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Indiana coach Tom Crean identified Marquis Teague as a top prospect early on in his tenure at IU. Chris Howell | Associated Press


  • Marquis Teague is a better fit as a one-and-done at Kentucky than he would be at Indiana, Chris Korman writes.
  • Rodger Saffold is still waiting by the phone for an NFL team to call, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Team Teter is hoping to win after getting away from the pole curse in today’s women’s Little 500, Ryan Gregg writes.




Jackson Browne’s “Stay.”


  1. Harris is going to be one of the top point guards in this class before it is over, potential 5 star.

  2. This commercial irritates me. Are Knight’s “no pickles” analogous to Indiana Basketball?
    Bob Knight is so bitter he makes certain the dialogue in any ad spot gives no mention of Indiana University. If a camera is rolling, when has “Indiana” last been uttered from his lips(or any tongue-biters in his proximity for that matter)?
    He breaks the chair.. He slides across floors like Tom Cruise…In the ESPN studios “Digger” is all dolled up in his favorite Irish green, while Knight refuses the reminisce of a gaudy red, and instead, rocks our world with blasé chic neutrals and boring beige.
    He refuses to be baited into commentary at games that could cause reference to Indiana.. Musburger has tried many times. Knight will dodge and tap dance around every dropped hint that could prompt tiniest inkling of publicity to the university and basketball program that he gave a quarter century his life. He simply won’t give nibble to any Hoosier hook.

    The Up Side: The obvious irreconcilable differences and towering wall of silence Knight has constructed will prevent any dreamy Indiana future envisioned by 4guards from ever coming true. This is why the disciples of Knight will never be hired by an IU coach, or supported by an Indiana administration. This is why Crean will never be in the hip pocket of the Yacht Club…Tom Crean can prescribe bottles and bottles his charismatic words of healing medicine, but the most important patient will always refuse the drug. And because Knight cannot let go his resentment, Indiana can finally free itself the past..
    “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

  3. Something that no ever seems to appreciate about ‘walk ons’ is that they still qualify for any of the need based money that every other student qualifies for. If not, non-revenue sports would cease to exist. As discussed in a previous thread, the 25-45 guys on a wrestling team split up 9.9 athletic scholarships. I don’t know his family finances, but Offutt could get a full ride, or scholarships plus loans or whatever, without any athletic department money.

  4. NEVER!! If we can’t even get a two stat stud to come in, how do you expect a five star to come in? It is going to be a while, so sit back and grab a cold one.

  5. I had to do something right today. I have the feeling that IU is once again going to lose out on some big studs!!

  6. DJ White provided ample scoring punch(in the form of handing Gatorade to Durant)as the Thunder downed the Flakers(they’ve changed their name since acquiring Ron Artest)..
    In a side note: DJ gave post-game interview claiming Eric Gordon had such abundance of NBA material with him on the Indiana Hoosiers of 2008, they should have easily marched through the NCAA tournament.

    Three of the recently identified 4guard impostors.

  7. correction: “….they should have easily marched through the NCAA tournament [even though they were all high as Barack Obama at a luau.”

  8. Stick It,

    I think we’ll end up being just fine in the class of 2011. There are so many variables right now, but we’ve been recruiting a lot of guys.

    But I understand/sympathize — It’s the waiting that sucks. A good beer, or seven, will go a long way in holding us all over until we get there.

  9. If we miss on Davis and Zeller….then you consider this class a big miss…..Sterling Gibbs is also a good one.

  10. We have to get Zeller and Davis to salvage this mess…. This was a loaded class that we have been hearing about since 08.

  11. Speaking of impostors I have noticed that Husky Tom on the Scoop
    has directly opposite views as Husky Tom on the Indy Star site.
    So Tom, who is the real Husky Tom?

  12. Casey, I agree with you, but I am tired of IU getting beat on the Big Name prospects. Zeller is NOT going to IU and I don’t think that he would save the program anyways. Davis, who knows what he is going to do. We will work with what we have, as we have done it before. We need to find those kids that have grown up with IU blood in their system and wants to put on those IU jerseys. We just don’t have those kind of kids laying around anymore. What is that saying: We Will Survive!!

  13. We could really use some good news. I agree if we lose out on Zeller and Davis that Crean will really start to feel the heat. I don’t see next year being much over .500 and a possible shot at an NIT invite. 2011 being his 4th season I think he really needs to put something together. He has shown he can sign some talented wings/guards but it’s going to take more than that to get us to the NCAA. Without an NCAA appearence in 2011 the window starts to close on Crean.

  14. I really think it’s pretty simple — we have to start winning.

    Recruits want to join a program that wins. If we have one good season under Crean with the players we have now (theoretically bigger, stronger, smarter, more developed), then this angst and anxiety we all suffer from will go away in a flash.

    Once recruits are able to say “Man, if I joined that team, we’d be REALLY good,” that’s when they’ll start coming here.

    And I don’t think anyone can really call out Crean for not closing the borders on Teague. Let’s remember that the more successful state schools up north didn’t bring him in either. It’s quite clear that Teague wants the quickest and most sure fire route to the NBA. Right now, that is without a doubt Kentucky. Hell, he even turned down Louisville, which seemed like a lock for so long.

    To put it in perspective, the fact that top level recruits are even considering IU after consecutive 6-25 and 10-21 seasons speaks to how hard and effectively Crean is recruiting players — even if we’re not getting those top level guys just yet. I mean, really think about it.

  15. I don’t know how people at this point can say we have lost Zeller. This a totally different situation then Tyler or Luke decision. I don’t feel as though they felt comfortable with Sampson or Davis at those times, but I feel Crean is a different story.

    Also, I think our record will be at least .500 (or in the area, depends on schedule)…..Creek was that good….teams that lose their best player struggle (i.e. Purdue).

  16. Most of the young players that are very good, don’t have any loyalty anymore. They play one year and leave, that kills a good program. Let Teauge go to wherever, Kentucky i think. They have a crooked coach, but it doesn’t matter does it, the kids still go there. Things are allot different now than 30 yrs ago, the big bucks has ruined so much. Most of the kids now listen to everyone around them, and don’t make there own decision. IU will be ok, at least we have an honest coach now. Coach Crean took IU and all the problems they had, he has to rebuild. It’s tough to do that in 2 or 3yrs, let’s give him a chance. Go IU!

  17. Another statement devoid of fact that 4guards promulgates to pursue his agenda: “Crean can’t get a four star recruit”.

    That’s simply false:

    –Christian Watford, #41 in his class, 4 stars
    –Maurice Creek, #56 in his class, 4 stars
    –Derek Elston, #103 in his class, 4 stars


    Yesterday you asked 4guards to be consistent in his arguments. But the issue is more fundamental than that. He is an intellectually dishonest poster who distorts, twists, and misrepresents things to suit his obsession. Sometimes, as in this case and others, he simply posts untruths.

  18. I still believe the real 4guards is an invention. His completely antagonistic approach is a creation to accumulate a mass of heavy backlash support for Tom Crean..It has definitely worked its magic on Hoosier Scoop..What would motivate someone to conduct such a concocted plan of deceit against fellow bloggers? Is it one particular blogger that fuels the fire of his/her rants?
    That’s a question only 4guards can answer.

    As football season approaches will he become 4pullingguards?

  19. GFDave,
    That wasn’t my comment. It was someone else using my name. I said Crean can’t land 5 star recruits. Never has in his entire coaching career.

  20. Mr. Cummings,
    I am no invention, just a die hard IU fan who is as frustrated as a person can be. The best thing for this program we all love is to send Crean packing. I say that because I truly believe Crean does not have what it takes. We can do better. It is also pretty easy to pull the wool over some fans eyes, and Crean is doing it.

  21. I had ten years of frustration with Bob Knight after 1987…Crean doesn’t deserve at least three years to rebuild? Do you think Knight’s silent reproach of Indiana helps Crean in his recruiting/rebuilding efforts?

  22. Bob Knight hung banners. Crean has only made it to the sweet 16 once in his career.
    Why would Knight help out Crean? Crean shuns anybody that has been associated with Knight. The University spit in Knights face.
    Crean did not make enough progress in year 2. Dribble drive doesn’t work here, weak zone defenses don’t work here, not recruiting Indiana does not work here. Lack of fundamentals and free throw shooting does not work here. He is not a good fit. THIS IS INDIANA.

  23. I nominate Terry Cummings’ comment on 4pullingguards as comment of the year. I’m still laughing.

  24. Crean has no chance of turning the ship around. Two years is enough. Stevens or Alford would have had us deep in the NCAA by now and landed all Indiana recruits.

  25. The statement that Crean “shuns anybody that has been associated with Knight” is absolutely false.

    In fact, Crean has made and is making concerted efforts to continually bring alumni back to speak to players and enjoy games. Did he not have some sort of alumni golf tournament toward the beginning of his tenure, to which Knight was invited?

  26. He tries to make it look that way, but only the Crean Apologists are buying it. When it comes down to it, like the assistant coach hunt for example, he shuns Fife for McClain.

  27. Of course it is false, Crean has done more for former players in two years than any of the the post Knight coaches have done combined. Just look up all the positive quotes from the Hoosier family, which if you didnt know, doesnt include 4guards.

  28. More half-truths by coachreporter4disreguards, he says Coach Crean has only taken a team as far as a sweet sixteen which is partly true but the next weekend they were in the final four. More creativer BS by the master of BS.

  29. I think a big part of why so many people are willing to give Crean time to produce is because of the way he has reached out to the Indiana family. I don’t think you need to hire “Indiana” guys to embrace the tradition…and I also don’t know how many people that are loyal to Knight would actually step in or accept positions with the team.

  30. I said Crean has only been to the sweet 16 once in his career, and this is just a pure fact, like it or not…..

  31. The above is a imposter kid. We should have hired Painter when we had the chance. He get real Indiana kids like kramer and Hummel.

  32. I am a die hard Hoosier fan and have been for years. I remember all the glory days and magic. The problem I see is that todays high school kids were so young the last time we had any real success in the NCAA (2002) that they don’t have the same perspective on it we all have. A high school junior would have been 11 years old. A sophmore 10. Unfortunately, just using the name “Indiana” doesn’t have the effect it used to have. Success breeds success and until we have some real success, it will be hard to recruit the “Indiana” kids we all want so bad. 🙁

  33. How come Teague didn’t commit to Painter or Stevens, they must suck and be horrible recruiters…(4guards logic)

  34. I wonder if we publicly apologized to Mike Davis if it would help to get a top 100 recruit? Oh I’m sure that has nothing to do with it. I bet it never enters the minds of these young African American players that a coach of the same color got absolutely no support after taking his tean to the title game. Whats that saying “What goes around comes around” Guess what IU fans “Its Here”

  35. I believe that 4guards and his alleged imposter(s) are the same person. He posts crap to see if it will stick and when called on it blames his imposter.

    Dustin and Chris, I ask you to definitely state whether or not you allow posters to hijack others people’s screen names.

  36. How is the Scoop going to deal with that? Its one thing to allow multiple names, quite another to tolerate the hijacking of other’s posters screen names.

  37. I totally agree, something has to be done here. It is getting just stupid. 4G only has himself to blame and it is hurting others, really sad!

  38. Hugh-

    I’m not sure how this stuff works, but shouldn’t you know if the IP address of a 4guards’ impostor matches up with a blogger that’s a regular on Scoop? Why not call them out? Why not just ask them politely to stop? It makes it look like you guys are protecting someone.

  39. These guys have lives, they can’t be kindergarten cops. It would probably be a matter of setting up a registration process. It does seem as though it’s gotten a little out of hand. I’m sure it was started in jest just to make fun of 4tards then he jumped in the game and away we go. Personally,I can’t tell any difference between his real posts and the ‘imposter’ (that word seems a bit much). They are all equally ridiculous.

  40. Why the “hand-wringing” on the recruiting front for 2011? No one should expect any commitments until late August-early September at the earliest. IU is in a good position right now. Let’s see what happens.

  41. Whoever is using my screen name is definitely a regular. You can tell by some of the things he says that he has read on here a while ago.
    If you can’t tell the difference between his posts and mine then you aren’t trying very hard.

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