Yeguette’s coach: He can defend and rebound

It took a few days, but I finally reached Florida Air Academy coach Aubin Goporo, who confirmed’s report that 6-foot-7 forward Will Yeguette has been offered a scholarship by Indiana.

“I actually just talked to coach Tom Crean an hour ago,” Goporo said Monday afternoon from the school in Melbourne, Fla.

What the Hoosiers are interested in, Goporo said, is the same thing a number of teams are.

“He can defend and he can rebound,” Goporo said. “I think the whole thing is really rebounding, I believe. Indiana got involved based on a tournament in Florida with all the high school kids and he had 50 rebounds in three games.”

But there is more to his game, Goporo said. On defense, Goporo said Yeguette could defend post men and point guards. On offense, he can pass, handle the ball and score from inside and out.

“He’s got great post moves,” Goporo said. “He’s got a mid range jumper. He shoots it very well. He really understands the game.”


  1. Andy, who cares what poition he is labeled at. If he is that good of a rebounded, then yes we do need him.

  2. Honestly I think its a little too late at this point, there are several major schools that already have expressed al ot of interest in this kid from what I’ve read. Oklahoma has already made three visits to watch this kid play which would make you think they are in the lead. Looks like Capal has had his eye on this kid for some time. Unless we are super aggressive I don’t see this kid making IU his home. The only positive out of all of this is that it doesn’t seem like Will has been swayed by anyone yet, being from Europe will probably help in that any school at this point with serious interest would probably catch his eye since he probably has no loyalty to any college school.

  3. Andy,

    Name a couple of the centers who can rebound and play decent defense that we should be recruiting right now.

    Go ahead.

    I love how no recruit is ever the right one to be recruiting. When we recruit a guard, Laffy complains. When we recruit a forward who can rebound well, you complain that it’s not a center that rebounds well.

    So many people call for us to recruit more talented bigs. But the question I pose is, who are you talking about??

    We’re already recruiting Zeller and Plumlee…and probably others that most aren’t aware of. Who are we missing?

    The fact is, there just aren’t that many 6′ 10 centers who possess agility, solid defensive skills, rebounding ability and a good shot. Often times, they possess none, maybe one of those qualities. There’s a difference between dreaming up the perfect center and actually pursuing the ones that are available. I frankly don’t care what position we recruit so long as it increases the talent level of our team.

  4. a 6’7″ small forward from FL? really?
    He will not rebound this well playing out of position in the college game.

  5. I’ll tell you why, Andy: because scholarships don’t grow on trees.

    Anything this undersized forward brings to the table can be brought by players on our own team. We are in a scholarship crisis right now…adding anyone other than a true post (Kanter) or an elite PG (Selby) would be foolish. We are in with so many good 2011 and 2012 players that we need to bank the ships.

  6. Engel,

    Thanks for updating me. And to think, all this time, I thought scholarships DID grow on trees! Silly me…

    I guess I didn’t realize that you had a better feel for the recruiting situation than our head coach does. Have you tried contacting Crean and his staff? They definitely need to be brought up to speed on the error of their ways.

    Have you ever heard of a contingency plan?

    Yeah…we may be “in” with “so many” good 2011 and 2012 players (just like we were “in” with Irving), but there’s a difference between being “in” and actually landing those recruits. Odds are, we may land ONE of those nationally renowned recruits we’re chasing (if we’re fortunate). What happens then, when we’re left with a shortage?

    I’m sure this guy isn’t Crean’s prime target, but it’s nice to have options, and backup plans. As much as some would like to think simply being recruited by Indiana is enough for most top recruits, it’s just not at this juncture — especially when we’re competing with the likes of Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, Purdue and Ohio State for most anyone we pursue.

    Defense and rebounding are two of the biggest question marks when it comes to this team. If we can bring on someone who excels in both of those areas, than I say welcome.

    If you have a better suggestion, than suggest it — but don’t sit at your computer and blindly criticize our recruiting tactics. Who are the recruits that we’re not pursuing that we should be (as I’ve asked previously a million times)?

  7. “The Enes Kanter Sweepstakes is over.

    Kanter, a 6-foot-10 Turkish citizen born in Zurich, Switzerland who now plays for Stoneridge (Calif.) Prep, has verbally committed to the University of Washington. He chose UW over Indiana, UNLV, USC and UCLA without having seen the campus.

  8. A “Psycho Killer” attending UW? He may want to do a little research and consider changing his YouTube nickname.

  9. That Enes Kanter verbal was a “soft verbal.” It’s widely known that he is still fielding offers and considering them. He may still go to Washington, but he may not.

  10. speaking of recruits, i caught the last quarter and a half of the dematha game on espnu yesterday. in a game full of d1 recruits, oladipo was easily the best athlete on the floor. plays way above the rim, had several impressive dunks, rebounds like he was 6’8″. has a body like an upperclass college player. notice that i didn’t say he was the best player. he did not take a single jump shot during that time so i have no idea if he can shoot. average ball handling skills. he really stood out and i believe he’s now more athletic than anyone on our current roster. he’ll be a big help, count on it.

  11. It’s hard to judge about this kid because there isn’t that much info out there. I did read a scouting report that said that he gets to the rim before most others have left the floor. So I’m guessing he is explosive. I think its also safe to say the David Williams saga tells us that an offer doesn’t mean a schollie is guaranteed.

    But the real issue here is that its popular to bash Crean for not recruiting Bigs and for not recruiting Indiana kids. Here’s a list of both. It won’t stop the reactionary criticisms, but for those that don’t know what to think here it is:

    –Zeller (Indiana kid too)
    –Ratliffe (Juco)
    –Hammons (Indiana kid too)
    –McGary (Indiana kid too)

    Non-Big Indiana Kids:
    –J Davis
    –Smith Rivera

    I’m satisfied that he’s going after what we need and want. But if a kid doesn’t want to come, for whatever reason, its a good idea to have cast a wide net. So you go after Selby (good idea anyway), Randle, Nunez, Kaminski, Yeguette and Murphy.

  12. VO had 16 boards and 15 points in the game coachv refers to. I have plans to go see VO play in person tomorrow. He has a game in Arlington.

    Its great that Crean has made this connection to DeMatha. They produce a lot of D1 players and had fed many of them to Georgetown over the years. Wikipedia lists quite a few of these kids.

  13. GFDave,

    Also missed hallowell (i believe that is how you spell it) from indianapolis…..also is hanner perea a big?

  14. jubilee,

    We have not offered Hollowell.

    We have offered Perea. At 6’8″ and 200 lbs I’m not sure I’d call him big. But I should have mentioned him with the other non-Indiana kids anyway, so thanks for that.

  15. You can add ‘Indiana kid’ to Plumlee as well, as I love to remind the folks at Christ School down the road.

  16. This Yeguette kid attends Florida Air Academy? Is he studying to be a pilot or to get some big air while flying down the lane to dunk in the face of whatever ill-gotten all-Americans Kentucky will put on the court in future years? But seriously, Florida Air Academy? What is that???

  17. I actually think Yeguette might be a good get – he can defend and rebound, and has a good mid-range jump shot. Remember, he is already 6-7 so he has the potential to be 6-8 or 6-9 in a year or two.

  18. Oh silly people, here’s what’s up:

    1. As someone mentioned above, Kanter is rumored to have a soft-verbal to UW and the word is IU still may in on him.

    2. Yuegette is a back-up option to what? Other than the outside chance we get Kanter, what other post players are we chasing in 2010?

    3. I already laid out suggestions, but I guess you are unable to read between the lines. In 2011 we need to put a full-court press on Zeller and then add a PG (Teague ideally, but since he has about a 5% chance of coming here I’d take Jeremiah Davis or someone like Nadir Thorpe). In 2012, we are going to land DSR (there is little to no doubt about that) and then we need to snag 2-3 players from the following list: Perea, Jurkin, Hammons, Patterson, Hollowell, Kenny Kaminski, Harris, etc.

    4. There is a difference between Irving and the names above. Each of the kids listed above (other than Thorpe and Kaminski) live in Indiana or live in Indiana during the summer. In addition, Kaminski will be playing with Indiana Elite this summer. This means that these kids, unlike Irving, are familiar with IU. Their families are familiar with IU. We are pursuing these recruits and have a chance at landing some of them.

    And as a final comment, the purpose of message boards and comment sections is second-guessing. I bet when I complained about David Williams you would have said the same thing about not criticizing Crean. He’s proven he can make mistakes, so I will criticize him when I darn feel like it. I think Crean is the man for the job, but I really hope he passes on Yuegette (assuming we could even land him). We need the scholarship balance.

  19. Then you won’t mind me second guessing your opinion, either.

    Williams isn’t coming to IU, so I wouldn’t really classify his recruitment as a mistake.

    There’s a difference between second guessing and speaking as if you’re on the inside of the recruiting game simply because you subscribe to and can name a few in-state recruits.

    The only thing certain about the recruiting process is that you can’t bank everything on which way you think a 16-18 year old is leaning. Instead of trying to pinpoint exactly who our ideal recruiting classes would be composed of, why not trust that Crean will take the best players that are both available and willing to come to Indiana? That’s my point.

    Also, just because a player is from Indiana doesn’t mean he’s coming to Indiana. I think that’s been clearly proven over the last decade. There are absolutely no givens in this game, and people like you come on these sites and proclaim “there’s no doubt Kid A is coming here.” “We need to recruit Kid B (when we probably already are).” “Kid C is from Indiana. He’s familiar with Indiana so he’ll probably go to IU.”

    You see in far too drastic blacks and whites.

    Every single player you’ve mentioned — Crean has seen him play. Probably multiple times. Crean’s assistants have seen him play. Probably multiple times. I trust the IU coaching staff’s judgement of recruits better than yours.

    There’s a difference between who you WANT, and who we’re realistically “in” with.

  20. Engel-

    Kanter isn’t “rumored” to be going to the Huskies; he has verbally committed. Call it a soft commitment, a limp commitment, a light-hearted commitment, or what have you – but it is what it is: a commitment.

    Now, we all know that verbal commitments can be easily retracted, and often are. But Coach Romar at Washington is not Bill Lynch. Kanter said through a translator that he picked UW because of Romar’s NBA experience as a player, and admired his cultivation of Brandon Roy and Nate Robinson.

    So get off your “we still might get Kanter” pedestal. We have as good of a chance of getting him as we do Teague.

  21. I remember the good old days when what Engel could say was limited by his professional obligations to the IDS.

    The yoke has been shed though, and we are now stuck with the Frat House/Kelley School one-liners and snarky quips.

  22. Ratliffe is a JUCO who could be our 2010 big. Big body, big stat line, big time interest from a number of schools. We can offer immediate and extended playing time.

  23. Engel-

    You know exactly where I am coming from, and your summary of our recruiting picture for the next few years is spot on. Why take Yeguette now, when we have Watford and Elston at the four position for at least the next 3 years. If Crean shows some patience we will have a great shot at Zeller in ’11, and two of Perea, Jurkin, Bell, Kaminski,or Hammons in ’12.

  24. Ironic that Andy calls for our coach to exhibit patience, when our fan base simultaneously exhibits almost none.

    I’d argue that most of the criticisms over our recruiting process stem from a general lack of patience — a lack of any sort of mindset past that of a 7-year-old who wants his candy RIGHT NOW. A lack of the ability to understand the spot we’re in, and that an overnight fix is not in the cards. Ideally, Crean would be in a situation where he can sit and wait on the recruits he really wants. Do you think he’s in that situation? I sure don’t.

    Andy, you want Crean to be patient until 2011 and 2012. But are you also willing to pay the price for that patience — to sit through another one or two seasons of inferior mediocrity? If you are then I guess I have no qualms with your argument.

  25. Casey-

    I have confidence that Elston and Watford will continue to improve and may actually play together as both our bigs next season. So how will a 6’7 forward like Yeguette really contribute to our success next season? He may be a nice rebounder off the bench, and eventually become a decent role player, but wouldn’t you rather Crean save a scholarship for just one more year on a 6’10 F/C that has the potential to be a multi-year starter here? Will Yeguette will not prevent a season of “inferior mediocrity” next season whether he comes or not.

  26. I’d argue that most of the criticisms over our recruiting process stem from a general lack of patience — a lack of any sort of mindset past that of a 7-year-old who wants his candy RIGHT NOW.

    My candy this season: Loyola (MD), Boston U, George Mason, Illinois (two weeks ago, at home, after squandering another big lead). But I couldn’t get any because Casey says I need to wait. I don’t want to be ranked in top 25, I just want my candy (which I listed above). Yet I am being told I need to have more patience. So I’d like to know, is Crean being paid, or is he told that he needs to wait too. I bet he is getting his money on time.

    Why is he not playing Bawa? Why did he bring him here? Ah, I forgot, here are the Candyman lyrics again:

    He’s a one stop shop, makes my cherry pop
    He’s a sweet talkin’ sugar coated candyman
    A sweet talkin’ sugar coated candyman

    He had lips like sugarcane
    Good things come for boys who wait

    There’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm

    I say Christina Aguilera has met Tom Crean already.

  27. Clever.

    My point is that as much as we Indiana fans want to believe that the simple fact that we used to be perennially dominant 30 years ago means we can snap back to that form over night, it’s just not going to happen that way.

    In a normal recruiting year, I’m sure we’d have the luxury of relaxation, of time — to wait for the ones we handpick from the bunch.

    But anyone who thinks there’s anything “normal” about this year is just downright silly.

    I would’ve loved to have those wins just as much as you. Of course I’d love to be in the top 25. There’s nothing wrong with wanting those things — but prematurely expecting them just isn’t rational in my opinion.

    So yes, have patience. Show your ability to identify the line between wishful thinking and reality. As much as it will hurt — for longer than we’d like — it will change. But not overnight.

  28. I would’ve loved to have those wins just as much as you. Of course I’d love to be in the top 25. There’s nothing wrong with wanting those things — but prematurely expecting them just isn’t rational in my opinion.

    I would agree only if you don’t put those wins right next to wishing that we’re ranked. The wins were possible. The ranking completely removed from reality. You may want them the same, but it would be ridiculous to expect them the same.

    So I guess we’ll have to wait.

  29. CandyDowning-

    What if you were granted your “candy” wins against Loyola, Boston, GMU, and Illinois, but in exchange, the Hoosiers lost the games they were more likely to lose to Pitt, Michigan, and Minnesota, who are a combined 37-15?

    I would rather see signs that this team can play with and defeat good teams, then see a bunch of automatic wins against bottom-feeders (or in other words, what Bill Lynch does). I’ll take the occasional letdown and growing pains.

    Casey, you are amazing like the robot, but you still haven’t learned how to talk to 7 year-olds.

  30. Korman-

    You called my name out from behind aliases on numerous occassions for your own playful satisfaction. Please have the integrity and consistency to correct false accusations against my name. I may use lots of names for my own cantankerous amusement, but give me one example when I made accusations to put false name on another.


    I can’t begin to fathom how humongous a puss you must be to not set the record straight..Are you so fearful to have direct exchange with Husky Tom and let him know your existence is based on such foolish deceptions?

    Husky Tom-

    I have no hesitancy to have direct exchange with you. Have I ever? On many a sunny day I sent you to deep waters on Basketblog while you hid behind your own vast collection of aliases. I’m just glad I never stooped to the level/measures you have employed here. You are quite the work of art…A master at spinning any story to suit all the ever-changing positions; the constant rebuilding of silk castles built on motives of entrapping and stereotyping others…A spider with the gift of tongue and a disingenuous venomous bite with no remorse…And once he’s caught thy prey of attentions, he has no preference to feed with such coarse deceptions, to satisfy his make believe diet of everything Huskies and Hoosiers, a first and second course, of course.

  31. Just saw some video on Perea and Jurkin.

    A nice 2012 class would be: DSR, Perea, and Jurkin. That would be my christmas wish this year.

  32. would rather have DSR, Hammons, and Patterson for 2012
    Zeller , Plumlee, and Teague in 2011

    We can dream can’t we.

  33. I have a high interest in us. I doubt I will ever see playing time.

    Seriously. The list of schools in contact with this Thomas include Louisville, Xavier, Cincy and OSU. So he must be ok. But the point is nobody has offered him a schollie. Nobody.

    So stevealford is criticizing Crean for talking to a kid.

  34. I find it interesting that folks who insist that it is perfectly fine to use more than one screen name want others to police the practice. What, you mean it gets confusing and hard to deal with? Whoever would’ve guessed that?

  35. Downing,

    I am laughing too hard to be able to write too much right now. Take a look above: I was minding my own business conversing politely with Casey (chuckle) who appeared to appreciate the exchange. When suddenly HuskyTom jumps on me claiming that I am you. Is it my problem? Not my problem. Was he sincerely deceived into thinking that’s candyman was you? I am not so sure any more, although you seem to think so.


  36. I criticize Crean for recruiting more 3 star out of state wings. Somebody should explain the scholarship crunch to him.

  37. Downing- What exact “level/measures” have I employed here? I thought Candyman was you. I concede. Was I wrong in doing so? He used poetry/song lyrics, which has been a hallmark of yours over the years. He complained about the Hoosier losses while disregarding the wins – also a common practice of yours.

    No dirty measures involved here. I guess we are just going to have to live with the reality that someone (Candyman) on here has made their livelihood out of emulating you and your opinions, albeit in a much more spiteful, crass way. SPeaking of spiteful and crass, this all makes me wonder about L’accent again, and the late night ASCII keyboard art. You’ve denied your participation in these schemes, but I don’t know who to trust anymore.

    Husky Tom

  38. Steve,

    Agree with you on all those guys. Would be a huge scholly crunch in 2011 with all three.

    I just think Perea would fit our system perfectly. A 4-man that can run the floor, rebound, and dominate inside. Him and Hammons together would be a very, very good thing

  39. stevealford- what is funny to me is that you criticize Crean for recruiting 3 star guards, and then when they good, you tell us that they are “pure talent” that should be winning more. Hmmph.

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