Abraham’s guardian confirms offer, attempt at visit

Joe Boncore, Moses Abraham’s guardian, confirmed that Indiana has offered the 6-foot-9, 235-pounder a scholarship and that Abraham is trying to set up a visit to Bloomington for Thursday’s game against Wisconsin. The only hold-up could be a randomly scheduled game, Boncore said.

“We’re trying,” Boncore said. “As an independent school, they pick up games in the last minute. This is Prince Georges county. It’s like the hotbed of basketball here. Teams and games pop up in the last minute at obscure gyms. Right now it’s looking like that. We’re trying to make the Wisconsin game.”

Boncore confirmed that Indiana coach Tom Crean was at a game last week and offered a scholarship.

More on this later.


  1. Georgetown seems to be the leader according to Peegs. Hopefully this visit can change that. We sure could use another big man.

  2. If you’re a big man and Georgetown wants you, that’s a hard school to turn down. Maybe we can pull this one off with the promise of playing tmie, but I won’t get my hopes up.

  3. No way the Hoosiers, sporting a 9-17 mark, an 8-game losing streak and a bunch of players who don’t seem to want to play the rest of the season, land this kid with all the other offers he has, unless he just wants to go somewhere where he’s immediately one of the centerpieces of the team. Again, hate to be so negative, but we can’t have the year we’re having this year, when we were supposed to be improved, and expect to get recruits like this.

  4. Don’t underestimate the influence of Bawa and Tijan. He might feel a connection toward them on his visit. It can’t hurt.

  5. Because these kids treat teams like family. Being understood and comfortable is a big part of choosing a school.

  6. A lot of basketball players come back a 5th year to graduate. I thought of all people you would know this 4guards.

  7. Thats a good question Dave. If its an unofficial visit I would say thats rather impressive. For Crean to show up a week ago and have this kid travel to Bloomington at his own expense would tell me that Crean must have had a great impression on this kid. Either way I think its a good thing for sure. Doesnt Indiana only have a select amount of official visits that they can provide to recruits during a basketball season? I know Selby has taken one official visit and there has been several kids that have come up to watch games, but I think they have done that on their own dime. It would be interesting to know anyway.

  8. Am curious about the official versus unofficial thing myself. That in itself could shed some light on our chances with this young man.

  9. As far as Georgetown being an irrestible option – I lived in the DC area for 21 years, before finally escaping from that cesspool. If I were a college student with multiple choices, I certainly would not wish to live in DC and have to put up with all that junk.

  10. Rob,

    I’ve live in Fairfax County since 1981. I’ve enjoyed most of it except the traffic and I think its a highly desirable place to live. Where did you move to?

  11. GF – I now live in Cary, NC. Was in Burke, VA. Was great until around 2000, then got much too congested. Also, way too stressful. DC is horrible, and MD suburbs just as congested. There are much better places to live. Still visit area regularly, and look forward to leaving each time.

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