Crimson beats Cream, 17-10

Ben Chappell’s 21-yard touchdown pass to Charles Love III with 3:50 to go gave the Crimson team a 17-10 win over the Cream in Indiana’s Cream vs. Crimson game.

There was some controversy on the play. Chappell appeared to have been touched by a Cream defender before he let the ball go. Quarterbacks aren’t allowed to be hit in spring practice at Indiana, so they all it takes for a quarterback to be ruled down is contact.

“I don’t know,” Chappell said with a laugh. “We’ll have to see it on film. I say no. But I don’t know. We’ll see. … It’s hard telling.”

Indiana coach Bill Lynch wasn’t picking a side either.

“I don’t know,” Lynch said. “It’s really hard, it’s hard on the officials and its hard on the players when the quarterback’s not live. You go through that all the time.  … In all honesty I didn’t have a great view of that play anyway.”

Both the Cream and Crimson offenses struggled to move the ball, especially on the ground. The Cream team finished with zero yards on 26 carries and the Crimson had just 37 yards on 25 carries. They combined for 356 yards through the air, but they also threw four interceptions and fumbled the ball twice. No one scored an offensive touchdown until senior running back Trea Burgess’s 6-yard TD with 5:35 to go in the third quarter.

Lynch said it was a consequence of splitting up two teams. That was his goal because he wanted to have a true game, but he knew the play wouldn’t be precise.

It was worse because of injuries. Though Lynch didn’t know the extent of any of them immediately after Saturday’s scrimmage, right tackle James Brewer, wide receiver Duwyce Wilson and safety Jerimy Finch all had to leave the game with injuries.

“Any time you split the team like that, it’s gonna be a little bit sloppy compared to the rest of the spring because you have so many guys playing out of position,” Lynch said. “Both offensive lines became makeshift after Brewer got hurt early and he was out. (Sophomore Chris) Ahlfeld was playing tackle, probably never played tackle before. We played (sophomore Marc) Damisch there a little bit. It was the same thing on the other side. Anytime you get in that situation, it’s not going to be as clean.”

Among the highlights, wide receiver Jamonne Chester blocked a punt and took it back 38 yards for a touchdown. Wilson had five receptions for 65 yards, and actually injured himself on a 40-yard pass. True freshman running back Antonio Banks, who graduated high school early to attend spring practice, rushed for 49 yards on 11 carries.

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