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Indiana coach Tom Crean said the search for a third assistant coach is ongoing. Chris Howell | Herald-Times






Channeling my inner frat boy. Dave Matthews Band’s “Too Much.”


  1. sounds like Davis is having second thoughts also… I thought we had him wrapped up after MSU and Purdue stopped recruiting him

  2. Why in the world would anyone say Davis is having second thoughts after reading the above????????????????????????? I didnt get that at all. Hey Hugh is that what you meant to imply when you wrote the above in regards to Davis ? Please respond?

  3. He is holding off on announcing now after telling peegs he was going to make an announcement this week…..

  4. Now coach4disreguards is answering inquiries intended for Hugh. I guess his real name is coachreporter4disreguards.

  5. Quote from 4guards on the Purdue Message board yesterday….” IU fans are in a tizzy about J.Davis committing, I hope they realize he is not anywhere near the player teague is or terone Johnson….” If you are going to troll, at least be good at it ….

  6. The Region
    1. I have never been on a purdue message board. If you haven’t noticed people have been using my username quite frequently.
    2. Why are you always on a purdue message board?
    3. What site is it?
    4. I do agree he is not as good as teague, but he is better than Johnson in my opinion

  7. “…why do you glamorize a mediocre winning percentage at Wyoming “in the middle of nowhere” • 4guards/April 20th, 2010/ 9:18 am

    It may be “in the middle of nowhere”, but they have Old Faithful..People just stand around to watch it blow nothing but steam…Sound familiar? I dedicate the following clip to 4guards.

    (The clip also serves as nice analogy to a 4guards’ reaction when looking at Steve Alford in short shorts.)


    Final Thought: Maybe that’s why Crean is having problems with getting recruits to commit…Maybe there are simply more basketball recruits seeking urban life..Bloomington may not have the same attraction as it did in the days of hippies, Woodstock, Brown County nudist colonies, and John Cougar Mellencamp barnyard dances…It is sort of stuck in a southern Indiana “nowhere” land.

  8. This quote from the ITH article would seem to contradict your assertion:

    “Davis, the No. 54 player nationally in the 2011 class according to Scout.com, said he wasn’t sure where the rumors of a Wednesday announcement originated…”

    This Peegs tweet also contradicts what you say:

    “Jeremiah Davis didn’t deny to us that he may be looking at an announcement here in the next few days. But he hasn’t set the exact date.”

  9. no contradiction at all….
    he told peegs he didn’t know exact date but hinted it would be this week…. then he denies the rumors to inside the hall and says he is holding off on decision.
    The only contradiction is in what Davis is telling different people.

  10. Where are you getting that he hinted it would be this week? He didn’t deny. He also didn’t confirm. He basically said nothing. Its not hard to comprehend. Not to mention that he did actually say his father wants him to wait… Not that he’s having second thoughts or wavering or ever had his mind made up at all. Don’t read too much into anything having to do with recruiting, the process is entirely too fluid. The situation is what it is, and unless you are Jeremiah Davis himself, you have no clue.

  11. In your post above you say he told Peegs he was going to make an announcement this week, but he did not say that.

    Don’t put it on the kid, he didn’t say to either party (peegs or ITH) that he was announcing this week.

  12. 4guards, if you really are an IU fan you are the worst kind. Hopefully your dislike for CTC and anything else IU related will purge you from the IU fan base. Can they do anything right? I doubt you really are an IU fan anyways and your ongoing project of annoying real IU fans has grown old. I’m sure you’ll post a stupid response because you always have to have the last word. Have fun!

  13. Craig Floyd,
    I will never be purged from the IU fan base. This program will be great again, we just need somebody to lead us there.
    As far as doing anything right. I like that he brought in Hulls, Creek, Watford, and retained Elston. I am very happy with these 4 guys.

  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    4guards said something positive about Crean!!! 4guards said someting positive about Crean!!!

  15. Thanks Hugh, that is exactly the way I understood it! Thanks for keeping us informed– you do a very nice job!

  16. And per the usual, he ignores statements he can’t argue with and responds to ones that he can.

  17. gprophet,
    Crean losing the other players showed that he isn’t the right coach for IU. He gutted the pprogram by driving away the great players we had.

  18. coachreporter4disreguards is in no way an IU fan, just read his posts saying he is, then read everything else he posts to the contrary.

  19. Some of these so called great players were poor students and drug users. Some were released by Dakich, some by Crean and some left on their own. But 4guards would put it all on Crean and try to resurrect some player reputations because it serves his agenda.

  20. GFDave,
    That wasn’t my post about great players. However it is the truth. Only 2 were dismissed by Dakich. Both appealed and were upheld by Crean.
    Regardless if Crean ran them off or if he couldn’t do enough to keep them. It is incompetence.

  21. This blog is crazy… I love it but it kills me. I don’t mind having 4guards around because it doesn’t hurt the conversation, it helps. What hurts the conversation is the non-stop name calling and immaturity against 4guards i.e posting under his name. I didn’t like the Davis or Sampson hire…does that make me less of an IU fan?? I like Crean and am willing to give him a chance even though I question some of his methods. We have some great posters on here but its starting to turn into a zoo. Lets keep it on basketball.

  22. …and the better for the program they are gone…now find 3 people to disagree with that…

  23. Terry Cummings, you have been on fire today. I just thought I would acknowledge your hard work. Here’s to keeping this blog interesting, and not just a droning, repetitive exchange between 4tards and his detractors.

  24. Crean “didn’t do enough to keep them?” So he should have gotten down on his knees and begged kids who had exactly the sort of baggage we didn’t need to stick around??? Sorry, that argument falls way short. Maybe you can make that argument re: Crawford, but Bassett and Ellis didn’t deserve another chance…not to mention McGee et al. Just look what happened to them after they went elsewhere…

  25. Way to quote half my sentence and leave out the other significant half. anyhow… obviously on this part I was talking about Crawford and Holman. Bassett and Ellis actually appealed to stay. I would say Bassett ended up doing pretty well for himself elsewhere.

  26. The buck stops with Sampson. It didn’t really seem like he fostered a culture of dicipline or accountability. I think Dakich just did what Knight would’ve done. As for Crean I would of liked to see him work it out with the guys but he couldn’t for whatever reason which for better or worse has really shaped his first couple of seasons due to the serious lack of winning games. Time will tell if he made the right decision or not but I think you gotta give him untill at least through the 2011 season.

  27. Whether Coach Crean is successful or not has nothing to do with how he handled the uncivil bunch that was part of the program he inherited. The slap in the face to DD if Coach Crean had reinstated those players would be a bigger topic on here than the topic of their dismissal. Right choices and actions never transgress. Those kids did not want to conform at IU for Sanctions, DD or Coach Crean, so they are gone. To their benefit some went and did conform elsewhere.

  28. 4tards …are you just plain stupid? your just one of those damn sperm that unfortunately slipped through the rubber. apparently your gene pool needs a filter……shut up or go away…Crean will bring us back. give it time . you can’t make a rose out of a weed! if you want a bunch of pot heads or Calipari Academic Allstars out on the floor then smoke up Johnny and go play for Kentucky and traveling prison team.

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