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Steve McClain has joined the Indiana staff as its third assistant coach. Courtesy photo


  • Tom Crean and Steve McClain met 20 years ago when Crean was a young assistant at Western Kentucky trying to find some JUCO players, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Rodger Saffold could hear his name called during today’s first round of the NFL Draft. For seven other Hoosiers, it’ll be Saturday at best, Dustin writes.





John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High.”


  1. Okay, I just read in this entry that the coach at Cincinnati and multiple assistants from other prominent programs visited Jeremiah Davis yesterday, but noone from IU showed up.

    I know they’ve been recruiting him and maybe couldn’t add anything, but good grief, this is like not showing up at open gym at South. Just not smart. I’m trying to be positive and give Crean and his staff time, but this just seems bone-headed. Someone please make a reasoned argument about how wrong I am!

  2. eric, I thought it was strange too but I am trying to trust that the staff knows what they are doing!

  3. @ Eric
    Crean was there on the first day of the period. I don’t know the rules on recruiting, but isn’t there a limit to how many times you can have contact with a recruit?

  4. Eric
    You are right on. The staff is too focused on MD to worry about the Indiana kids.
    At this point I am worried we will not get any of the top 5 Indiana kids in 2011. Teague, Chandler, Dawson, Zeller, and Davis.
    I have been hearing this was the class Crean was going to get us back on the map with since 2008. Loaded with Indiana talent.

  5. Can’t say that you’re wrong. Can’t say that you’re correct either. Do we know what Crean and his staff were doing yesterday? Maybe they were visiting someone else on their radar screen.
    Same situation as South, well as it turned out the staff was recruiting Larson, the ex-Iowa signee and also a Juco player in Illinois.
    None of us really knows.

  6. We know that Crean is dropping the ball again. He turned his back to Indiana and doesn’t want to lock up the state when we are so loaded. Look at all the players we are losing to Butler. Fife would have gotten our Indiana kids.

  7. Crean was just there a few days ago. IMO traveling to see a prospect, and being the only guy in the room means much more to a kid than being 1 of 8 coaches traveling to watch. Maybe Crean is again watching a top prospect alone on the same day the other coaches are lost in the crowd watching JD.

  8. Yawn…give it a rest. It’s not like the coaches can be with the same recruits everyday. These articles are taking snap shots of one particular day. I read where Buckley was in Muncie visiting Davis last Friday…if that’s true, why did anyone have to be there yesterday. I’m sure it’s not about ONE visit that impresses these kids. Chill out people.

  9. Crean visited Davis on the first day of this evaluation period. I believe there was a big article on it in either rivals or ITH. Also, I believe he was the only coach to visit him on the first day.

    Before bashing Crean, please get the story straight.

    Also, Indiana people went to see Patterson yesterday. Along with Tennessee staff.

  10. And if Crean visited JD every single day, and did not land him, you’d be all over him for putting all of his eggs in one basket. We get it, you’re a Crean hater. If he won the national title, you’d probably criticize him for not covering the spread.

  11. Crean did see Davis in this evaluation period and was the only coach in the gym with the kid on that day. Smart.

    As reported by ITH:

    “On April 16, Davis received a visit from one head coach on the first morning of the NCAA contact period. The visit was from Tom Crean and it gave Davis the impression that he’s a top priority for Indiana.”

    “That’s kinda how I took it,” Davis said. “It was a real honor to have him at the school so he could watch me in weightlifting class. It was pretty cool.”

    Only 4guards and his agenda could twist that into a bad thing.

  12. I’ll put a horse in each stable for this debate, I think it was great Crean was there the first day, but is Drew Adams really so busy doing whatever it is he was supposedly hired to do that he couldnt make it? We should at least have someone there.

    Visit- Good
    No Show- Bad
    Someone from our staff there for both- Outstanding, which is what we need to land high value recruits that can get us back on top.

  13. How long is it gonna take you guys to figure out that 4guards is an Indiana hater who is only trying to incite turmoil among the fans? Kudos to him for having a hobby. I kinda like carpentry and motorcycles myself.

  14. First off, I wasn’t the one who started the conversation. Second off, That was a great thing he was there. Davis seemed like a lock to IU. We should have had somebody there, other coaches are getting in and we may be losing him.

  15. Moniker and GFDave,
    If I was a fan of any of the schools who are visiting in Muncie today, I would wonder why the hell my Coach did not have a private audience with JD like that coach from IU got.

  16. I think being the first and only coach to show up on the first day is fine by me. Also, our head coach showed up, not an assistant.

  17. Of course other coaches are there and talking to him. We wouldn’t want him if other coaches weren’t interested.

    I really do think you are limited in the number of contacts you can have in any one period. Same with the number of phone calls to any one kid during specified time frames. I admit to not knowing these rules though.

    I don’t think Davis is any more or less a lock than before. I don’t think that rumor from last week counts for anything as Davis says he never intended to announce.

  18. I went to the NCAA web site and found the rule. It is quoted below. The term contact does not include phone calls.

    “In men’s basketball, during the academic year, each institution shall be limited to seven recruiting opportunities (contacts and evaluations combined) per prospective student-athlete; however, during the prospective student-athlete’s senior year, the institution is limited to not more than three in-person, off-campus contacts (see Bylaw Men’s basketball staff members shall not exceed 130 recruiting-person days during the academic year contact and evaluation periods. (Adopted: 9/12/03, Revised: 4/28/05 effective 8/1/05, 5/9/08)”

    I think its easy to see how quickly contacts can be used up. 130 contacts divided up among a reasonable portfolio of recruits would disappear quickly.

    I think where coaches fudge around this rule is at the AAU tournaments when just sitting in the stands does not count as contact. Some coaches, of course, “accidently” run into their recruit and say hi.

  19. GFDave,

    The laws you quoted say ‘130 recruiting-person days’ not 130 contacts. That just means that they can’t go out more than 130 days of the year to see a recruit, not that they have 130 ‘contacts’ that they have to divide throughout the year to any number of different recruits. You could see more than 1 recruit in a day, which in fact we know the staff has done.

    However they do put the limits to 7 recruiting opportunities and 3 in person-off campus contacts for a senior. That would explain why Crean wouldn’t use up 2 in the same week as he only gets 7 per year and that would presumably include AAU and High School games as well as visits to campus.

  20. GFDave, thank you doing the leg work.

    Hoagland, you brought up an interesting point. So, if three IU coaches go to an open gym or a recruits home together, that’s three recruiting-person days for that particular recruit.

  21. I’ll admit to not knowing all the mathematics of the recruiting rules, so perhaps my criticism that started this cyber-riot was misplaced. Still, I think if it was permissible, someone from IU should have been there. His recruitment would seem to still be open if that many different coaches showed up.

  22. It doesnt matter. Hes officially going to UK per reports. They are skirting the rules and making it irresistible to pick UK if you are a one and done.

  23. My late uncle was a graduate of Muncie Central…He died from a horrible cancer found attached to his spine in the upper part of his back..It was the size of a grapefruit..He loved Indiana basketball and loved his Bearcats..After graduating from Ball State(where he met my sister), he went on to teach high school Biology at Yorktown for many years…I just wanted to give him a shout out. He was full of life..full of wit and sarcasim….A brave man…Much braver than I.


  24. Sad day when a player from indiana puts that cheating uk jersey on.Teague goes to the highest bidder,and lately there’s no one that can outbid kentucky.Next,,, chandler will commit to them.
    College basketball is sad letting world wide wes keep buying these players for calipari

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