Crean likely to lose video coordinator to Wisconsin Green-Bay

One of Tom Crean’s former charges at Marquette, Brian Wardle, is looking to hire another one of Crean’s guys now that Wardle is the head coach at Wisconsin Green Bay. The Green Bay Press Gazette is reporting that Wardle will likely hire Brian Barone, Crean’s director of operations/video coordinator, as an assistant coach.


  1. Interesting. This would seem to open a non-coaching position that could be used to help sway a recruit, you know, like Travis Steele and Eric Gordon a few years ago. We’ll see

  2. We need to hire more Indiana-born video coordinators. I heard Crean talking about this video coordinator in Ohio as a possible replacement. Once again, he turns his nose up at all the great local video coordinating talent.

  3. Indiana has always produced fundamentally sound video coordinator but you just know that Crean’s gonna get some ‘urban’ video coordinator just because he has a good vertical. Come on CTC, we need more Indiana guys.

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