Selby, Thomas, Irving, Kendrick on McDonald’s list

The rosters for the McDonald’s All-American Game came out Thursday, and they include some familiar names for Indiana fans, though none that the Hoosiers actually have set to come for 2010. Baltimore guard Josh Selby, who the Hoosiers are still recruiting, is on the list. So are former IU targets Jelan Kendrick and Kyrie Irving. Also on the list is DeShaun Thomas, the Fort Wayne Luers star and likely Mr. Basketball.

The list follows, as copied and pasted from with Scout’s rankings.

C.J. Leslie – Undecided – No. 12
Reggie Bullock – North Carolina – No. 11
Tobias Harris – Tennessee – No. 9
Kyrie Irving – Duke – No. 5
Perry Jones – Baylor – No. 4
Kendall Marshall – North Carolina – No. 21
Joe Jackson – Memphis – No. 17
Jelan Kendrick – Memphis – No. 15
JayVaughn Pinkston – Villanova – No. 35
Josh Selby – Undecided – No. 10
Jared Sullinger – Ohio State – No. 3
DeShaun Thomas – Ohio State – No. 14
Terrence Jones – Undecided – No. 20
Harrison Barnes – North Carolina – No. 1
Fab Melo – Syracuse – No. 7
Doron Lamb – Undecided – No. 26
Ray McCallum – Undecided – No. 23
Keith Appling – Michigan State – No. 44
Brandon Knight – Undecided – No. 2
Josh Smith – UCLA – No. 13
Jereme Richmond – Illinois – No. 16
Patrick Young – Florida – No. 18
Tristan Thompson – Texas – No. 6
Corey Joseph – Undecided – No. 22


  1. Its a shame Thomas is leaving our state. I dont understand why he wont play on one of the In State teams? ie ND/IU/PU/Butler—-Why do these kids leave the state when we are a hot bed for basketball! (OHIO STATE – give me a break) Is it the Parents????????–These schools have so much too offer. Doesnt these kids realize the fans base wants them to stay in the state? It brings in more for those schools plus could open doors in the State they dont know that are there–Nothing illegal either? I dont get it!

  2. Hey 4guards, this isn’t NCAA College Hoops on the 360. Recruits don’t to a school after a 6-26 season. Get a grip. Tired of these pessimists.

  3. creans best shot is finding another diamond in the rough like dwade. with the situation IU is in, i dont see a blue chip kid coming here. maybe if we get that damn 1 year nba rule gone, we will have a shot at kids that really belong at universities playing college ball. not just passing through with their hangerons milking the university, its boosters, and dragging coaches around like desperate girlfriends.

  4. Jubilee,

    You must not remember a few years ago a kid, I think his name was Eric Gordon, yea that was it, who was commited to Illinois when we didn’t have a coach and then came here, after being Mr. Basketball.

    I don’t agree with 4guards, but what I’m sick of is the band of brothers on here that just wait to find a negative comment and go off on it. Could 4guards make a better point, or phrase it as he is worried that we aren’t getting any really awesome recruits? YES, but that doesn’t change the fact that, well, we are missing out on some talent because we are more worried about them saving us, rather than building a good team and product with what we have by playing ABOVE, not below, our potential. That will land recruits faster than anything coupled with our History. The History card only works for a couple of more years if we keep haveing bad teams, we haven’t been relevant except for negative press since 2002, when most of these kids were in grade school. I’m not saying we should have won 20 games this year, but surely the talent we have with the freshman and VJ3 getting better, coupled with the fact that we play a SUPER easy non-conference schedule earlier this year, we should have increased the win total by more than 3. A couple of ‘upsets’ against an incomplete at the time Pitt team and Minnesota do not make up for the wins we didn’t get, but should have.

    I love the Hoosiers and want to see us succeed just like everyone else, but for all the people on here that can’t see the writing on the wall, we are going to have to start playing better with the recruits we do get, or pull off a major steal to really get things turning. I don’t care what the excuse is (young, its his 2nd year…) no matter when it is you can’t get blown out by teams that are better than you, you at least have to compete. Should we beat OSU, Northwestern, or Purdue this year? NO, but we only came to play against one of them recently. We always need to play like we did againt the Boilers, or else kids in upcoming classes won’t see any hope. They aren’t impressed by the excuse well we are young and don’t know how to win. A new recruit will be young, and they see kids like John Wall and Xavier Henry doing big things. I know they have better talent around them, and SO DO RECRUITS. I’ll give us time if we start saying, okay we are going to take what we can get and beat teams others say we aren’t supposed to beat, but so far, we lose to teams we are favored to beat. Is all lost? NO, but to say everything is fine and going according to plan, is just as bad as saying Crean should be fired.

  5. Stating the reality of youth is an excuse is blind. When these freshmen are juniors they will be competitive in every game. As sophomores they will be competitive in more games than as freshmen and add more upsets. Look at the improvement of Jones over one year. Factor in the loss of the best recruit. I’d say this programs progression is right on course. I do not like the W/L record either but steady progress is being made. I will add that if TP could be more effective things would move faster but I don’t think it is in his persona. Which means he will play an increasingly smaller role as a junior and senior.

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