Crean: Assistant search is “ongoing”

Steve McClain’s hire as Indiana’s third assistant may not be as imminent as reported in the Denver Post.

Via text message Monday afternoon, Indiana coach Tom Crean said the search is “ongoing, but will be wrapped up very soon.”

McClain, currently the associate head coach at Colorado, is widely considered the current favorite for the job, especially after he was passed over for the head job at Colorado. Former head coach Jeff Bzdelik left the program earlier this month for Wake Forest and McClain was considered one of the favorites for the open position. However, Colorado hired Northern Colorado coach Tad Boyle, leaving McClain available.


  1. For those eager to know more about McClain, and why he might be a good fit for the program, check out this Denver Post article (from before Boyle was named coach at CU).

    There are some encouraging things to consider. Among them is the fact that Big 12 Freshman of the Year, Alec Burks, hinted that he’d transfer if McClain wasn’t named head coach.

    Have a read:

  2. Let’s get this thing shored up tonight, and get on with it. Fantastic to think of a guy with 157 D-1 wins sitting on the bench with big CTC.

  3. Everything 4guards writes is anti Crean this, anti Crean that.Your a joke ! Pathetic sole- called Indiana fan.
    Too bad you didn’t break your typing finger.

  4. I just love the name “Swooshinspace”. I love it so much because I invented it. Consider it on loan..Have fun with it.

  5. Damn 13 year olds impersonating me. Are we getting carlino back? Crean failed on missing another Indiana kid.

  6. the word itself is racist, Adung, regardless of who says it.

    I’ve never met a black guy named Adam, by the way.

  7. Randometer- I dug around in the archives for that one. I did the work; I deserve the name for a while.

    Those were back in the days when I was referred to “a guy who calls himself Husky Tom”…

  8. Sorry Adam, if you guys really want to have the debate on the history of the ‘n’ word and who can and cannot say it, I mean, whatever. But I can’t stomach keeping the word up on the blog no matter who used it. If you have any issues with this bit of censorship, feel free to contact me directly.

  9. Nah I am good with it we all have our own opinions but this is a sports blog not race blog so lets move on and find something useful.

  10. Can someone please approve my comment?

    It contains a link to an article that has some insightful information about McClain.


  11. He was fired and now Crean wants him. He must be afraid to lose his job to a real Indiana guy, Fife.

  12. I am ecstatic. Even in the remote event that Crean is fired, we will have a great person on the bench with a great record to step up and take his place (McClain). So we won’t need to go fishing around for mediocre Indiana guys who have nothing to offer other than going to school here.

  13. This months 4guards mancrush is Fife, last months flavor was Alford, and before that Pat Knight. Who will be lucky Mr. May?

  14. I don’t have a mancrush on anybody. Most of these comments aren’t even mine. Alford should be our head coach, Fife should be an assistant, and Pat Knight could be a great option for the future.

  15. Would the person using 4guards name please stop…..I mean the guy has his opinions but don’t post stuff under his name….it is ruining some good conversation.

  16. The Iowa City Press ran a story on 2/15/2010. The article outlined attendance problems at Iowa.
    In 1998, Tom Davis’ last year, Iowa averaged 13,963. Attendance rose in Alford’s first three years. Then attendance started to slide. In one of Alford’s last seasons attendance was 12,006.
    It was also noted in the article that Alford was losing about 2 players per year at Iowa.
    An interesting quote from Jess Settles, a former Iowa player, was interesting. “But there is no question that Steve Alford did immeasureable damage to the fan base.”
    It’s just possible that the last words out of Alford’s mouth as he left Iowa City were, YOU CAN’T FIRE ME, I QUIT!

  17. What a storyline, “13 year old impersonating the 11 year old original”. Comedy Central!

  18. above comment obviously not mine.
    Alford’s average attendance during his tenure was pretty good for Iowa. Crean’s average attendance for his tenure at Indiana is beyond horrible for IU standards. $5 balcondy seats anyone? Please come.

  19. Dustin, I get the whole offending thing but why is 4guards always attacked and insulted on these pages and you say and do nothing but when I post something stupid you delete it and scold me. Make this page respectful for all.

  20. $5.00 balcony seats is not a bad thing. I would not set in them if somebody paid me $5.00. They are atrocious. The architect should have been tarred and feathered and forced to live in West Lafayette.

  21. Agree. Instead of pouring money into the hideous Memorial Stadium renovation and the Cook Basketball Development Center, we needed new basketball arena and new housing for students and athletes.

  22. Millport, thanks. That is the stuff that I did not want to take time to research last week. There is tons more out there. Thanks again!

  23. Why all this hate about IU’s athletic rebuilding program? The last I heard is that we have great plans for a new basketball arena. If you haven’t noticed, our athletic facilities have been the worst in the Big Ten until the recent improvements. Don’t be so narrow-minded about the progress we have made.

  24. J Pat,
    No thanks required. People feel no obligation to substantiate anything that they say. We, as Crean or Lynch, apologists are expected to believe the statements by others. The truth, by the numbers, makes no difference. 4guards’ standard response is, by Iowa standards.
    You are not sold on Lynch. That’s fine. After watching the parade of coaches entering and leaving IU it is fairly obvious that not even the IU athletic department could be so inept as to never hire a good football coach. The real reasons for the football program’s problems are pretty well known to those who care to admit the truth. Sorry, I got carried away. Have a good day.

  25. Dustin Dopirak is to much of an a$$ kisser to publicly bash Crean afraid he will lose the inside source but when the coach can not even land a good cold what good source could he be? Dustin grow some balls and stop kissing Creans a$$!!!!

  26. Adam,
    You have a legitimate argument there. Honestly, we’re not entirely certain what to do with the commenting on this blog, because it’s obviously become a little out of line on both sides. We’re trying to figure out where to draw the line of what we should censor and what we shouldn’t, and to be honest, I’m passing the buck to Korman on most of those issues.
    While he’s out of town, I’m just trying to keep it PG-13. At some point we’ll sort everything else out.

  27. obviously not my comments about Dustin. This person is going too far. Are the majority of people on here ok with this kind of stuff?

    I think the log in system is becoming a necessity.

  28. I agree the person impersonating 4guards is going too far. I bet Korman and Dustin have a way of knowing who is doing all of this posting and there should be a way to suspend them. 4guards has enough opinions to defend without posting anything like the above comments. He may be the devils advocate but I’ve yet to see him be vulgar in any of his posts.

  29. Gelena-

    I just would have liked the basketball arena to be the number one priority. I understand the reasoning…put more seats in the football house and money trickles down to the other sports. It’s why Reganomics worked so well. It’s why the rich kept getting richer and the poor will always have their fixer-uppers and old arenas.

    Basketball put Indiana University sports on the map. A new arena should have been before anything else. You’re correct..It’s easy to criticize. The dorm hall I was assingned thirty years ago(part of Foster Quad) is still being used today..I’ve driven by on a couple occasions during trips to Bloomington and I think it’s a crime that housing is so outdated/dilapidated on the IU campus. If we really want to give honest assessment, maybe sports facilities should be secondary to providing housing post-asbestos years. A couple hours a week in a basketball stadium is far less harmful a level of exposure to the massive counts of mold and toxic dust likely found in the walls and ceilings of a student’s home away from home in some of these ancient housing units. Maybe students deserve cleaner air than the same that was circulating in Foster ductwork during the days of Alford’s big hair.

  30. TC,
    Why not park and go inside? Those dorms are not the dorms you lived in. Yes, the structure outside is the same but a lot has been done inside.
    Also please tell us all how many mold and toxic waste health problems have been reported due to living in the Foster Quad, or any dorm on the Bloomington campus.
    You are aware that you literally have to physically touch asbestos or inhale the fibers before it presents a problem?

  31. Ain’t that ^^^ the truth. The dorms are worse than anything built in the Soviet Union during their short-lived experiment. However, if we are going to complain about the students being exposed to atrocious air quality, which they are, then we also have to comment on the awful, pathetic excuse for food that they are fed. The amount of chemicals, stabilizers, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and processed sugars in dorm food probably is enough to guarantee obesity, diabetes, and cancer on its own to 50 percent of the students, before they start breathing the air.

  32. I was pointing to Terry, not Millport. FYI Millport: it depends on whether the asbestos is friable or non-friable. The first kind is the bad kind, and is found in insulation and air duct tape. This stuff absolutely pops up on occasion in many IU buildings, and it off-gasses or gives off particles; who knows how much damage it has done before they get rid of it. The second kind is the “less dangerous” kind that you refer to.

  33. You will all be happy to know that I worked on the maintenance truck at IU Hall Of Res part time to get through college in the late 90’s. All asbestos was removed…I know as I was on the crew. I was not one of the guys wearing a space suit so I will most likely get cancer and die at an early age but it is removed! I also have to say that every part of both towers at Wilkie have been completely redone on the inside, Ashton has been mowed down, and a brand new so called Luxury Dorm has been added. All other dorms have had major and minor renovations in the past 15 years! Just wanted to clarify as I am a proud past worker with some good people at IU in maintenance. I also have great stories of football and basketball players I worked with that I will save for another time.

  34. I know, the fun is in the banter and I am an old man. But why would Terry Cummings choose such a name and turn around and claim that he lived in Foster Quad?
    Terry Cummings went to DePaul, that’s Chicago the last time I checked.
    You get your jollies off, go for it.
    HT, I don’t necessarily agree about the asbestos. I’ll have to check.

  35. Millport- Well, you can disagree about what is left in the dorms, but I don’t think you can disagree about the two categories I just mentioned.

    My wife and I bought a house with asbestos tiling that had to be removed; we spent about 4 months doing all sorts of research on the matter, talking from everyone from maintenance men, to contractors, to professors. What I just told you was the consensus in 99% of the people I talked to.

    There are a few renegades out there who still say “aww, it won’t hurt you”; these are the same people who deny that the ice caps are melting.

  36. JPat- Nice info provided there. It’s good to know. Now, if they would only fix the food issue…

  37. I shutter to think every town in Indiana has buildings older and much less livable than the residence halls at our colleges, it is an evolution and we are still transitioning through it. As stated that does leave the food issue.

  38. I dedicate this name to JB, who has been awfully whiny over the last few days about all the creative 4guard imitations.

  39. Well, its past the point of no return now. Multiple 4tards are here to stay. I have a feeling it won’t disappear until the senseless Crean attacks do…

  40. So because people can’t stand 4guards Crean “attacks” they will put up with multiple posters who do the same exact thing?

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