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Indiana coach Bill Lynch argues a call last season. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Purdue cut Dre Muhammed lose after one season, but so far he has had a positive impact for Indiana, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Indiana is showing interest in a former Iowa recruit, Dustin writes.





She & Him’s “In the Sun.”


  1. HT Gents,

    Has there been any release of info from the FB team as to what recruits or commits may be expected to attend the Spring game?

    Hoosier Clarion

  2. A couple of random questions for the gang:

    1)Will Wisconsin ever be bad again in either of the two major sports? Talk about a model of how to maintain a winning tradition. What is it? Donors? Great in-state talent that stays home? Coaching?

    2) With McCamey, JaJuan Johnson, Evan Turner, Trevon Hughes, and Deshawn Sims probably all out the door, does this leave room for someone like VJ or Watty to climb into an all-conference position?

  3. Would it be considered off-topic to comment on Hugh’s music clip? I don’t care. It was a fun tune. Football is a fun game. Compared to Jamarcus Ellis, VJ is a soft sissy…I like coaches that throw gum. Is it just me…?…Did the lead singer of She & Him look like a brunette Reese Witherspoon?

    Chill clip for Hugh.

  4. D- I am afraid that is indeed off-topic. Stick to safe subjects, like how much you hate Crean and want him fired. That stuff is perfectly fine, and much preferred over friendly slightly off-topic conversation between amicable bloggers.

  5. Hoosier Scoop,

    What is the new poll all about? You guys really work hard on this blog and it shows that you put a lot of time into traveling/interviewing/ writing. However, if you are not happy with the way the comment section is going why not just pull the plug on it?

  6. Got a text from someone who saw it on a peegs message board……something about verdell’s fb page

    I don’t know the whole story, but I don’t believe it till IU releases something.

  7. TP leaving is not a bad thing, nor a surprise. Thanks for your freshman season TP, good luck on your next move.

  8. PARPP-

    No doubt. TP used up all his squares in his first year. This last season, there was a lot about his game that needed wiping up, but nothing left to do it with but a cardboard cylinder.

  9. If this is true about Pritchard, which I haven’t seen anything released. It would be a huge loss. He is the closest thing we have to a legitimate Center.

  10. Hugh,

    Any word yet about my question on FB recruits or commits attending the Spring game?

  11. If TP transfers, I will at least miss his ball screens. He does that like no other on the team.

  12. Tom Pritchard isn’t going anywhere.

    Verdell Jones’ Facebook message wasn’t about Pritchard deciding to leave the program.

    It was about him deciding to hang out with a girl instead of a few teammates.


    We’d only ever get rid of comments as a last resort. There’s a lot of good in here. I only wish people didn’t have to work so hard to find it.

    Hoosier Clarion,

    The football team can’t tell us if recruits or committed players will be in town on Saturday. It would be a violation. We can try to figure out that information on our own in the coming days.

  13. Thanks for the info.
    I figured it was false rumors being spread.
    Bawa does not even compare to Pritchard. He couldn’t even get minutes over Jobe.

  14. That’s great that Knight and Gilchrist committed to Kentucky. That guarantees them at least two more years of one-and-done led teams that will lose to more experienced teams in the tournament.

  15. HT Boys, don’t bother trying to figure out who might be guests for the Spring game. After almost seven hours for a response I can tell your interest is not anywhere as high as mine. I will not ask for info again.

  16. I don’t think Korman is here to respond to your every need the second you have a question. You should be happy he responded to you at all…

  17. ^^^Look at this guy. Now overtly cozying up to his #1 fan and biggest sponsor. What a neat couple you and Korman make. Hope Steve doesn’t get jealous.

  18. Thanks Husky Tom but it really has no consequence as to how the sun deals with dawn or dusk tomorrow.

  19. NCAA has just approved three new changes in rules and rulings in college FB. Two will initiate this 2010 season and a third in 2011.
    For 2010 no more eye black with messages and no longer can wedge blocking be used on kickoffs.
    For 2011 taunting by a player just prior to scoring will disallow the score.

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