buckeye team makes it to the Sweet 16.

  15. I don’t want to beat the Buckeyes at their best. Nobody cares if we are at our best. So I don’t care if the Buckeyes are at their best or not — that’s the Buckeye’s problem. I just want to beat them.

    And the Hoosiers will get their first road win tonight.

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