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A group of defenders, led by Tyler Replogle, tackle Purdue’s Aaron Valentin. Rich Janzaruk | Herald-Times


  • Indiana is adjusting to the 3-4 defense, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Bill Lynch played for Butler basketball with Barry Collier, the former coach who is now the school’s AD. Lynch will be at the game Saturday, Dustin writes.





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  1. According to Rivals (which goes back to 2002) Crean has signed 5 four star players and no five stars at Marquette. Buzz’s first classes in 09 and 10 he locked up 4 four stars and a FIVE star in only 2 years. How is Crean a good recruiter again?

  2. Rankings mean nothing…..if they had to redo them now…Creek would have been a 5-star..

  3. Rankings actually mean quite a bit. If you look at the teams consistently on top, they all bring in highly rated recruits.
    I was comparing Crean to Buzz in recruiting at Marquette since it is a level playing field. Creek was after that. Anyhow Buzz is light years ahead of Crean in recruiting. Like that?

  4. Ya, ole Buzz really showed them in the tournament this year. More mud from 4disreguards the official apologist for Alford.

  5. So, what you are saying is since Crean is not as good a recruiter as advertised and based on the fact that he turned an also ran program like Marquette into a winner he must be a good coach… Very enlightening perspective, thanks.

  6. Marquette a winner? You must have lower expectations than myself. Crean never had Marquette higher than tied for 4th place in the big east.
    More mud slinging from hotel boy.

  7. Gee, Buzz is recruiting to a program that has returning players, a foundation and leadership. Crean is building a team without leadership. One and done 5 stars are not coming to IU until they have a chance to play for a championship. Read Selby’s recent comment on why he dropped IU. He said IU wasn’t suitable for him, meaning I’m going to school for 1 year, need to be noticed by scouts and increase my stock for the NBA. He can’t do that at IU until we build the program again. Nonsense comparing Buzz to Crean. Buzz has it easy compared to Crean.

  8. Not bad for school like Marguette and in a 16 team conference. Actually pretty damn good.

  9. I don’t believe Jubilee is a Crean Apologist. He just bought the snake oil and hasn’t figured out YET that it doesn’t really work.

  10. I might be a Crean Apologist, but I think he at least deserves 4 years to see what he can do.

    I guess you are an Alford apologist then, because he hasn’t really done anything worth noting…except losing to lower ranked teams while being a 3 seed…I guess you can say they are always “overrated”

  11. Alford was a conference coach of the year and was mentioned as a finalist for National coach of the year. Nothing to apologize for.
    Crean is IU’s worst coach ever.

  12. ..and left the B10 after severely underachieving to find a conference level of talent more to his…coach 4disreguards the Alford apologist…

  13. 4guards, since you played with Mr. Odle, I’ll give you a break. Lou Watson/Jerry Oliver would not only give Crean a run for his money, they would win. Hurry up now and check Watson’s career record so you can come back and give us all the true facts as you know them. I went to games, they were not very good. You should give it up with your worst ever/ he’s better than statements. You have stated your opinion, give it a rest.

  14. Millport,
    I agree they were poor coaches as well. Watson was much better than Crean though. Not sure why you think it is such a big deal that I played on a basketball team with Odle. He was like a sophomore or junior in high school. He loved to hang out at the 3 point line.

  15. I can recall a bunch of situations 4 guards throws out stats like they are true (then gets disproved). He doesn’t do his homework, but works off memory like Bobby did. He doesn’t like an offense that dribbles, he wants screens like bobby did. He doesn’t want a coach with integrity, he wants sampson back.

  16. I don’t want Sampson back. I never wanted him to begin with. Our last 3 coaching hires have been disasterous and will be very hard to come back from.

  17. Congratulations to Steve Alford for finishing 3rd place in National Coach of the Year.
    What place did Crean get with this awesome job he is doing rebuilding?

  18. 4tards: you criticized me for “trying” to be a fan of 2 teams at once, which I contend is very easy when they never play eachother.

    Meanwhile, you are barely a fan of one team, and a closet fan of another.

    I hope Alford remembers this as he cherishes his 3rd place finish.

  19. Husky Tom,

    You provide a lot of good opinions. There is nothing wrong with rooting for your alma mater (Washington?) and IU (where you live?). 4guards is unfortunately not capable of understanding a rational discussion/argument.
    4guards was not even born when Watson was coaching but he is positive that Watson was a better coach than Crean.
    Hey 4guards, loof up a Watso

  20. Husky Tom,

    You provide a lot of good opinions. There is nothing wrong with rooting for your alma mater (Washington?) and IU (where you live?). 4guards is unfortunately not capable of understanding a rational discussion/argument.
    4guards was not even born when Watson was coaching but he is positive that Watson was a better coach than Crean.
    Hey 4guards, loof up a Watso

  21. Husky Tom,

    You provide a lot of good opinions. There is nothing wrong with rooting for your alma mater (Washington?) and IU (where you live?). 4guards is unfortunately not capable of understanding a rational discussion/argument.
    4guards was not even born when Watson was coaching but he is positive that Watson was a better coach than Crean.
    Hey 4 guards, look up a Watson recruit named Mike Szymanski (not sure about the spelling). Mike admitted that no coach from IU ever saw him play while in high school. Now that’s a good coach!
    Hey 4guards, loof up a Watso

  22. So coach 4disreguards thinks he knows how good Lou Watson was at IU. I watched many of those games in the mid to late 60’s and I can say Lou Watson was no Branch McCracken, nor is he in the same league with Coach Crean. He kind of reminded me of a coach who could do OK if he were in the Mountain West today.

  23. I would like to see 4guards banned from this site. It is no longer worth reading. I believe it would be in the best interest of HT to take care of this before people quit comming here to discuss “IU basketball”. Crean is the coach if you don’t like him find another team to follow!

  24. I never said Watson was a good coach. As a matter of fact I said he was a poor coach. He is better than Crean though. He had over a .500 win percentage.
    Banned for what? Are you a communist? Should only the Crean apologists be able to voice their opinion?

  25. On a side note , looks like Teague has elminated us. We didn’t even make his top 3. Cincy beat us out for crying out loud. Good job Tommy Boy.

  26. Thanks, Millport.

    IU is on the brink of disaster. Not because of anything that Tom Crean is doing, thought. It is because of this reactionary, zealot, FOX news-watching fan base that can’t look more than 6 months into the future, and demands a radical overhaul of the whole system if they don’t get what they want in the same time that they get a WHopper from Burger King.

    It’s up to the Old World, and its tempered rational figures like Clarion, GF Dave, Downing, Husky, JPat etc (sorry, I know that some of you would be offended to be grouped with me) to preserve this resurgence and make sure coach TC gets his fair chance to rebuild this empire.

  27. “You provide a lot of good opinions.” ….blah…blah…blah

    This blog is like the favorite childhood blindfold game played at birthday parties…Tom spins the old Hoosier farts around into a dizzy with his wonderfully artful use of language…A magical transformation begins as men of gray give way to youthful day and trip on shoelaces of stale elitist Hoosier opinions..Giggling ensues as they zigzag toward their ultimate goal..From yesteryear and glory days they’ve become drunken sorority girls seeking perfect guesstimate a dreamy virgin tail(tale?), trying to find the sweet spot to pin a compliment to a cardboard 4guard donkey now Husky Tom’s ass.

    Step right up for Pin the Stale Tale on the Hooskie!

    Wait! Don’t take off that blindfold yet!…I have in my possession the “I’m Stickin’ with Tom Crean” shtick stick. It’s a rather inflexible smooth piece of steady Hoosier lumber made from a 1976 pole that was busy for 34 years acting as humble curtain rod for a dusty banner…I offer for use to bash into the past on a pinata nicknamed Hollow Lobo Stevo….Any players?

    Swing away!

  28. It seems that nobody has been able to answer the first question posted on this thread with an answer that actually makes sense.
    Buzz’s ’09 and ’10 classes had more talent in them than Crean’s ’02 – ’08 classes combined. That is scarey.
    How did Crean not get in Teague’s final 3? Cincy?

  29. “scarey”???

    Because nobody on here cares about Buzz or Marquette. They are non issues for true Hoosier fans. An apologist for the “Diviner” is nothing more than a mud thrower. So throw it, it is Spring and there will be plenty of it available.

  30. Downing- Thanks again for ruining my attempt to rally some spirit.

    You’ve been quite a fan of the proctological metaphor of late.

    Are you spending a little too much time at the movies?

  31. According to a story posted on cardinalsports.com yesterday the same 5 teams that have been listed for months are still on the list…including IU. But, the kid has been in Louisville’s back pocket all along and his dad said Pitino’s contract extension is a factor…

    Why is getting in the kids top 3 mean anything anyway if he goes to Louisville? IU gets Abraham to make a visit and Crean’s a goat for not closing the deal when in a kids top 2, now he’s a goat simply because you say he’s not in a kids top 3. Why do you bother to post? Honest question. Your position is clear. What do you get out of posting? Seems Crean could win a National Championship, but you would complain that winning margin wasn’t enough…what a terrible coach. You’re the definition of a tool.

    Plus, you miss the point of my earlier statement. If Crean is an inferior recruiter and took a team to the Final 4 he must be a good coach. Perhaps you don’t believe the Final 4 requires winning, but seems impossible to be a lousy recruiter and a lousy coach and be able to guide a team to that level. BTW, Marquette had only been a part of the Big East for three years before Crean came to IU…tough to move from a mid major to the Big East. Plus, it’s tougher to draw 4 and 5 star players to a mid major program, which is what Marquette was for 2/3 of Crean’s tenure there…so, it’s not necessarily a fair comparison.

  32. I could take a D Wade team to the final 4 if he fell in my lap due to academic problems.It didn’t require good coaching or recruiting. Most teams wouldn’t take him. and based on a direct quote from Teague on scout.com we are not in his top 3.

  33. I would be thrilled if we won a national title. But come on we are not even close. You are a tool for suggesting that.

  34. 4guards,

    Please drop the Wade argument. I have mentioned this before, Scott May and Bobby Wilkerson were both non-predictors at IU. Why do you ignore those two and harp on Wade?

  35. He is a biased mud-thrower. But yet he as the apologist for the “Diviner” loves that guy for being a failure in the B10. They are certainly confounding trains of thought or lack of.

  36. Millport,
    Bob Knight’s entire career is not based solely on one season led by May or Wilkerson. He has a history of success.

  37. Hotel boy,
    Steve Alford has won more big ten tournament championships than we have with all coaches combined since it began.

  38. …even with that he was still a failure in the B10…he gave up and resigned…could not measure up…went to a mediocre conference which is the MW to be able to achieve…that is a reputation that will have you apologizing forever…a quitter is what the “Diviner of Albuquerque” is…when it gets to hard he quits…

  39. Ah, the old double standard. Congrats to Steve Alford, whose many Big 10 tournament championships led him to many early exits in the tournament that really counts. Congrats to Steve Alford, whose many conference tournament championships erase all memory of his poor conference records.

    And congrats to you, 4guards, because you have the stones to call others out on this blog for not answering legitimate questions about Tom Crean’s success at Marquette and lack thereof at Indiana all while dodging legitimate questions of your own personal savior.

  40. You’re skills at read comprehension are lacking, 4turds. Where did I suggest that Crean would win a National Championship? What I suggested is you would find a way to insult him for not doing it well enough IF he did.

  41. “your skills at read comprehension are lacking”
    wow, that is a quote from somebody lecturing me?
    Your readING skills are obviously lacking. I said you are a tool for suggesting that…. meaning that I wouldn’t be happy with a national championship.

  42. Actually, your statement is not that clear…the suggestion that I am a tool followed the sentence, “But come on we are not even close.”


    This just in.

    THis is too, too poetic…it has been so fun to watch 4tards and his 4tarded agendas disintegrate one by one… Alford is at N.M. for the long hall..he ain’t showing up here any time soon, thank god…

    What are your “insiders” saying now, tardie? I thought you and your “restless natives” already had this whole thing planned out I thought you had Alford lured away already from the Blowbos…

    I guess in the end, Alfie just couldn’t imagine life without BYU, Air Force, and TCU…

  44. SA has to stay in that mid level conference to attain any kind of success and with his contract extension he submits to staying in a less competitive environment. He with the stroke of a pen now supports his decision to step DOWN from the B10 and elite competition.

  45. Not so fast. Perhaps he doesn’t mean to honor his contract. The reality is he doesn’t want the job. Too tough. He can put up 20 wins a year in the MW and, most of the time, that will get him to the big dance. Just like the tard could make the Final Four with D Wade, I could handily win 25 games a year in the Mountain West. Left handed.

  46. I’m sure Steve is comping at the bit to come here and coach at IU.

    He’d win 16 games his first year, and 4guards would be ready to fire him already and hire Dan Crackich.

  47. How true but Coach Crean stepped up to the big leagues. On the other hand the “Diviner O Albuquerque” stepped down to achieve in mediocrity. In other words SA is a quitter gone to the land of apologies.

  48. If Crean going from Marquette to IU is stepping up to the big leagues, wouldn’t Alford leaving NM for IU be stepping up to the big leagues as well?
    Alford left Iowa because they would not support him with what he needed to be successful. They are not a basketball school. He won’t have that problem at IU. Crean has the world at his fingertips and just doesn’t have what it takes, not for a lack of trying. Brand new state of the art practice facility, best in state recruits in the country. And our recruiting class is Oladipo and Shehey. What a waste of resources.

  49. On several occassions I’ve read your opinion (not based in fact) that Sheehey is the third best player on his team. Please provide details to support…

  50. Did you guys just read coach 4disreguards apologizing for the “Diviner of Albuquerque”?

  51. fwa,
    Fab Melo and Rod Days are both far superior players to Shehey. It is not only my opinion, but the opinion of all the professionals who watch them play. It really isn’t hard to do that research on your own with the various recruiting websites.
    Hotel boy,
    Once again there is no reason to apologize. He was the coach of the year in his conference and finished third place for Coach of the Year nationally.

  52. To 4tards and all the others who are misusing the term “apologist” on this blog:

    An apologist is a person who writes or speaks in defence of a belief, a cause, or a person’s life. Not to be confused with apologizing for someone or something.

    Example: “I am no apologist for Hitler”, observed Pyat.

  53. By the way, because Fab Melo and Rody Day are better than Sheehey does not demerit or downgrade Sheehey’s worth. In fact, it makes it all the more attractive that he was able to stand out and make the RIvals Top 150 playing with such great players.

  54. If 4tards could get to the Final Four with D Wade just imagine what he could have done with Kentucky’s lineup this year.

  55. Congrats to Butler; they have now equalled IU’s feats for the past decade.

    They also can now “compete” for a championship, according to L’acccent’s definition.

  56. Honors in a mediocre conference, just signed an extension, sounds like SA knows where his talent can succeed. Comfortable in the MW.

  57. Exclusive Video: Just wanted to share how 4guards keeps busy during those rare moments a day not spent thinking of Steve Alford.

  58. ^^That video is exactly how I pictured 4tards to look.

    Although, after watching the video, I concluded that the guy is way too kind, thoughtful, and pleasant-mannered (not to mention smart) to resembe 4tards mentally.

    This, I think, is more accurate.

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