Zagoria: Echenique to Creighton

Adam Zagoria is reporting on his blog that Rutgers transfer Greg Echenique is heading to Creighton.

This news isn’t all that surprising considering that Echenique visited Creighton as a high school junior at St. Benedict’s Prep. After surgery to repair a detached retina, Echenique was not supposed to fly on planes because the air pressure could cause problems with the eye. That made it difficult to make visits to the other schools he was considering, including Indiana. In addition, there was concern  out there that the eye could be a long-term problem. As much as the Hoosiers could use a physically mature big man as soon as possible, there was that risk involved.


  1. Yesterday we were getting a quote from Dan Hurley that the kid and his family were going to take 7 – 10 days to make a decision. Less than 24 hours later he selects a school. Hurley clearly didn’t have as much insight as you would think. This is another great examples of why you can’t believe anything you read about recruits until the paperwork signed and the coach has it in hand.

  2. Big thick ladling Scoop of soup for one paragraph of gas….Yes, goodbye Greg….We sure could have used some beef in our pot…Turns out we barley new ya?

  3. To be fair, Hurley said (and I reported) that he didn’t have a lot of insight and that he wasn’t that close to the process. The points that he did confirm – some of the schools involved, the eye injury keeping Echenique from flying – were still of value as far as I was concerned and were true. But no, until someone has signed a letter of intent, nothing is set in stone.

  4. What seems most sad is that we’re speaking of this average recruit during the onset of our Big 10 basketball season…A cold day in hell has arrived in Bloomington…This goes well beyond testing patience..This is ludicrous. Elston stands before our eyes a volcanic mountain of potential talent while we fret over lost molehills.

  5. No loss to IU, 12-13 pts and 9-10 rebounds with Rutgers schedule and record for a 6’9 PF sounds like less than Tom Pritchard’s numbers at IU last season. Pritchard will play well this season! Go Tom! Transfers are always hard to have work out successfully because of the 1 year sit out rule that wastes a scholarship, remember Killingsworth and Munroe, big hype but only limited success on the court. I like the idea of the GREAT JUCO who is ready to play NOW! Remember Smart and Garrett, they won a championship banner!

  6. I was wrong above, he only averaged 8.4 points/game and 8.4 rebounds/game, very much like Pritchard’s 9.7 points/game and 6.4 rebounds/game.

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