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IU’s Tyler McCarroll (16) scores a goal against Israel Cano (16) of the Mexican Men’s U-20 National Team. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times






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  1. Is Negedu going to eat up a scholarship if given the ok or is he going to be a walk on?
    Outside of the heart condition (PR nightmare waiting to happen), he only averaged less than 2 points and less thean 2 rebounds a game.

  2. If he averaged a double/double would you be o.k. with using a scholarship and, oh, risking his life? “PR nightmare” Yeah, that is the primary concern here.

  3. I read the article on the UT site. The fans had a lot of nice things to say about the kid. I feel like he will be monitored well at IU if he is cleared. Anyone can drop dead from an unidentified/undiagnosed condition, so to have it diagnosed and precautions in place, seems to be a safe scenario. I am not a cardiologist, so I don’t know the ins-and-outs of his condition, but IU has some of the best docs in the world. Good luck to all involved.

  4. His life is the #1 concern..I would love to have this young man in candystripes.The recruit that concerns me is Jarrod Utoff,a 6’8″ junior kid from Iowa.He has offers from Indiana,Indiana State,Creighton,Iowa,Iowa stste,Northern Iowa,etc.
    I don’t know why we are recruiting him with all the talent we have in this state in the 2011 class.You can read more about him in Terry Hutchins blog at the Indy star..Whats your thoughts on him?

  5. 1. If the kid wants to play and he is cleared…let him play, he knows the risks

    2. Did anybody see Hutchens rip 4guards on his blog? Sorry 4guards, but hutchens was right on this one.

  6. Jubilee,
    I hate to admit it but I went to find the comment that you mentioned. I have seen Hutchen’s remarks to 4guards before but this one is the best.
    Perhaps you should go and read Huthcen’s remarks to 4gaurds, as well. The remarks go a long way to explaining Crean’s approach and a lot of readers agree. At least, I agree with Hutchen’s comments.

  7. There are two discussions here:

    First, is it safe for him to play? I don’t know. I have trepidations about it.

    Second, say hypothetically that he didn’t have a medical condition. Is he worth a scholarship? Hell yes. His playing time was limited by the fact that UT was a good SEC team with 4 seniors and 1 junior in the starting five. Consequently, he averaged only 7 minutes a game. This is normal for a freshman I think.

    He was Rivals 40th rated HS player in 2008. Do a youtube search and look at the videos. He is a beast and can come in and play.

    I know we are approaching a scholarship crunch, but we have a talent deficit that this kid can help alleviate right now, not next year. Add Offutt and EM to VO and WS and you’ve got a class that offers a significant talent upgrade for this year.

    You can bet that Crean will make room for Zeller and Davis. He knows how important they are.

    But like I said earlier, I’m not so sure its a good idea for Negedu to play.

  8. Hugh, Chris, Dustin, or Anyone with info,

    Any idea if IU is/has/will contact any other schools who have dealt with players with Negedu’s condition? Any who have lost a player because they didn’t know of the condition? Just wondering if there is something to be learned by talking with programs who have taken the risk, or experienced the tragic consequences of the risk. How many players have had the procedure he has had and went on to healthy and successful playing days? Anyone?

    It’s not an easy answer and is one I’m glad I do not have to make. Good luck CTC and staff.

  9. Cardiologists see this malady every week and with all ages. I would have no problem with the advice of IU’s top three cardio pros would offer the AD’s department and the school brass for this man’s playing future. All this concern for his health is shallow considering he is going to play basketball whether for an institution or at a pick up games. The concern is for IU. If he is medically cleared of a known risk he will play somewhere, make it here. Everyday is a risk and most of it is unknown.

    As for coachreportertalentevaluator4disreguards he better duck or were a catchers mask the next time he wants to go eyeball to eyeball with Hutch with one of his mud throwing and BS pitching slams of personal bias.

  10. I wonder how many coaches have had heart attacks or other heart problems and have continued to coach?

  11. GF Dave, you’re right about Negedu’s limited PT as a freshman. He had Wayne Chism, Tyler Smith, Brian Williams and JP Prince in the rotation at positions he might play, as well as Rolando Woolridge as a fellow freshman. When he played he was effective, and the biggest jump is typically between freshman and sophomore years.

    If IU’s doctors concur with the doctors who’ve already cleared him, I think it’s a chance worth taking. But ‘I think’ would be insufficient justification if he did pass away playing basketball.

  12. Hoagland, That is a good idea and I do remember a couple of recent players with heart problems. Cuttino Mobley who I believe played in the NBA for the Clippers with Eric Gordon had to retire. But if you remember Bruce Pearl coached a few years at Southern Indiana University and they had a player Jeron Lewis who died this year of a heart problem during a game. Bruce Pearl has remained close to SIU basketball and it could be he just won’t take a chance. I am sure you could find players who have continued to play with no adverse problems. IU has some great heart Doctors and if they think he can play then he will be a Hoosier. You have to think that Drew Adams is pulling for this young man but it should be the doctors and Negedu’s choice to
    play or not play.

  13. I just responded to Hutch, so it may show up tonight or tom. He needs a new system for approving comments.
    Do you guys really agree with him in that we should be offering this kid with so many talented players in 2011?

  14. That is a valid question. I believe that they almost have to, if he is a solid player and interested. I only say this because if J. Davis, A. Thomas, and Zeller spurn us…..who is left and if we don’t get anybody, that will be big trouble.

  15. I think its important to have a recruiting Plan B in case Crean can’t land the in-state talent we have which is a definite possibility at this point. That being said I thought it was hilarious how mad Hutch got…some people just can’t handle dissent which I also find hilarious due to all those journalism classes he had to take.

  16. JB, that is the main reason I quit reading and posting on the Indy Star. He went after me hard a couple of times and it was completely out of line.

  17. 4guards,

    Given that most of us hadn’t heard of him until a few days ago, and haven’t seen him play ever, it’s hard to answer that question.

    If he’s starting to get looks from Illinois and Notre Dame also, then I don’t think it’s such a reach. Maybe he’s just a late bloomer relative to many of the talents in his class.

    At some point, we have to trust that after seeing him play, Crean and staff have a reason to recruit him. And remember, this is just an unofficial visit — nothing super commital at this point.

    And for the record, Hutchens has shown over the years that he doesn’t have very thick skin. He’s an extremely subjective IU writer who, for some reason, has such a sense of entitlement and superiority when it comes to writing about IU athletics — even though he just NOW realized that posting more than once every week or so might be a good idea.

    His coverage leaves a lot to be desired, and as much as I generally disagree with 4guards, I’d rather argue with him than try to debate a point with Hutchens, who apparently carries the IU athletics gavel and gets the final word on all related matters.

    He also JUST got a Twitter. It just perplexes me how inefficient the IU sports writer at the largest paper in Indiana is.

  18. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: An offer does not mean a scholarship and a commitment does not mean a scholarship. Lot’s of things happen along the way. David Williams and Matt Carlino are two examples.

    Crean should just be honest with his representations and let the kids know where they stand (eg, “if Zeller commits son, you don’t get a scholly”.)

    I don’t understand the “wasting time” argument. By NCAA rules, there is only so much time that any one recruit can be given (contacts, visits, calls, etc). Its not as if he could be sitting in Davis’ living room the whole time. So, I think its okay for Crean to keep digging.

  19. I gave up taking 42 minutes of my Scoop day to bulk up on hoops knowledge with a standard 4guards..What am I doing instead?

  20. Everybody has their own opinion I guess. I for one, would rather hold the scholarship for 12 than to sign this guy. I would definitely be going after Gant much harder than I would be this guy, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

  21. “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.”

    This is not the real me speaking. Soon I will accuse myself of being an impostor. Just watch.

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