Indiana recruiting former Iowa signee Larson

Cody Larson, a 6-foot-9, 230-pound forward from Sioux Falls, S.D., was visited by the entire Indiana coaching staff on Sunday night according to a source close to Larson who asked to be neither quoted nor identified. Larson signed a letter of intent to play at Iowa, but is reconsidering after the Hawkeyes fired former coach Todd Lickliter. New coach Fran McCaffery released Larson from his scholarship last week.

The source said that Larson has already been offered scholarships by Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, Arizona State and Wake Forest. Florida is set to visit Larson in South Dakota on Friday. Ohio State and Arizona are coming in on Sunday and New Mexico will visit next Wednesday.

Lee Taylor, Larson’s coach at Roosevelt High School, said he could not confirm Indiana’s involvement, but that he’s handled calls from dozens of schools who want to get involved.

“Everyone’s calling just to make sure he is in fact release and that he’s still open,” Taylor said. “He’s keeping his options open. He definitely could go back to Iowa. He just feels like he needs to dot all the “I”s and cross all the “T’s” with the new coaching staff.  But he’s getting calls from the ACC, the Pac-10, the SEC. It’s really been all over the map.”

It’s been a strange process for Larson, Taylor said, but it’s also been exciting.

“He didn’t foresee this coming,” Taylor said. “Even as Iowa was struggling, he thought for sure Lickliter would be there. Now’ he’s listening to people again to see if he did make the right decision. The schools calling all have been definitely flattering and he’s humbled about that.”

Taylor said Larson has the skill to play anything from point guard to center at the high school level, but that in college he fits best as a combination small and power forward. As a senior, Larson helped Roosevelt to a fifth-place finish in the state, averaging 19.9 points, 8.5 rebounds and about six assists and two blocks per game, according to Taylor.

“He’s a big-time level player,” Taylor said. “He”s 6-9 and he does everything really, really well. He has the ability to put the ball on the floor. He’s an unbelievable finisher. He’s a great passer. He has an off-the-chart basketball IQ. He has great court awareness. He can step out and shoot from beyond the arc. He was our second-best ball handler. … He’s an unbelievable talent. He has the tools and the body to step in as a freshman and make an impact for a top level program.”


  1. I think he would be a good pick up if he insists on burning the scholly. I am a little surprised Crean is recruiting him though due to his drug and alcohol incidents. I thought we didn’t want any of that here?

  2. Do we even have a chance if all those other schools are involved? I mean, I am not worried about New Mexico getting him, but Thad Matta, Billy Donovan, Sean Miller…?

    This is gonna be MOAB all over again…

  3. 4 Guards, can you go one topic on here without posting your Anti-Crean BS. Get a new hobby

  4. Well, both South Dakota and Indiana, not to mention Iowa, fit the Fox News standard for “Real America,” if you know what I mean. They do things the right way in those places.

  5. He’ll never come play for Crean ,if he’s smart,he’ll go play for Alford..
    Crean needs to go,he can’t recruit,coach,or anything else.You IU fans need to wake up,and quite being dumbasses.We need Alford to turn this program around..

  6. ^^^”You IU fans need to wake up,and quite being dumbasses”

    And the guy says he keeps it civil…

  7. This year has been a roller coaster ride in recruiting.We need a big name to commit.I am not to confident about that happening,but hopefull.Thanks Dustin for all of your hard work,but please post something positive for the IU nation faithfull,like a 5 star player signs a LOI.

  8. He really has the Indiana look that we need to get back to true IU basketball. Crean needs to land this 3 star kid.

  9. Crow Jane,
    Where have you been? There is a 13 year old on here using my username. I believe it to be Hoosier Clarion. Not sure how he hasn’t been banned yet due to cursing and attacking people.
    I keep it civil.

  10. He does have that Indiana look.He has alot of top programs after him .He would be a nice fit

  11. 4guards- it can’t be Clarion. Can’t you detect someone’s style in their posts? Clarion has historically been a much more civilized poster than you are, and he only bites when bitten.

  12. To be fair to 4guards, that’s pretty obviously not him in the comment with the language.

    I’ll admit, I’m interested in this guy, but I do have similar concerns, and I’m sure Crean shares those. But no reason to judge the kid on those now, what matters is if he turns it around when he gets to college.

  13. Crow Jane. That is just my guess. He likes to say diviner all too often.
    You obviously cannot detect someone’s style thinking that was actually my post….

  14. That’s not the real 4guards.

    I’m saddened, but not at all shocked, by how silly things have gotten here.

    We’ve tried our best to keep an open forum, because we believe in it. Sure, we could restrict certain viewpoints and perhaps keep the conversation more manicured. But that’s not what I want.

    Do we condone what 4guards says by allowing him to post here? By that same logic, we’d condone all of you who think you’re oh-so-clever by calling him 4tards.

    Yes, we not only believe that Steve Alford used his magical hair to travel back in time and invent the game of basketball but also feel that the best way to discuss an issue with someone you disagree with is through name-calling. Yep. That’s pretty much our platform.

    It’s your forum. Some of you choose to espouse the same opinion over and over. Some of you choose to have three or four identities so that you can create some sort of scintillating discussion between viewpoints born of your own internal struggle. A few of you come to talk sports.

    We’re still working on tweaking the Scoop. Perhaps we’ll add a registry feature. It won’t take away all of the rabble-rousing. Those of you who are veterans of the Peegs board can probably rattle off a list of names of people who passed through trying to stir it up.

    My hope is that this will continue to be a place where all viewpoints are welcome, and that through your dialogue it becomes clear which ones are most valid. And for people who have conflicting ideas to at least understand how others see things. Call me a dreamer. But it’s happened here before.

  15. A registry would be nice as things have gotten a bit silly here lately. I still like to check in every once and a while.

    As my weekends are now filled with trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond (speaking of registry…2 hours this past Sunday never seemed longer) and Home Depot the Scoop still offers me an escape.

    Anyway. No transfer news yet which is interesting. The IU baseball team needs some pitching…now. And, Dustin, what is up with your Steelers? They are turning into the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990’s. Anything goes. Catch you guys on the q/a soon.


  16. I saw this coming from a mile away and called it days ago: The paternal lecture from Officer Korman. Oh well, he’s a good guy, and works hard.

    Alas, I admit, I have been part of the “problem,” if you view it as such.

    But, the question is, can you stick a screaming protester (4tards) in a room where people have gathered to exchange constructive ideas and expect people not to give it back to him? Is the Scoop supposed to be a room full of shy and bashful churchgoers who turn the other cheek to incendious and inflammatory language in the name of protecting free speech? I don’t think so.

    4guards gets a thrill out of coming on here and stirring the pot. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be here, because its obvious by now that he isn’t changing anyone’s opinion.

    There is no reason on earth why we shouldn’t have our fun too.

  17. How boring the blogs would be without diversionary trips and radical viewpoints. A registry would be an excellent way to serve meatloaf to the readers every night. I like having 4guards on here. Without those that scream a world be flat, we have no push to challenge the queen our defiance.

    Take a lesson from Basketblog. Instead of letting bloggers sail their own course, they changed the world to their liking. They have been left with an empty dead ocean…One can only conclude they all fell off the edge of Engel’s glass mirror of the sky.

    It’s not always going to be a sea of sports talk..There will always be separation between a journalist’s story/headline and random direction of comments without always concern for compass.

    Go Hoosiers!

  18. You’re a dreamer, Chris.

    But, that’s a great thing to be. And, who cares about the comments anyway? This is the best source for IU sports news, by far. Thanks for all you guys do.

    PS- I’m sure you’ve seen the comments section at other stops along the ol’ information superhighway. The Indianapolis Star is particularly troubling to me. Makes this place look like the height of civil discourse. And spelling, for that matter.

  19. I would also like to extend my appreciation for the hard-working men and women of Scoop..And since we’re spilling honest guts, I’m sorry for making any insinuation of seedy connection between 4guards and this great website for Hoosier sports. I had only intention to give a purposefully twisted thought 4guards will never visit atop the altitude his over-the-top anti-Crean mountain.

    There is no sincere bone in my body to think Korman would be associated with 4guards..I hope he knows that to be my true feelings.

  20. I say we meet at Nick’s or Yogi’s in the near future and hash it all out. I’m not scared!!!

  21. J Pat,

    If by “near future” you mean “tonight,” I’ll see you there. I’ve got photographer Chris Howell sitting here finishing up his work for the night, and he looks mighty thirsty.

  22. I come on this site every evening to catch up on any recruiting news. I really appreciate Chris’ comments. I would love to see people comment on the stories and leave the sophmoric discussions out.

  23. I agree with Chill about the Basketblog. Keep in mind a few other things:

    1) 4guards is running around on at least 3 sites preaching his same message (Indy Star, Peegs). He is clearly a troubled individual.

    2) On the football threads everything seems to be business as usual (i.i., where there is no 4guards, there is peace, quiet, and normalcy)

  24. Chris,

    I had to hit the bed. Now that I have kids I just do the weekend thing once in a while. Hope you had fun if you went.
    I have to admit that sometimes I would like to meet some of these CRAZY possters face to face. Not really in a confrontational way but I am curious what they look like and if they would talk smack in public to your face like on here. By the way that is not why I want the tailgate at all and we need to discuss that!

    Also, I read the story from the link provided by a blogger and I like the rating system discussed. We could rate each other not really on how much we agree/disagree or like what the person says but if we trust the person all around. Would love that!!!

  25. I was going to post something about Cody, he would be the subject in the article in case some of you haven’t noticed. It seems as if everyone is talking about everything but Cody Larson. I have posted less and less on the Scoop because of exactly this. Every time I get on here its either about 4Guards or something that has nothing to do with the subject of sports. Getting old and its sad that a few people have completely ruined a good thing.

    Cody looks like a good fit here at IU. Not sure if we have a chance with him. Did Crean ever try recruiting this kid the first time around? Haven’t seen any video of this kid, but is seems like he has great size and strength.

    Probably the last post from me for awhile. Hoosier Nation is much more civil. Maybe its cause you actually have to log on and if you get tired of someones BS you can simply click the IGNORE button and their gone forever. Later days boys, hope you guys continue to have fun talking about 4Guards and everything else but Indiana sports. Got lame quick, only takes a few bad apples to ruin the entire bunch.

  26. You guys have to admit that Cordy is a pretty good looking guy, right? I mean I would certainly buy him a drink/drugs.


  27. Korman, we’ll call you a dreamer, but you’re not the only one. Maybe some day we’ll all join you, and Hoosier Nation will live as one ……..

  28. RHF,
    I understand your thoughts but still disappointed to read your review. I have enjoyed your posts here and am not bashful to say so. I too have been on the sight you mention but do not post there. To me that sight is not as sidewalk and storefront friendly which is probably why there are not many new posters ever on there. They are are so uptight about revealing anything they read on their preemie board which makes it seem more like a club than a blog. But because it is a blog they too have their friction between posters. I enjoy your give and take.

  29. Glad Korman brought up the issue. I rarely post here because of the one guy everyone seems to respond to which is the problem in the first place.

    Korman, you talk of people posting 4tards comments etc., but this is only reactionary to the ignornant posts.

    The reality is, myself and others would love to contribute to this blog but when you see the rediculous comments it is such a turn off I just can’t write anything up. In other words, this guy is costing you customers, and that ain’t a good thing.

    The solution is very easy. Do not respond to the posts. Ignore him completely. People like this have no friends, no hobbies, nothing really to do but create this character whose sole purpose is to rattle your cage. The travesty is you actually respond to him continously. You are feeding his pathetic fire. When the readers of this blog commit to each other and ignore the posts that just are not IU, this will be a better place to visit. Good luck to all.

  30. MillaRed,
    I really don’t like the fact that people want to constantly talk about me. I don’t really understand it. Lets talk about IU basketball. I really don’t understand why people get their jollies off making 50 off topic comments under my username per day either. Maybe people are just so frustrated with what Crean is doing to our program they need an outlet.

  31. Have you ever considered moving to New Mexico and forever putting your tiny plug into Alford’s “outlet”?

    plug [pluhg] noun, verb, plugged, plug·ging.

    8.Informal. the favorable mention of something, as in a lecture, radio show, etc.; advertisement; recommendation: The actress was happy to give her new show a plug.

    11.Slang. a worn-out or inferior horse. insert or drive a plug into.

  32. When did the IU basketball program become “our” program? Any athletic team belongs to the coaches and players. Boosters, alumni and others are only along for the ride. When fans take over ownership of a program, trouble is sure to follow.
    No fan knows more than the players and coaches. Sure they think that they do, but that is ignorant.
    Investigate SMU, University of Illinois, Kentucky, and others. It’s hard enough to monitor the coaches with cell phones. When the “our” people attempt to help it can get ugly and it can be devastating.
    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. People like JPat are good for an athletic department, positive and faithful. Sure these people have questions, that’s to be expected. What people like JPat don’t do is expect more for their involvement. They may want a voice but hopefully they are intelligent enough to realize that isn’t going to happen.
    College athletics is big business, make no mistake about that. The casual fan, probably most of us bloggers, don’t know anything about it. Some bloggers want to be in the know, even pretend that they are, but the cold facts are not really.
    Last weekend everyone wanted to know why Crean wasn’t at BSHS for the open gym. It turns out he and his assistants visited Moraine JC in Illinois and went to South Dakota recruiting.
    That’s enough.

  33. And when did it become “our” country? No citizen knows more than the King of England…..Just hang the Union Jack on your front porch and shut your ignorant mouth.

  34. RHF, I hope you come back.

    I have recently gone back and forth with 4G because I hate for people to get on here and read something a poster writes and take it for truth. I hear it in the work place and even in my family. Maybe I just post something generic if I see a bold face lie. This is a forum to express opinion I know but the outright made up lies and untruth are terrible.

    Millport, great last post. You are so right on it all. In the end though I just want to see my alma mater succeed in the big 2. It has been hard growing up watching IU basketball dominate and football be decent and now I become a parent and am getting older and they stink. It is a tough pill to swallow. Again, enjoyed the post!!!

  35. JPat,
    When have I ever posted a “bold face lie”? and I am not talking about the other people using my username.

  36. 4guards, you have posted numerous lies over the last few months. Get over it, you aren’t going to repair your soiled reputation by being a boy scout for a day.

  37. I once knew this guy, and no one ever talked about him, so he invented this blog guy, so someone for God’s sake would recognize his existence, because no one in their right mind would in real-world land…..

    Anyway, they started making references about him being mentally handicapped, so he stopped doing it realizing he was being laughed at by 250 readers.

    I never liked that guy.

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