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Drew Adams, a Bloomington South graduate and Indiana Elite coach, was recently hired as Indiana’s director of operations. David Snodgress | Herald-Times


  • Instead of working for low pay in a far-away places, Drew Adams has been able to stay at home and get a promotion at Indiana, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Hanner Perea is down to IU and Baylor, and Darryl Hicks said he likes Tom Crean’s intensity, I wrote.





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  1. I guess my answer is how could it hurt? He has been the Assistant Director of Operations for over a year. He has to be a good detail guy just considering his genetics and BB background.

  2. Did I understand an earlier post by a Scoop blogger correctly? One of the recruits we’re actively pursuing lives with Drew’s father?

  3. Adams is a good guy to have on staff. He has some serious connections.
    I wouldn’t want to be in Crean’s shoes if he strikes out with Davis and Zeller.

  4. Hugh-

    Can you confirm that a recruit we’re pursuing lives with Drew Adams’ father? Is that true?

  5. And after clearing all that up, it kills anything Hoosier Clarion said about his ‘genetics and BB background’

    He was a 4th to 10th option at South (Not the State championship winning variety South either, the sub-par mediocre South) then because of his dad sat the bench at Iowa. This brought Alford a package recruit or two from the A-Hope program.

    I didn’t like it when it was for IOWA and Alford, and I don’t like it now. This just feels even more dirty than it did when we hired him last year. This is a Calipari move. Poor mans WWW.

    Remember when we all wanted recruits to come to IU because of the tradition and facilities (5 minutes ago), not because some guys we hired has a dad who brings over kids from Africa to play basketball and go through American education? (Note: I’m not trying to comment negatively about the A-Hope program, I’m sure it has been great for some of those kids, rather on the shady connections we are trying to parlay.) I would have liked someone who obtained this position because of their basketball knowledge and skills, not because of their dads connections.

  6. Every team in the NCAA has coaches and staff who are connected by friendships,coaching together,on staff with each other,or even related like Steve Alford & Dad, Pat Knight & Dad, and on and on. To rage on someone because they are somehow connected to future or past players IMO is not right. This kid is connected to Bloomington, to AAU basketball and a pipe line from A-Hope he is alright. To say, Hoagland, that he has no knowledge or basketball skill is not right. How do you Know?? Did you see how he handled his previous job that put him in line for this job? Do you work with or for this guy? Did you coach AAU with this man? I hope he can use his relationships to get Great players for IU. What’s wrong with that? Why so negative all the time? There are lots of great coaches who were not superstar players. Even when Coach does something right you and 4guards want to bash it. Why? I am trying to understand why? Is there something you know that is bad about this kid? Please share and maybe we would all agree but half truths, hearsay, gossip never helps anyone on either side.

  7. 4Guards, I am sorry on this one. I went back and read your comment and you do think he is a good kid. My bad!

  8. southport65,

    I never commented directly on his skill besides quick facts that I know to be true and can be verified. (He went to Iowa for a year, after he did then A-Hope kids did) He wasn’t a top player at South, look it up, its in the books. He may have worked very hard last year, if so good for him, or he could be terrible, but he still is only in this job because his dad brings over kids from other countries and people want that connection.

    Dustin says as much in his article, I’ll paraphrase: ‘while others are poor and travel at low level programs, Adams stays home and gets a raise’ yet doesn’t back this up with any credentials, because there aren’t any, but then goes on to talk about Drews dad Mark. Every accomplishment he has in the article to date, is due to Mark. Emmanual went to Tennesee because Bruce took on Drew as an graduate assistant.

    Where is the proof on the other side? Where is the information that says he is very knowledgeable and skilled? I didn’t see evidence in our play that our kids watched a lot of film, we got beat on the same plays by the same teams all year.

    I have given Crean his props where they are due, and taken each topic seperate when I make a comment or judgement. I have made comments both for and against him.

    However, I have yet to see the people who try to belittle 4guards or myself all the time make any comment other than no matter what Crean does its great. Just look at the recruit posts, everyone talks about how much they love a player and want to get them, then when we lose them, they say well we didn’t really want him anyways and its okay because Crean did everything he could.

    How could anyone know? Either way? Every post is an *opinion* and is purely speculative. Even you already jumped on 4guards who’s opinion is pro Mr. Adams without even evaluating the facts of what were said. I will give it to you for apologizing, that is a lot more than most have done when they rail on him even if he didn’t make the comments.

    I call each case like I see it, on this one I actually do have direct experience, but didn’t even want to bring that into it. Its obvious you didn’t truly read what I put because at no point did I say he had ‘no skills or knowledge’. He doesn’t yet have the skills or knowledge that would lead to this position anywhere else is what I should have said. Still, he has the position because of his dad, and his connection to those kids. That is not a relationship I like. If you like it, then that is your right and opinion.

    I’m happy to change my mind if you can personally bring new experiences that can erase old ones for me to the table. So far no one has had anything substantial to change my mind. My apologies for disagreeing with you.

  9. Hoagland is right on when he talks about the Crean Apologists who are so hyped over a recruit who doesn’t deserve a scholarship here to begin with, only to lose out on the recruit and make the comment that we didn’t need him anyways. I mean you liked the recruit and wanted him here before we lost him, but when he goes somewhere else he all of a sudden is not needed here?

  10. Hoagland,

    After a year and a half of evaluation as the Assistant Director of Operations Coach Crean has promoted him because he is satisfied he can perform at a high caliber. Unlike the assistant Coach Crean just fired. His attention to detail would be a criteria for this job. I would think he probably gets that from his Dad with all the balls he has to keep in the air with the A-Hope program. Yes even riding the pine in college has expanded his BB Knowledge. Hell RMK learned from that location. In this day and age everyone on a D1 staff better have an eye, propensity and headstrong toward recruiting. It appears this young exec stays low key, out of the limelight and loyally advises his boss. Promotions happen to those kind of people. All of it transparent, in the open and aboveboard.

  11. southport, don’t mean to question you but why is he not qualified? His dads connection might have gotten him the job but maybe he is great at what he does. I can appreciate the way that you take each topic separate when you judge, I do the same for football and sometimes get beat up. You have insider info but what makes you think the kid is not good at his job? Just because he was not a star player at South and you assume they did not watch film last year because of play…

    hate to question you and I know your stance is hard on this topic but I need more…

    lot’s of people have gotten jobs on bad credentials and connections and done great!!!

  12. notice I have not been hyped over many recruits we have lost other than Teague and he had to go where the money was…

  13. 4guards,

    Do you realize that as radically “apologist” as you perceive Crean’s supporters to be, you are equally radical in your disdain for Crean? As much as we allegedly explain away and rationalize every one of Crean’s missteps, you relentlessly and blindly condemn nearly every one of his actions past the point of rationality or objectivity.

    You’re simply at the same point on the exact opposite end of the spectrum – no better, no worse than us “Crean Apologists.”

  14. He could be the best there ever was at his position, I still don’t like the deal. It looks/feels/tastes sketchy. I’m not trying to personally attack Drew Adams. I hope he goes on to a very successful career. Hopefully his knowledge was bolstered from the bench, nothing wrong with the bench, Danny Moore understands more than Jeremiah Rivers. The point is, I don’t like feeling like IU is dealing in some questionable ethics again so soon.

    The connection is there to anyone who is not blind. Regardless of how good he is or not, he wouldn’t have this job anywhere else and his dad wasn’t Mark Adams of A-Hope. Its fine to use your family tree and connections for things, but not if that connection can potentially bring your team under investigation or scrutiny for questionable practices. Just because it is legal, does not mean it is right. Steriods weren’t specifically banned in MLB, but I don’t know too many Barry Bonds fans right now. Others were doing it too. I still don’t like Barry at all and hate what he did for the history of the game. You may feel different.

    I wish the best of luck to Drew, and hope he goes on to bigger and better things by taking the path others before him have and moving to other positions at other schools. Just like the guy who vacated his spot.

    J Pat, I usually am a minority about Football too. I have to disagree on Teague, he is a talent, sure, but the kid couldn’t even get to semi-state with his high school team. For someone who is so good and important, shouldnt he be able and willing to carry his team? He scored 12 points the game they lost. I think hes too selfish.

    I’d love Zeller AND Davis, but don’t see Zeller coming.

  15. Hoagland,

    I think with DA originally working AAU, then as a GA at Tennessee and now succeeding from an asst. position to the Dir. job at IU, he is navigating his career path in the right way. IU is an outlet for A-Hope kids, as are the rest of the schools in Indiana, the B10 and all of the country. I too can smell smoke and look for fire. But neither scent is acute here. This open book has revealed no facts or proof of present or future sleaze. Genetics, goal setting, associations, networking and relationship building are all stimulus for success.

  16. Casey,
    I feel like when I agree with what Crean does, I admit it. I just don’t see eye to eye with him very often. Some of the Crean apologists will never admit that he has done anything wrong.
    As far as Adams, I am more concerned with the Indiana Elite Connection. I think A-Hope may be more of a detriment to us than anything. Jobe, Muniru, and maybe Negedu … brutal

  17. Mud and BS…Mud and BS…Mud and BS…on…on…on…you could give a woodpecker a headache…

  18. ^^^ Delightful, Clarion. I am honestly writing that one down, as we speak.

    There is a woodpecker that lives outside my window. Maybe I should try building a 4guards scarecrow to keep him away…

  19. What has the connection, the whole A hope done for IU on the court???? That hit me on the drive home. We are talking about this connection that could be bad even though it is legal and it really has not helped IU…yet anyway. NCAA would never look at it until it helped IU…haha!

  20. 4guards says Crean is a fraud and ruined the program. Yet he tries to pass as reasonable. Comedy.

    The reason more posters don’t criticize Crean, btw, is your extreme position. Half of your crap is just, well, crap and has to be shot down. Also, any minor criticism by us on the supporting side would be twisted and/or blown out of proportion by you. You know that. We do to.

    If you went away (please) you would see a different discussion emerge. It would look like what goes on at ITH, which is reasonable and noninflammatory.

  21. Lets just face the facts here. Zeller is NOT coming to IU and neither is Davis. What will Crean do after he finds this out? I have heard from the folks in Washington that he (Zeller) is going to let Butler know that his decision is with them. I have also be hearing that his brothers have had a lot of input on this decision. They have told him that he needs to make his own path and go to a situation that looks good for him and his future. This is a no brainer people. As I stated yesterday, IU will be using two star studs for three or four years. Over and out!!

  22. Stick it, you are sounding an awful lot like 4barfs.
    Why is it so hard for people to understand that recruits want to go to winning programs? It’s so blatantly obvious that recruiting will only pick up once we have a winning season. The banners are important, but seeing how its been 23 frickin’ years since the last one, only the sentimental types commit because of them alone.
    We have the chips in place to win the Big 10 in two years; next year we might sneak in to the NIT. Watch and see what a difference it makes in recruiting.

  23. Has A-Hope ever produced a stud up to this point? Before everybody jumps down my throat, it is just a question that I don’t know the answer to. I can’t think of any, but everybody seems so hyped about this I must be missing something.

  24. With your negative bias missing things is the norm for you. If you do not want people jumping down your throat try phrasing your questions without trying to paint someone into your negative prejudged corner. i.e. …Has A-Hope ever produced a stud? …by saying… Who is the best college player sponsored by the A-Hope Foundation? You will be treated more respectfully by voicing your opinion without the ever negative imperialistic bias and disdain.

  25. None of the A-Hope kids have gone on to become huge stars, but Alfred Aboya had a very good career at UCLA.

    You can browse a full list for yourself here: http://www.a-hope.org/students.html

    It should be pointed out that the point of the program has never been to push kids into pro basketball. The whole idea in fact — African Hoops Opportunities Providing an Education — was to find kids good enough to get scholarships who would then use their educations to help their home villages and countries.

  26. It’s a great program and I love what Adams is doing for these kids, but I guess my question would be why is everybody so excited for this pipeline to IU? These kids usually aren’t very skilled. The reason I like Adams is for the Indiana Elite connection.

  27. Here is a reason why A-Hope is important to IU. It is headquartered in Bloomington. If an A-Hope sponsored player were to go to another school and have success and Coach Crean ignored his recruitment or recruited him lightly, someone on here would be on him like a duck on a June bug. Of course you could always add they are tall or at least the ones I have heard about are. Actually if a very good one was to enter the picture IU should be the school with its best foot forward in his recruitment.

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