A sad day for Crean, and other thoughts

Indiana head coach Tom Crean had good seats for Michigan State’s game against Butler. While coaches usually get Final Four tickets, they usually aren’t prime seats near the team bench. Crean and his entire family, though, were not far from where his mentor, Tom Izzo, coached the Spartans to a 52-50 loss against the Bulldogs.

Crean scooped up his youngest daughter, Ainsley, and stood, as did everyone in the building not wearing a credential, for Michigan State’s final possession. Crean’s mind was no doubt racing — when does it not? — and running through thoughts on what his friend had called. He probably even recalled similar situations the two faced in the past.

Draymond Green, the Spartan’s exuberant and better-than-he-looks forward barreled through the lane. He was met by Gordon Hayward, who’d admit after the game that maybe he got ball, maybe he got arm. Either way, the shot missed and the ball fell into Hayward’s arms.

The fans in the arena were set up so that there were four distinct quadrants of fans, with the teams opposing each other situated in opposite corners.

Butler’s corner exploded. Michigan State’s went completely silent. The West Virginia and Duke fans sort of clapped politely.

Crean kept standing. I’m sure his mind worked through what had just happened, reflexively.

Later, though, he said he couldn’t think clearly about what had happened on the basketball court.

He was just sad to see a friend’s dream end, he said.


When players need to get from the locker room to the interview room — a trip of about 300 steps — they are driven on a golf cart by an NCAA staff member.

Earlier in the week, it was a sort of funny scene. Three big basketball players jammed onto a golf cart zooming through a hallway.

Last night, it was unbelievably wrenching. Raymar Morgan and Draymond Green sat on the back two seats, close together, showing everyone that the last thing they wanted was to be seen at that moment.


Plenty of other people have broken down what took place last night, and others are already looking ahead.

My friend Alex Bozich has collected a good sampling.


I caught up briefly with Matthew Graves, the Butler assistant from Switz City, last night while he was waiting to get the final tape of Duke’s win against West Virginia. He’ll handle the scouting duties for the game, and already had a good idea of the match-ups that would be best for the Bulldogs. He’d watched eight or nine tapes of Duke earlier in the week, just in case.

Graves greeted many people while I spoke to him, and repeated the same answer to all of them: no, this isn’t surreal. It’s just basketball right now. The process hasn’t changed. There’s more surrounding it — more people, more cameras, more questions — but the machinations remain the same.

“Maybe later in the week, after I sleep for a few days, I’ll think about what we’ve done,” he said.


Couple notes of local interest.

Butler is the third No. 5 seed to make the national championship game. The last, of course, was Indiana in 2002. Five-seeds are 0-2 in title games.

Shelvin Mack broke the Butler record for most points in tournament play last night, passing Matthew’s little brother A.J. Graves with a jumper in the first half.

A.J. had 87 points in the tournament.


Happy Easter.


  1. Watching many tourney games, it seems obvious that IU would do well to improve defensively- Butler has held 5 straight opponents to less than 60 pts, allowing them to win games when not playing at a high level offensively!

  2. I’m so sick of butler. They are taking a spot in the finals at Indy that is a birth right of IU. I hope they lose by 50 to duke and hayword and mack declare for the draft.

    Crean then needs to do the right thing and schedule an annual game vs butler in indy so we can declare our superior standing in the state for years to come!

  3. Butler is my favorite team in the country not named “Indiana”. It’s a collection of fresh-faced kids from in-state who play good fundamentals and keep their cool while the other team unravels. Unfortunately for them, Duke plays the same way…should make tomorrow night real interesting.

    and Aruss…I don’t know how you continue to out-do your own levels of hate, but it’s pretty impressive.

  4. Butler: players go to class and graduate – team plays man to man defense and a motion offense – 10 kids on the roster from Indiana – they are fun to watch and enjoy playing as much as we enjoy watching them – they win regular season/conference tournament/NCAA games — any of this sound familiar – it’s been a long time since anybody could say the same thing about my Hoosiers??? How would you like to be a Purdue grad – it’s bad enough my Hoosiers have 5 titles more than they do now BUTLER could have a bball title before them – that’s enough in itself to cheer for Butler tomorrow night – go Dawgs!

  5. You Hoosier fans keep on supporting Butler as their players mock our team and our new practice facility in the press. Don’t be too confused as Butler starts beating us for the top talent in the state as y’all are accomplices.

    Korman – us real Hoosiers fans don’t want another Butler story posted on the HOOSIER Scoop!

  6. Butler represents Indiana basketball at its finest. Go Bulldogs.
    Nice job at stirring the kettle, Anuss, though a little transparent.

  7. I have been cheering for Butler. They are more like the IU I know and love than our current program. We are in danger of being the #3 program in the state for some time if we don’t take action.
    2 Indiana scholarship kids? dribble drive offense? no fundamentals? horrid zone defenses?

  8. Chet – we are competing with Butler for recruits not Duke. The better Butler does in the tourney the worse it is for IU. Get a clue. It makes me sick to hear friends i graduated from IU with in Indy tell me they are at the final four games cheering for Butler. Should I be madder at turncoat IU fans or Crean for making IU basketball an after thought?

  9. I’ve had a change of heart..At first I was tiring of the overuse of Butler being described as a Cinderella…They’ve had a substantial amount of tournament success and it seems they’ve been a top-20 team for at least the last five seasons..I’m not even sure how high they got in the national rankings this year…#12? All that being said, there’s no guarantee they’ll ever be in this position again…They are never going to attract the top national talent..They will never be in the hunt for the type of recruits the big programs like Duke can easily lure…I’ve changed my thinking on Butler…This is a year they likely have the mix of guys on the floor that have a 10% chance of winning tomorrow night against a true powerhouse of college basketball… Everything will have to go their way..They have a few guys that could hold destiny in their hands if they have truly special games…There’s a tiny bit of Hayward, the baby face from Brownsburg, that reminds me of a kid that came out of French Lick decades ago…There’s calm and collectedness in his game…There’s not an ounce of cockiness. No arrogance his skills…No sticking his tongue out at an opponent he scores on….He respects the game and his adversary…There’s pureness to his style that looks completely refreshing in the busy and gaudy canvas of basketball suffering from showboats throwing far too much brush of every colorful move on their games. Hayward is unassuming his mastery of the sport…It’s like watching a Baryshnikov on quite practice stage operating to perfection amongst a bunch of squirming and screaming teenagers on “So You Think You Can Final Four Dance”.
    The Howard kid from Connersville with his big bushy hair looks like a throwback from the 1970’s…When he hits a short jumper in the paint, he leaps instantly from the pages of yearbook a forgotten era when his former high school was actually competing regularly for regional and state tournament titles. From a time that fades fast away our memories when Indiana only crowned one state champion. It’s not very difficult to imagine how much pride the old working class residents of “Little Detroit” tucked in unnoticed corner of Indiana basketball traditions must be feeling…
    Shelvin Mack is from Kentucky, be he sure doesn’t look like John Wall…He’s not a basketball ninja…He’s not a guy that will likely light it up in the NBA..He is a team player…Another integral piece of a completely unselfish puzzle…Mack is the closest thing I’ve seen to a true floor general since Quinn Buckner…He has nerves of steel and chip on shoulder…Fearless to bury the deep shot, but wise enough to deliver a winning assist to Howard ducking underneath… A deadly left and right combination to go up against…He is the spark plug of the team…He is the flare..Not from Indiana, but so fittingly adopted just across border a state our biggest basketball rival; the same state of Mohammad Ali…And Shelvin does float to the lane like a butterfly and sting often like a bee a perfectly-timed Butler three.

    It’s hard to not let your heart get attached to these kids. They are unique. They make you love the purity and innocence once the sport. And don’t be fooled by all the HOGWASH that “THEY BELONG”. In a game every year more mirroring the NBA… a game dominated by big-headed superstars that choose colleges based on the amount padded to the dollars their future salaries… a game when 5-stars dictate their playing time and disrespectfully sass their coaches in front of TV-viewing audiences… a game dominated by gargantuan colleges with enormous funds generated by success in multiple sports and the deep pocketbook revenues used to attract the finest athletes their elitism can afford to snatch away the pool of what so-called experts determine to be the best high school talent in the nation, BUTLER DOES NOT BELONG! They play in Hinkle Fieldhouse, a high school gym built in 1928, for Christ’s sake! There will be no replays of Butler in a Final Four movie. This is a last swan song…The last distant bark of final episode the underDawg putting on his cape and saving the quaint town of College Basketball from the robber barons corrupting the streets the true meaning. Duke has no need to fear, for after Monday no Underdog ever be near!


  10. New Mexico, Alford agree on contract extension

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP)—New Mexico and basketball coach Steve Alford have agreed on a contract extension through 2020.

    The school’s athletic department says details of the extension will be announced when the contract is complete.

    Alford is 76-26 in three seasons at New Mexico, the highest winning percentage in program history for at least 100 games.

    Athletic director Paul Krebs says Alford has raised the profile of the basketball program in the Mountain West Conference and nationally.

    This season, New Mexico finished 30-5 while setting a school record for wins and playing in the NCAA tournament for the first time in five years.

  11. 4tards/Anuss:

    I do admit, there is something satisfying about keeping in-state talent, but puh-lease, let’s not act like it is the entire reason programs succeed.

    Duke is going to win the National Championship tonight with….drumroll……ONE player from North Carolina on their roster!!!!

    That’s right, folks!!! IN-state talent is SO important that Duke needs a whole ONE guy from their home state to fortify their championship-caliber status!!!

  12. None of the “Big Four” ACC schools in NC depend on NC talent. It’s just not here, John Wall notwithstanding. I had a brief discussion with a local sportswriter when one of the Plumlees was named NC Mr. Basketball as he wasn’t from NC. He agreed that mercenaries shouldn’t be eligible. I also see a little of ISU in the Butler team but not too much. Butler will, I think, be a regional power year in and year out. After Larry left we never saw them again. A footnote. Had Larry stayed at his original school and not sat out he would have been on the same team as May, Abernathy, Benson, Buckner, and Wilkerson. So… Abernathy sits? Or does Larry not get to play because he shoots too much?

  13. By the way, the sailing in Fajardo is outstanding. Think I’ll do some diving today. Cheers.

  14. ^There is a 4guards statement I can find total agreement.

    Cliff Notes on Chill’s Earlier Post:

    a. I doubt we’ll ever see Butler in a championship game again.
    b. A Butler win is bigger than Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson. It would shock the sporting world.
    c. Butler represents a departure from the seediness that has become college athletics.
    d. It is a deceitful misrepresentation by those that favor elitism to say Butler “belongs”. Pat Forde’s article(“A final that’s better than the movie”) tackles this topic quite well.

  15. So is it better to take a player from Fort Wayne than it is from Louisville, even though Louisville is closer?

    That would be an out-of-state player.

  16. If you’re from Louisville, it’s better to bang your equipment manager’s wife because she is closer and an in-state player.

  17. Scout.com

    Class of 2010:
    NC – 2/5 Stars, 6/4 Stars, 11/3 Stars, 25/2 Stars
    IN – 1/5 Star, 2/4Stars, 3/3 Stars, 12/2 Stars

  18. Does Indiana have private, non-profit, co-educational, non-denominational, multi-cultural boarding schools noted for successful athletic programs that recruit kids from major urban areas of the East Coast?

    Take a look at the Kansas State roster…They have three players from North Carolina and two from Florida that are products of boarding schools. Does Scout.com take into account all these guys are originally from the New York and DC area?

    Jamar Samuels
    High School: A one-year letterman at The Patterson School in Lenoir, N.C. … Helped the Bulldogs to a 36-4 record and No. 3 national prep school ranking in 2006-07… The squad advanced to the inaugural Prep School National Championship, where they lost in the semifinals to eventual champion Notre Dame (Mass.) Prep led by Michael Beasley… One of the first players off the bench for the prep school squad… Also played in nine games with eight starts for the high school team… Averaged a team-leading 18.0 points and 11.0 rebounds for the high school squad… Was a teammate of Dominique Sutton at Patterson in 2006-07… Transferred to The Patterson School after playing two seasons at Archibishop Carroll High School in Washington, D.C. … Averaged 22 points, nine rebounds and three blocks as a junior, while he averaged 12 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks as a sophomore… Coached by Chris Chaney.

    I have a hunch that most kids on a college basketball roster listed from Indiana were born in the state and actually played their entire elementary, junior high, and high school years in Indiana.
    It baffles me why anyone would want to strip our state of its great basketball history and deserved recognition for being a breeding ground for talent.

  19. Not to mention 2010 is a down year for Indiana. I base this off many years and a pattern of success.
    Chill is also correct. Plumlee is an Indiana kid for example, but listed on scout for North Carolina.

  20. 2009 Population figures courtesy U.S. Census:

    Ohio 11,542,645
    Illinois 12,901,563
    Michigan 10,003,422
    North Carolina 9,222,414

    Indiana 6,376,792

    And when looking at basketball talent on a per capita basis, the state of Indiana stands atop alone. Based on comparative population numbers, the exception being Kentucky, it’s amazing any of Indiana’s bordering states need recruit from our high schools to fill their rosters.

  21. The Rivals Top 150 for 2009 had 25 5-star players. Only 7 (seven) of those 25 players “stayed home” for college:

    3) Derrick Favors (Georgia Tech)
    12) Kenny Boynton (Fla)
    13) Abdul Gaddy ( Washington )
    15) John Jenkins (Vandy)
    19) Royce White (Minny)
    20) Ryan Kelly (Duke)
    25) Milton Jennings (Clemson)

    For those of you that can’t compute, that’s around 30 percent.

    Of recruits # 26-100, only 20 out of 75 stayed in state.

    The point: top talent goes where it wants to. No coach has it easy when it comes to keeping kids in-state. It is more of a bonus than it is the norm.

    I can already hear the shrill cries and calumny being prepared against me. Bring it on.

  22. No interference from me, Let’s be fair your stats are on point. They represent accurately what I’ve been observing for 15-18 years. Thanks for taking the time to research it.

  23. Clarion-

    Thanks. I knew you’d be one of the ones to respond positively.

    Chill will not be able to accept such facts and will find some creative, ingenious way to refute them (in no fewer than 500 words).

    4guards will pretend like he never saw them and make the same old arguments (in no more than 10 words).

  24. yea. lets not look at the entire picture, only the majority of kids who believe they are one and dones. good idea.

  25. 4tards, I’m not even sure you have the brain capacity of four full-on tards. I might have to downgrade you to 1tard or 2tards. Do you think that #26-100 consider themselves “one and dones”?

    The reality is that fewer than 20% of the players in the top 100 will declare for the draft.

  26. Let’s be fair….and stick to one username
    According to scout,
    In 2010 3 out of the top 5 indiana recruits stayed in state. We got none of them.
    In 2009 4 out of the top 5 stayed in state. We got two of them.
    So out of the top 10, 7 stayed in the state of Indiana. We got 2 of them. We can thank Sampson for one of those 2.

  27. To complete the anti-4tard argument:

    Rivals #101-150 Class of 2009:

    12 Stayed in-state
    38 went out-of-state



    FINAL COURT RULING: No coach has it easy when it comes to keeping kids in-state. It is more of a bonus than it is the norm.

  28. Why are you lumping me in with 4guards opinions? I’m not a proponent of only going after in-state talent and I’m certainly not arguing against top talent going where it wants to. I have no desire to stop kids from chasing their dreams wherever that may be. I’m only pointing out that Butler is unique. They have managed to put a Final Four team together with 10 out of 15 players from one state; the talent-rich basketball state of Indiana. And according to the experts on Rivals and Scout, they have zilch 5-stars on their roster.
    The number of stars next to name on a Rivals site is often a very debatable subject..The elite teams overflowing with McDonald’s All-Americans from every corner the United States have always had the obvious advantage in the tournament..Isn’t it wonderful to see team that has defied the numbers?..What did a pool of 5-star talent guarantee Kentucky?
    Gordon Hayward was a 3-star on Rivals and 2-star on Scout..I heard that some now believe he could be a 1st round NBA draft pick..And what of the point guard from Kentucky? Kentucky only showed interest in Mack(Rivals 3-star) after he committed to Butler. Ronald Nored is listed on Rivals as a 3-star. Matt Howard?…The Connersville native was a 3-star on Scout/4-star on Rivals.
    Doesn’t Butler’s achievements give hope for how the under-the-radar guys can be assembled into a damn good team? Doesn’t it transfer into a line of thinking giving hope that with a few key additions, the kids on our Hoosier roster might be able to make a little magical run of their own in the tournament someday?
    If every Indiana 5-star product wants to play for NC, Ohio State, Duke…?… I really don’t care. Does that mean I shouldn’t hold onto a hope that someday they again wish to wear a Hoosier uniform? Does that mean I believe we should discount the type of players(the under-the-radar kids from our backyard) that Butler has proven success? I simply believe what Butler has achieved is great for the game of basketball. What is the problem with being excited about true student-athletes, a no-name coach getting some limelight, and team of unsung kids that spit in the face of a recruiting system gone berserk?

    I am left with only one thing to say….?

  29. Chill- I don’t disagree with that ^^ much. But remember, in the past you have teased me for saying that kids want to go out of state by nature, because they want to experience something more “exotic” then their familiar and boring hometowns.

    You were all over me for that for weeks. What i have just investigated bolsters my claim that recruiting in state kids is hard.

    And remember, I am not just talking about 5-star kids in my argument. I am talking the entire top 150.

  30. I am not a proponent of ONLY going after Indiana talent either. but only 2 scholarship players? That is ridiculous. Look at the rosters of Purdue and Butler. They seem to be doing ok with Indiana talent.

  31. Right on time, denial. Maybe we should trade Watford, Jones and Creek immediately for Indiana only talent.

  32. 4tards: this is true. But do you have blinders on? Since Mike Davis, IU has been challenged to get top in-state talent.

    You have tried to make this strictly a “Crean Problem,” when in fact, it is part of a larger struggle facing not only IU but most schools and coaches.

  33. I’m not so naive to think their are many enticements other than “nature” that makes a kid go play for the “exotic” John Calipari. I’m also not so naive to believe the only reason a kid like Howard went to Butler was because Kelvin Sampson was the current coach at IU. And finally, I would find nothing shameful about a kid that feels great pride in the basketball tradition of his home state and wants to extend upon a childhood dream to help bring a championship to a college representing its name. How much loyalty does a 5-star one-and-done really have to anything? Maybe a tiny bit of loyalty is far more exotic a human trait than a kid that packs a suitcase only to enhance his own self-absorbed state.

  34. Also for the arguement….wasn’t Deshawn Thomas and Terone Johnson already commmitted when Crean got here?

    then it would be 2 out of 5………better than the national average.

  35. Actually you won’t include elston…so 1 out of 4….around the national average….and not recruiting them till they are juniors and seniors…..not bad. (Russell Byrd might have committed early too)

  36. Chill- I wasn’t trying to re-open that argument, necessarily. My ONLY point, as of the moment, is that getting big-time talent to stay in state is not as easy as it seems and that a coach shouldn’t be judged solely on his ability to do so.

    I would hope that you could agree with me on at least that.

  37. Let’s be fair-

    I didn’t see your post before claiming I was out of here..

    My ONLY point, as of the moment, is that getting big-time talent to stay in state is not as easy as it seems and that a coach shouldn’t be judged solely on his ability to do so.

    I have no problem agreeing with that statement.

  38. Why does Butler and Purdue have no problem finding Indiana kids who want to stay home?
    and Jubilee, Russell Byrd was still available when Crean came in and yes Thomas was committed already, although he was still listening.

  39. Besides the upper classman that were already committed before Crean got here, who would you want on those teams?

    Gordon H. and Matt H. were already there
    Hummel, Johnson, and Moore were already there

    T. Johnson was already committeed….

  40. 09, DJ Byrd, Andrew Smith, Van Treese, Wood
    10 T Johnson (didn’t commit until sept 08 just so you know) , R Byrd, Carroll, Hale, Fromm

  41. 4tards:

    Why does it rain sometimes when the forecaster calls for sun?

    Why does Payton throw touchdowns on some possessions, but interceptions on others?

    Why was 4 star Tom Pritchard a flop, but 3 star John Shurna a dynamo?

    Why did your little brother Bobby get 7 christmas presents, while Susie’s brother Timmy got 9?

    History is cyclical. Things don’t work out to a neat, even average every year.

  42. Peeping Tom
    Tom Pritchard was no 4 star, but he is a flop because of lack of coaching. Crean can’t develop big men.

  43. Why was 4 star Tom Pritchard a flop, but 3 star John Shurna a dynamo?

    Different coaches: Tom Pritchard’s coach is the same coach that sent Jordan Crawford away. In two years he literally destroyed the young man. Probably because he was a Sampsonite. Lousy CTC.

    History is cynical. Bobbie and Susie and Timmy all left Indiana and are currently studying somewhere on the East Coast.

  44. There he is ^^^, Chris Engel/Eline, running back to the defense of his pet 4tards, in spite of the facts stacked against him.

  45. Those of us that know basketball know this:

    1. Butler uses a dribble driven offense as well, along with some motion, and quick hitters.

    2. Crean can’t coach big men, and Avery Jukes is a stud right. Name THREE Alford Big men at Iowa that were all conference in his first two years?

    3. IU, PU, Butler….who had the highest attendance this season….you guessed it IU

    4. So we should recruit other teams players huh, like Thomas…is that how bad you want to win?

    5. Purdue and Butler have done very well with Indiana Kids, Shelvin Mack, Ronald Nored, Lewis Jackson, and the list goes on and one.

    6. Plumlee is an Indiana kid who doesn’t play h.s. ball in Indiana, kinda like J-Smoove for the Hawks he is an Indiana kid as well according to mike davis.

    7. Based on THIS final 4, you do NOT need a back to the basket big….it has become uncessary.

  46. somebody here has a fixation on chris engel and/or chris eline? sounds like the typical case for the moron police to me…

    I sure wish we could trade Crean for Lorenzo Romar!

  47. you do realize Zoubek is 7’1″ ? I would also say he is a back to the basket big. He is backed up by the 6’10” Plumlees.
    They wouldn’t be National Champions without their bigs.
    Plumlee by the way, was born and raised in Warsaw.

  48. 1nard is an idiot. His arguements lack any concrete evidence…..good sports bar banter…but nothing worth listening to.

  49. Thomas was firmly committed to the Bucks when Coach Crean got here, anything to the contrary you heard were rumors. Van Treese’s Senior year will be of less impact for his team than Muniru’s will for IU. When Coach Crean arrived at IU there were recorded 30 failed drug tests and 19 F grades by team members. It is safe to say since Crawford elected to not stay that he was invovled in one or both of those circumstances.

  50. Jubilee,
    Why don’t you tell us a little bit more about T. Johnson? You are so knowledgeable and I could use another good laugh.

  51. Romar is a great example of a team that stuck with its coach despite a tough start, although he did inherit Brandon Roy and Nate Robinson. I would think we should emulate UW as a university for their decision to stick with him despite going 10-17 his first season and falling to 0-5 in conference play in his second. Now he is 171-91 with 5 tournament appearances and 3 sweet sixteens in 8 years. Not as good as Crean at Marquette, but he’ll get there.

  52. It ain’t no obsession with Engle/Eline (or whichever sportswriter named Chris is hiding behind his Crean hatred with a forever fake name).

    I can understand being remorseful about the Crawford situation. You could tell from early on that he was going to be a scoring force. But you must understand that when Crean took over the program, he was under pressure from Knight-worshipping, Teabagging whackoes to restore IU to its squeaky-clean, hard workin’ and studyin’ schoolboy reputation. He had to show that he meant business.

    You can’t be a Knight fan and a lover of the good old days of pure, white, Christian, good student, basketball goodness, and at the same time take exception to Crean showing the door to the Crawfords, Holmans, and Keelings of the world, even if they were good kids at heart.

  53. Terone is a good player, 4 guards, but Crean had no chance getting in that late. If you can’t agree with this, then you are naive. Same with Thomas.

  54. The Moron Police just took a commanding lead in the ignorance category for all posters, past and present, on the Scoop.

  55. The charge against Millport: refusing to read the argument put forth by myself and focusing instead on a few tasteless overgeneralizations that snuck into my post.

    The sentence: One month of solitary confinement with 4tards.

  56. Zoubek is a low post presence…Zoubek refuses to shoot the ball after a rebound and kicks it out to shooters instead. What game are you watching? Zoubek is a big body ONLY for space and rebounds. He has no low post game….

  57. I read the post. There is no excuse for tasteless overgeneralizations, your words. I do feel that a month in solitary with 4guards should be served by you, not me.

  58. That’s a bit unfair to Knight. Knight recruited plenty of kids that weren’t of squeaky-clean image. My god, they weren’t all Damon Baileys and Steve Alfords.
    He recruited talented kids from all backgrounds..Was Knight a coach that discriminated? Damn right he was..He had a very discriminating eye for talent, character, and work ethic..Isiah Thomas came out of one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago..He gave Jay Edwards a chance to get his life straightened out when he slipped into drug use..I think the man had a caring side that most never knew..Ask Landon Turner if Knight was such a backward and hideous man your portrait paints.

    I attended Indiana during the Knight era.. I didn’t boycott IU upon the hire of Kelvin Sampson..I cheered my ass off for every game during the Davis and Sampson era. Even without the NCAA bogus witch hunt, I believe Sampson would have faced unbelievable pressure and unfair standards a measure for success..If there’s a new crowd in town from my generation influencing IU basketball to publicly humiliate young kids, I resent attempts attaching them to anything I cheered for during my years attendance in Bloomington. Knight would want nothing to do with the crowd of bigots on these blogs that give disparaging labels to kids. In many respects, Knight is more like Sampson than Crean..He never shied from taking the heat his own errors. He never blamed a player for his wrongs. I never once heard him speak of a Jay Edwards drug problem or publicly belittle any players because of bad grades. He made plenty of asinine mistakes, lost his temper and couldn’t keep his controversial mouth shut, but he was not into deflecting criticism onto 18-year-old kids. That’s not part of my memory book from the Knight years. I’m sure he made his share of wrong judgements…On the flip side, I never failed to criticize him though I wasn’t privy all the facts. Whatever reason kids transferred, once they left Bloomington, that was the end of it.

    What the “Moron Police” suggests may very well be true..There may be a clan in Bloomington crawling out from some ugly misguided crevices a minority sect that Crean feels a needs to answer to, but please don’t attach them to anything I believe Indiana University to represent. If Crean is attempting to satisfy them rather than be his own man, then it speaks to a sad future for IU basketball.

  59. Nice going folks. This thread is ablaze…

    If Butler wins tonight it has to be because Brad Stevens outcoaching Mike Krzysewski somwhow. Butler must be perfect. Duke has lost and can lose again, Butler does not have the luxury of a second chance.

    If there is an analogy with the Sycamores of 1979 is that “Bird” is now on the bench, coaching Butler.

  60. Making a high percentage doesn’t mean as much when you don’t shoot often, no matter who it is. Hell Pritchard shot 61% from the field and he is only a sphomore.

  61. I can understand being remorseful about the Crawford situation. You could tell from early on that he was going to be a scoring force. But you must understand that when Crean took over the program, he was under pressure from Knight-worshipping, Teabagging whackoes to restore IU to its squeaky-clean, hard workin’ and studyin’ schoolboy reputation. He had to show that he meant business.

    Wrong. You obviously know nothing about Knight. Post-2005 IU fans is what I call people like you. Knight would have kept Crawford. He lost Larry Bird but kept Jay Edwards. Crawford is more of the latter so Knight would have kept him. Wait six months here instead of Cinty then back in the Hoosier uniform.

    Crean has destroyed the program already. Only hope is with Creek and Huls. They have the keys now…

  62. Moron Police is a recently formed police force comprised of certified morons.

    Tom Crean has no personality and therefore cannot be his own man. If he could it wouldn’t be too late because things could still be turned around.

  63. You should get that keyboard fixed. Then you and 4tards should start some sort of club. You guys have talent. Oh, and insight. You and 4tards have amazing insight.

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