Thoughts on another snowy morning

1.) At least if the winter was going to be like this, IU could have known in advance and put in a bid for the Winter Olympics. Canada v. Russia hockey would be awesome at Frank Southern.

2.) I’ll be talking on the radio with former IU player and coach Dan Dakich later today. Should be around 11 a.m. You can listen through the 1070 The Fan Web site. Also, they’re offering a cruise package in which you spend a week on a boat with Dan Dakich. That’s awesome.

3.) It’s snowing.

4.) Hugh Kellenberger should come through with your Hoosier Morning in a bit. Dustin Dopirak will have a report from the Big Ten conference call at some point as well.

5.) Be safe out there. The snow makes the roads slippery.


  1. Hey Chris,

    I was going to ask you how the whether was down there in Bloomy. I mean weather….well you know what I mean.

    Have fun on the Big Show with Dakich. If my workplace doesn’t ban the stream, I’ll try to listen on in. Maybe someone could put a link to the podcast up here too once it’s up?


  2. so I was listening to the Dak show a couple days ago after the Crawford piece came out. A really nice guy called in to the show that roomed with a trainer and was really trying to just agree with what Dak was saying about how much trouble all of the guys were under Sampson. Dak cut the guy right off and told him that he did not need him to validate what he was saying and just rode the guy for a few seconds. Dak then went on to say that the he told all trainers and everyone involved to keep their mouth shut about everything with the boys that were canned. I then understood that it pissed Dak off a little that someone had run their mouth. Now this is the part that I found kind of interesting. In the next few minutes Dak wnet on to talk crap about Deandre Thomas and J Ellis. He even jabbed at Gordon for saying what he did. He then just kept getting on several of the players. This all after jumping a guy that called in support of what Dak was saying and Dak saying people should have kept their mouth shut. If Dak believed that in his heart, he would have not done that piece or held his tongue. He came off a little hypocritical saying people should keep their mouth shut and then talking about several individual players. I lost even more respect for him. If you listened to the talk show when it first started and to now…he has become very arrogant! Did anyone else hear the segment I am speaking of?

  3. J Pat, in the the media environment, seemingly no matter who you are makes you want to be the entertainer. Disappointing to listen to the change happening to DD in real time to say the least.

  4. You crean apologists humor me. Dakich is the same man he always has been, but since he doesn’t worship the tanned one you begin to question him. You are the same people who worshipped Sampson all the way to his firing saying that he just made an honest mistake and phone calls were no big deal.
    on a side note how did Korman do? I didn’t get to listen.

  5. 4guards/Alford, etc, you are wrong on me. I am NO apologist for anyone. I am a realist! Sad thing is, if and when Crean gets this turned around you will fall of of here or change your name you post under. Me, I will always be J Pat!

  6. oh, Dak actually has spoken highly of Crean and said recently on the Big 10 network and radio that this is all falling on the team, the kids. So that point you make is shot to heck…

  7. Thanks J Pat I did not have the opportunity to catch DD’s show today. Encouragement for “Always be J Pat”.

  8. Do you guys think stevealford has a hair helmet like Alford? You know, stuck in 1987 with that hard core part right down the middle. Not that he has sex cause there is no way in the world a girl would roll with this tool (unless she’s deaf), but I wonder if he calls out Alfords name when he’s chokin’ the root. OH STEVIE, OH LET ME TOUCH THAT HAIR HELMET, OH YEA!!!! I like the tanned one, wouldnt be jealous would you??? Awful concerned about his appearance aren’t you??? Come to think of it you are kind of obsessed with him aren’t you? No one even mention’s TC until stevie boy brings him up, does anybody notice that??

  9. RHF:
    Good good stuff lmfao while reading your post. I somehow think, as you probably did, that there are even more amusing things said during the
    Alford induced slapping of the monkey than what can be posted on here. I’m guessing 4 guards/alford would probably be pretty easy to recognize if you met him walking down the street or passed him in the mall or something of that nature. He would be the one with the ‘doo that you speak of and would be decked out in Alford’s team apparell. Still think he has a statue of Stevie in his basement that he worships and talks dirty to.

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