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Indiana coach Tom Crean talks with Bill Cook and Mike Woodson during the dedication of Cook Hall Sunday. David Snodgress | Herald-Times


  • Indiana brought back some of the old gang to dedicate Cook Hall, a practice facility that honors the past, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Scott May’s short speech, thanking IU for remembering the past, said it all, Chris Korman writes.





Ella Fitzgerald’s “At Last.”


  1. If Scott May gave a speech and Mike Woodson showed up, surely this is a step toward Coach Knight reopening relations with IU. I just can’t help but think that his trusted former players coming back will go a long way toward melting the ice.

  2. If we melt the giant iceberg, might we just ask him to return as coach? Be careful, Mr. Crean…. Wolves may be dressing in Valentino sheep suits.

  3. Maybe CC can talk Mike Woodson into getting Josh Smith to set behing our bench during a game.You know like Lebron sits behind uk s bench.Tell me $$$$ not shifting hands and I’ll tell you how great obama is doing as our president lol

  4. Screw Bob Knight.

    They could rename the whole town and school after him and he’d STILL be crying.

  5. Bob Knight did not build the program at IU. The state of Indiana, students, alumni and players from around the US built the program. Knight held the keys for a long time but he did not build the program. Branch McCracken won 2 titles before Knight, didn’t he have a little to do with building the program?

  6. I seem to remember that we had bball before Bob. I think so anyway. Maybe there are a couple of trophies to show for it. A guy named Twig or something had a lot to do with it.

    I think there were good players too. Twins named Van Helsing or something? Somebody who was slick. Maybe he was a pick pocket or a guy who had a way with the ladies. A player named Archie, who couldn’t choose between Betty and Veronica. There was also Jimmy, who was Rayly skinny, and Walt Bellamy too.

    Yeah, I think maybe Bob walked into a good thing. He helped make it better, but he sure didn’t do it by himself.

    But if you’d just shut up sometime, maybe you’d be smart enough to 1: learn something and, 2: Realize that maybe Bob’s name should go on something bigger than a practice facility

  7. You are correct Millport. We had a coach that won as many titles as Dean Smith at the helm before anybody heard of Bobby. No doubt, Bobby won a lot of games and 3 more titles, but to claim he built the program is an ignorant statement.

  8. GFDave
    “If you’d just shut up sometime, maybe you’d be smart enough to”…
    understand that was not my post. If you’ve been hanging out in your closet playing with your star Trek action figures the past couple weeks, there is an imposter hijacking the threads using my username.

  9. And for the record I love what Crean is doing with Cook Hall. The benefits of this center will be immediate.

  10. Then ask yourself..How would Indiana basketball fared without Coach Knight? How can anyone question the legacy he left behind,only for sampsons setback? Look at the product he produced after 4 years under his reins.Great young men taught things about life the right way..Things have gotton way to liberal with todays kids,with the “everybody owes me”attitide.

  11. Steve- For the record, what really produces the “me, me, me!!!” attitude we see everywhere with this generation is the cult of individualism and the love for immediate gratification taught to us by a society dominated by business interests and consumption. For the record, both of these things are the result of conservative philosophies, not liberal ones.

  12. 4guards,

    If someone can’t differentiate between you and your impostor, that doesn’t reflect badly upon that person. Rather, it speaks to the fact that people can’t differentiate between you and “fakers” because we’ve come to expect one-sided, unsubstantiated statements from you.

    I commend you, however, for saying you like what Crean is doing with the facility. If you can perhaps concede a few more points like that, where appropriate, people will start to more seriously consider your thoughts, and WILL be able to tell when it’s the real 4guards and when it’s someone with way too much time on his or her hands.

  13. The Knight built the program comment posted under your name is perfect 4guards channeling. Don’t expect people to tell the difference.

  14. Well then, let’s make this simple.

    Everyone posting as “4guards” is annoying.

    I think that covers all the bases.

    And Steve — generalizing about all of today’s kids having an “everyone owes me” attitude is like me saying that all non-kids, such as yourself, are close-minded, intolerant, stubborn people who can’t handle change.

    Now that wouldn’t be fair, would it?

    The rift between today’s younger generation and its elders is just as much the kids’ fault as it is the adults’.

  15. Stewart look around,remove your head from the sand.Hows the “change” working for you??? You probably are a sociaist too..Idiot

  16. Steve- the change has been great so far. My life just keeps getting better, and I’m sure yours is pretty good too, even though you are probably too dumb to realize it.

  17. I’m not getting into politics, but Chet, the ‘Me Generation’ was a label that originated in the ’70s. Reagan’s two periods of political fame (I’ll skip over his earlier acting career) were in the ’60s (gov of California; the peace and love generation)and ’80s (president; the yuppie generation, populated by many former peace and love generation members). Thus to identify his ‘era’ as the ‘me generation’ is not, strictly speaking, correct.

    Now, about basketball–oh wait, I’ve forgotten what hoops topic was being discussed, it’s been so long since anyone posted about that.

  18. Great for you Stewart! Your right I guess I am just a dumb ol hay seed from down on my Indiana farm..I have been blessed by the good lord above..
    The kids today need more disipline,maybe not as harsh as Coach Knights..
    Maybe I listen to too much Rush…Not

  19. steve- It is great that you are a good father and have the benefit of religion to structure your humble existence. And I agree that kids need more discipline.

    What you have to realize, however, is that these are the kinds of values that Wall Street and consumer culture wishes to do away with, if they get in the way of increasing sales and CEO bonuses. It’s no surprise that the “me” generation coincides with a decrease in religion.

    If I were you, I would spend less time fearing the “big bad government” and worry more about Goldman and Sachs, Enron, Freddie Mac, and the derivative markets that your pals in congress are working so hard to protect!

  20. Stewart, I do fear big government getting increasingly bigger and bigger. I do not have to buy products or own the stock of the corporations; other than GM which as a taxpayer I am a stockholder by way proxy of big government. Enron is gone and Mac and Mae are big government controlled. Yes I fear big government.

  21. Before you inevitably try to pigeonhole me, I was flying an A-6E off the deck of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower(CVN 69)and out of Oceana NAS during the better part of the Reagan administration.

  22. We are currently in the “I” generation..

    I want big SUV that guzzles lots of gas.

    I want big house that guzzles lots of energy.

    I want to eat big plates of fatty food.

    I want heart disease by age 50 so I can perpetuate an already strained health care system that our president should fix.

    I want a 401K plan I won’t be able to utilize because I will be dead from heart disease by age 65.

    I want to pay my taxes to support the bonuses of Wall Street executives that I trust to flush away my 401K.

    I want my president to give me a tax break on the next washer and dryer I buy so I don’t feel so bad about the 401K money I lost that is now going to pay an illegal immigrant maid that doesn’t pay taxes to do laundry for a Wall Street executive.

    I want to shop at Walmart because I can save $10 per week on giant boxes of Cheerios..I can utilize the savings to buy more fuel I need for the family SUV I drive 20 miles round trips alone in to shop at Walmart.

    I want a mortgage payment that I can’t afford. I like keeping up with the Jones family.

    I want a job that provides no tangible product so I can sit on chair and blog on a computer all day.

    I like to take my SUV needlessly through the car wash twice a week because I like to waste water.

    I buy bottled water at Walmart. The 20 cents per bottle I save I give to Greenpeace to save the earth.

    I can’t think of anything else to say at the moment. I am going out now to buy a new BlackBerry I don’t need.

  23. Left and up (the Intruder was a ‘split level’). I went thru several different B/N (“beaners”) in the vomit seat.

  24. …I hadn’t thought about that stuff in years. You know what they say about sea duty? It’s like being in prison only you can drown.
    I come from a military family. Four out of 5 kids plus my dad served.

  25. I appreciate the thought, but it’s just what we did and not everybody’s thing. Honestly, I don’t place it above many other forms of service. There are lots of ways to do your part. One of my kids is doing Americorps. Next week he’s donating bone marrow to a kid with leukemia. I’m in awe of him.

  26. My dad served in the Navy during WWII. He served much of his duty on a large cruiser in the Pacific..He told me stories of going up the Shanghai River into deep China and a trip through the Panama Canal..They took the wounded and dead marines off the Solomon Islands. Though he worked the engine rooms in waters infested with Japanese subs, he was thankful to be at sea.

    My nephew served on the Eisenhower. He said it was a floating city.

    Thanks for your service, Chet.

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