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Indiana defensive end Kevin Bush served a tour in Iraq. The experience has made him enjoy everything. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Kevin Bush’s stint in the military has helped him to realize the gift of a normal college life, including a mundane spring practice, Dustin Dopirak writes.





James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.” Plays a key role in Dustin’s story, which you should read.


  1. J Pat I now the Bush family well, did a lot of business with his Dad before his retirement. Even though Kevin is probably not going to grow much at his age and would be considered a tweener, the traits of his Dad have fallen to him, smart enough to find a way, damned hard nosed and would never quit till the job is completed. This young man is a role model bleeding competitive toughness that this young IU team will absorb.

  2. Thanks for the great article, Dustin. This is the kind of story that every college student, not just college athlete, should read. I have a new favorite IU Hoosier!!

  3. Clarion, any other info on him? Why did he leave Toledo and go to the service and now walk on at IU???

  4. J Pat I’ll try and give you only what I know and remember as accurate. He was a stud FB player at Homestead also did well in BB, wrestling and track. Accepted a ride to Toledo. Did not enjoy the experience, the coach or have success there. Maybe some stubborn youthfulness could be a factor. He left at the end of the year. His next decision was to enlist. Two years ago in visiting with his Dad, he told me Kevin was in Iraq and his plan was to finish his hitch, return home to enroll at IU and walk on to play FB. As you can see he is executing his plan to a T. He has an older brother Jeff, who is like 10 years older and was a damn good wrestler. At home Jeff practiced on/with Kevin relentlessly. Hence the dominate, competitive nature of this individual to carry out and accomplish what he sets for a goal. He has FB skills, is bull strong but I do not have info as to how good he can get because he is kind of a tweener/hybrid DL,DE and LB. His spirit has already become a plus to the whole program. I would certainly think he will see much ST action and it sounds as though he will be part of the 3-4 D and nobody will loaf within his line of sight. His family is top notch, focused, successful and comfortable with who they are.
    If I come up with anything else relevant I’ll post for you.


  5. J Pat if I remember correctly he was on the offensive side of the ball in HS, TE(?). I believe was also All State selection. Has some athleticism for sure.

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