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Walkon linebacker Leon Beckum is still working with the first team during spring drills. Rich Janzaruk | Herald-Times


  • Leon Beckum came to IU not certain he really wanted to play football, but the walkon has developed into a starting candidate, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Columbus North tight end Jake Reed committed to IU on Monday even though he had other options, Dustin writes.





John Butler Trio’s “I’d Do Anything.”


  1. have not read the article but any way it is slanted at all towards IU whether recruiting or not…it cannot haunt IU. Butler will always be Butler and IU will always have those 5 banners. In the end, IU will always be better on the court than Butler and even PU. If you are IU deep down, you already know that!!! Sometimes I think people only see wind and losses and not what happened with Sampson! I do expect big things next year for sure and am not an apologist, just a realist!

  2. Puh-lease. Then IU’s historical success haunts three fourths of the schools in the country.

  3. I will admit that if Hayward was not recruited, that stinks. at the same time, that was the quickly assembled class so again, being real I have to give the staff at IU a pass on that one. Boy, he will be good next year and fun to watch!

  4. Verdell Jones came from that class, too, and Crean recruited him.

    If VJ had more seniors and experienced players around him, he’d be receiving similar attention.

  5. He said if Crean keeps missing on the LIKES of Gordon Hayward, the questions will grow louder.
    He recruits the DC area harder than he does the state of Indiana.

  6. 4G, that is completely false. I know enough high school coaches in the Bloomington area and AAU coaches to know that is false. He has recruited Indiana hard as heck but came in battling Purdue and now will battle Butler harder. Can’t even imagine where you got that false info. Jeeeez!

  7. JPat,
    Look at our roster for next year and who we tried/ are trying to bring in this year (2010).
    Also Rabjohns has said Indiana coaches feel like Crean is ignoring the state and focusing too much on high level prospects out of state that he can’t close on.

  8. Rabjohns isn’t the smartest person out there

    How can you say he isn’t recruiting Indiana? Look at the 2011 and 2012 classes…..he had no shot at the 2010 class here.

    Just because people don’t sign doesn’t mean he isn’t trying.

  9. Who from Indiana did he try to sign in 2010?
    Thomas was the only one off the board and he was still listening.

  10. JPat,
    4guards has an opinion and nothing that you or anyone else does or says will alter his stance. At 11:31 you made a statement and nine minutes later he had a retort. That’s 4guards approach. There will be no discussion because you see, 4guards is right and you are wrong.
    How was your vacation to SC?

  11. Have you seen how many players from IN we have offered/recruited for the next few classes? I’ll give you a hint…its a lot.

  12. And I am sure Rabjohns would never sensationalize for his own self interest like other so called experts…would he???? I would like to know the name of one Indiana coach who has made that statement as a general claim. You might find one that did not think one of his players got the correct evaluation, but I do not believe anyone can produce the coach that thinks Coach Crean spends more days recruiting outside the state than inside.

  13. Guess it bothers me when people make blanket statements and base them on almost NO evidence. Taking what Rabjohns says that a couple of coaches say to the bank, crazy. The longer Crean is here the harder he will recruit the state. When he got here one of the first things he talked about was owning the state and how rich the talent pool in Indiana is. Jimmy, you said it for me.

    Millport, we had a blast! I love the Charleston area and hope to have a small place there one day. I miss the beach. Thanks for asking!!!

  14. You cannot criticize Crean for not recruiting Hayward for IU. Hayward had committed to Butler his junior in high school. Crean was still at Marquette.

  15. coach 4disreguards I told you the other day I have real and substantial knowledge of the Thomas recruitment(through his the school corporation), there have been ONLY rumors, he has been SOLID OSU(as in locked up),(no listening) since the time Coach Crean arrived. But you go ahead and play with whatever toys you have available in your head.

  16. Just read the story. It was well written but at the same time…it is all easy to say now that Butler went to the championship.

  17. Call me crazy for believing a trusted source Rabjohns who has connections over an internet poster named JPat.
    Nobody answered my question. Who in 2010 class did Crean really go after from Indiana? It is his third class at IU and I am assuming he also tried to recruit at Marquette. I am tired of the excuse he has not had enough time. He didn’t even try.

  18. Whether he is recruiting the state as hard as we all want or not, he needs to land some of them. I know Kelvin did happen, but something more is not right yet. Most Indiana kids, love Indiana Basketball. This only has a short window to be restored before its gone for a while.

    Take Sean May as an example. The kid was good in high school but lazy (I know I played against him, we ran him hard, almost upset North because of it) then went on to be the title game MVP I believe, but regardless to be a workhorse and big part of a championsip team at UNC. He flat out said that he grew up in love with Indiana, and if it wasn’t Mike Davis here, he would’ve come. The point I’m making here is that if in state recruits really believed in Crean, they’d be here.

    Purdue and Butler aren’t the teams that most kids in state grew up watching and idolizing, IU is, so it takes a lot being wrong for those kids to not come here. As long as they aren’t a one and done, if they believed in Crean you have to think they’d be here right?

    I think he can get it done on the recruiting front, but maybe Crean needs to switch up the in-state approach. No matter how much work hes putting in, its not working yet, so try something else. Especially with how loaded the state is in the ’11 and ’12 classes.

  19. The empty, monotonous, drone of 4tards and his single, driving, unbending zealotry is finally starting to wear me down.

    I am being sent to the lala school of ignoring 4tards. I hope to come back a reformed man.

  20. Hoag, I can agree some and see what you are saying but he is working on his 3rd class, 2nd really with any time. You have some good points.

    4G, I am not sure what the problem is in 2010. So many factors go into the process. I know that when my buddy sends me the peegs list of recruits, Crean is targeting many after 2010.

    When reading between the lines of what kids are saying these days that did not or do not go to IU, it is always the rebuilding project and what Sampson did and they are losing now and blah blah blah.

  21. I dug up this picture of the Three Chrises (Eline/Engle/Korman) during their famous meeting last year where they conspired to launch an identity-shifting game to taunt Husky Tom (and Downing, to a lesser extent).

  22. I see nothing has changed on this site with 4guards still holding rational discussions hostage.

  23. I am with 4 mards….I can’t understand how we cannot win the national title this year….

    I was playing NCAA basketball 2010 the other day, and even I won the national title on there…I’m in year 2011 and preseason ranked #2 with the #3 recruiting class…..Why can’t Tom Crean do this?

  24. Ignore him, ridicule him, use him as a bad example but don’t treat his posts as worthy of a response. It only encourages him.

  25. Indiana will be back. Butler will just have to get in line with the PU, ILL, MSU, OSU, Louisville, UK’s of the world to compete with us for instate talent. It is not as if IU has had the free reign on recruiting this state, even when RMK was here. I think Butler is underestimating the deterent their facilities are for a top prospect. IU had to upgrade just to keep up with the football schools.

  26. Jimmy,

    At least that means he’s paying to drone on with his one-sided remarks, which is sad/hilarious.

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