Cook Hall in pictures

Herald-Times photographer David Snodgress went inside the recently named Cook Hall last week and captured what the new basketball practice facility looks like.

IU athletics

Indiana University’s new basketball practice building next to Assembly Hall offers equal facilities for mens and womens teams, eliminating the need to share the single court in Assembly Hall and expanding training equipment.

IU athletics

A single wall divides the men’s (right) and women’s practice courts.

IU basketball

Jim McElroy, project engineer for Weddle Bros. Building Group, looks down on the men’s basketball practice court.

IU basketball

Men’s practice court in IU’s new basketball practice building, which should be completed by March 15.

IU basketball

Practice court for the men’s basketball team in Cook Hall.

IU athletics

The locker room for the men’s team features the big IU logo.

IU basketball

The locker room showers include a whirlpool tub.

IU athletics

Training facilities include a new treadmill integrated hydotherapy pool.

IU basketball

The hydrotherapy area includes pools for a hot plunge (left) and cold plunge, which can cool the water to 30 degrees.

IU basketball

Coach Tom Crean’s office has windows looking north toward Assembly Hall.

IU basketball

The coaches have a lockerroom that includes a lounge, lockers and showers with steam room.

IU basketball

Office for IU women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack.

IU basketball

Lobby of IU’s new basketball practice building.

IU basketball

The floors on the court level are highly-varnished wood.

IU basketball

McElroy walks through the tunnel that connects the practice building with Assembly Hall.

IU basketball

Cook Hall is adjacent to Assembly Hall.


  1. If the past has anything to do with the future, maybe the architect designed the wall between the courts to be sound proof.

  2. Thanks for the great pictures. This is coming along very well. It should really pay off with future recruits.

  3. Beautiful facility, both inside and out. Cook Hall will make a fine compliment to whatever building pops up in the future to replace Assembly Hall.

    My only issue: We probably could’ve saveda little money by not putting balconies over the men’s practice court…you know the doors will be locked and the curtains hung up when they actually start using the place.

  4. My guess is that one of the purposes of the balconies is for videotaping the practices and also for a different view of the action for the coaches. They might like to see some of the drills or scrimmages from that view to pick out certain things they are looking for.

  5. Good point on the videotaping…When I saw the balconies, I thought of the glass windows overlooking the practice court at Conseco Fieldhouse where the public can watch Pacers practice (if you wanted to submit yourself to such torture).

    Dave, Bill Lynch’s office is in the north end of the football stadium, and it seems like it’s about as big as one of those practice courts.

  6. If Crean’s office is anything like Lynch’s (which is just ridiculous), he is going to be a happy man.

  7. I you want to attract a big time FB coach in the future an office as such is a nice carrot to dangle.

  8. That’s what I was saying. With the size of TC’s contract compared with the size of BL’s, I’m sure TC’s office will be huge! Unless of course, BL gets a remote office to partially compensate. Is it done on a won/loss record percentage? Wonder what that would equate to?

    There were those pieces on the BTN this fall about the size of the U MN locker room, how it is the biggest (in what was it?) all of football ( it’s something like 50 yards from one end to the other), and then there was the piece regarding the size of IU’s new weight room and coach BL’s office. Well, now IU will have the facilities to compete, what else is needed?

  9. Well this looks tremendous, but we still have to improve on the court to attract recruits. Some from in-state will want to come because it’s IU, but for most of the country, our tradition is ancient history. I hate to be so negative, but the way the team has played recently makes me question when or if we’ll ever return to prominence. It just seems like a big step back from last year, we don’t have much in the way of recruits coming in next year, and all the while the great accomplishments from the past become things potential recruits are less and less impressed by. The solution is to start winning games against good teams in prominent time slots, and we haven’t done much of that recently. Perhaps this facility will help.

  10. It looks like it is going to really nice on the inside. Hope so, it is one of the ugliest things from the outside.

  11. I agree with Mike P. It is one of the ugliest buildings on campus. I like the interior, but the exterior is disappointing.

  12. The building (structurally) is EASILY the ugliest building on campus. Quite different from how the new football addition looks so fabulous and beautiful. It seems great on the inside though.

  13. I actually think it looks pretty cool. Once it gets finished and all the glass is in and the concrete poured around and landscaped, it will look much better!

  14. This building puts the FU in FUGLY. It’s a shame, too. The facility looks practical and functional from the inside. The question is: Will there be any players worth a $hit to practice in there? There aren’t any now. When Tommy Pritchard can count the last two years’ win totals on his hands and toes, we have a problem. Facility upgrades and clapping aren’t going to help. Get some f’n players in here, already.

  15. Why were those concrete arches added? Ugly! The building had a nice Prairie look without those.

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