White sidelined once again

Former Indiana forward D.J. White, the 2008 Big Ten Player of the Year, just can’t stay healthy. His rookie season with the Oklahoma City Thunder was, for all intents and purposes, erased by jaw surgery. He’d had trouble working his way into games this season, and now will be sidelined by a thumb injury.

From the AP:

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma City Thunder forward D.J. White is expected to miss six to eight weeks following surgery to repair a fractured right thumb.
The Thunder say White had successful surgery Thursday. White was injured in practice Tuesday.
White is averaging 4.8 points and 1.9 rebounds in eight games this season. He had not played in a Thunder game for over a month, and spent about two weeks in the NBA Development League during that time.
White, a first-round draft pick out of Indiana in 2008, missed most of his rookie year following surgery to remove a benign growth from his jaw.


  1. DJ will always be one of my favorite all-time Hoosiers…a true great college player, who stayed solid as a rock during that tempestuous final Sampson year, when everyone else seemed to throw in the towel.

  2. D J is one of my favorites as well. Ive been checking the thunder box scores waiting for him to return. Looked at their web site and got the idea he had been sent back to developemental. So I knew he had to be injured because in his limited time he’s shown he can definetly play. Get better D.J.!

  3. I have been mystified as to why the Thunder have used DJ so sparingly. When he gets in, he seems to perform well. Maybe the coach doesn’t like him?

    I would think his development would be aided by getting some p.t. — a propspect which is, of course, now delayed by his injury.

    I note also that this story doesn’t mention his injuries at IU. Adding those to his injuries while with the Thunder and he has had more than his fair share of injuries! I hope this one is the last and he gets a long period injury free.

    By the way, interestingly, his ex-teammate, Eric Gordon was just injured again and missed the last half of the Clippers win yesterday — and has also been injured with regularity, including during his time at IU.

  4. My condolences to DJ. One of my all time favorite Hoosiers. For someone who endured so much adversity in his college career he was always able to overcome and showed a boat load of class.

    Get well soon and stay positive DJ!

  5. I had to laugh when I saw this headline on twitter, I thought Royce White got arrested again a day after he was back at practice.

    I wish DJ could find some better luck, he deserves it.

  6. DJ was such a cool guy. i remember a couple of years ago when i was in middle school he would come in and play basketball with us during gym. he was always nice and he deserves better. get well soon DJ

  7. In his final year, he was so unbelievably consistent with his jumpers…I have rarely seen a guy so reliable. I kept thinking it would taper off eventually, but he just kept going out there…

    How often these days does a guy have a great freshman season, then stick around for another three? A true warrior the guy was.

  8. All of you have conveniently forgotten that DJ’s game vastly improved under Sampson. It wasn’t just about getting through injuries and then tearing up the court like a “warrior”. How simplistic to believe a fine teacher didn’t help develop and fuel his natural ability and talent for the game..He never backed down to a challenge and carried the load on the inside with a big heart and true Hoosier spirit, but lets not forget that much of his game and confidence blossomed under the guidance of a coach many to date still vilify. Sampson knew how to make kids believe in their talent potential.. And it would be my guess that most, like DJ, will grow into fine young men that will never harbor ill will against their former coach…And nor will they likely carry the same vengeful garbage that constantly exudes from a small sect of unbalanced and disingenuous Hoosier fans with motives rooted in labels of hate for an entire team of Hoosiers because the mistakes of few. Heaven forbid the rules of forgiving apply to anyone other than politicians, professional athletes, robber barons, and those that bankrupt a country. And never to face with reflection an honest eye the look into mirror of our own youth.

    Wishing you fast recovery DJ.

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