Wisconsin has no hard feelings

A month after being jilted by Todd Yeagley, Wisconsin has hired another Indiana grad to take over its men’s soccer program.

John Trask, who had coached the University of Illinois-Chicago Flames, was named Badgers coach today.

The former Indiana player and assistant coach also interviewed for the Indiana job left vacant when Mike Freitag’s contract was not renewed.


  1. Congratulations to JT. It’ll be interesting to see Yeagley & Trask play each other on a lot of levels now. I know they’re friendly, but Trask used to (occasionally) vociferously let Yeagley hear about his mistakes when he coached him in high school, and now that Trask is coaching the program that Yeagley abandoned for the program that Trask also wanted to coach… well, it should be fun to watch next fall.

  2. JT will do a Much better job than TY ever did up in WI.
    John has the experience and coaching abilites to lead a team. Todd only has his father to help make sure he does not fail terribly.
    Cannot wait to see John’s team play WI!

    Congrats John! WI is lucky to have you.

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