IU-Mexico soccer

Luis Soffner saved a penalty kick in the 88th minute and IU comes away with not only a victory, but a clean sheet to boot. Excellent performance to finish the spring for IU. HOOSIERS 2, MEXICO 0

Mexico trying to turn up the pressure as things start to get a bit chippy. IU has been up to the challenge as Soffner just covered a couple of point-blank ricochets. HOOSIERS 2, MEXICO 0

Will Bruin heads home the service of Tyler McCarroll to extend the IU lead. A pinpoint cross by McCarroll and Bruin’s header just as well-placed, kicking off the right post and in. HOOSIERS 2, MEXICO 0

Mexico with a free kick coming up. Both teams have had chances go by the board this half. Will Bruin was denied on an outstanding save by Mexico. Then Tommy Meyer headed a Mexican shot off the line after Luis Soffner got caught out at the top of the box. HOOSIERS 1, MEXICO 0

We’ve reached the midway point of tonight’s game, and Indiana holds the lead. The Hoosiers have outshot Mexico, 5-1, but the only IU shot on goal was McCarroll’s score. Mexico has controlled the ball a fair amount, but hasn’t put much of an attack together. HOOSIERS 1, MEXICO 0

Andy Adlard breaks free down the middle of the field and lays the ball off left to Tyler McCarroll, who takes a touch and cracks the shot into the back of the net … gol! HOOSIERS 1, MEXICO 0

One-third of the way through the first half and no score. Indiana has the game’s lone shot on a blast over the goal by Will Bruin. Mexico has had a good deal of possession but no threats other than a long free kick into the box that Luis Soffner handled easily.

I’m at Armstrong Stadium with Chris Korman tonight where the horns are already in full throat for tonight’s soccer match between Indiana and the U-20 Mexican national team.

Lots of red and green in the stands, flags flying for Mexico, IU and the United States. It would seem World Cup fever has come a little early to Bloomington.

Stand by and we’ll see how things play out. This should give the Hoosiers a real test of their progress this spring and the work they have yet to do before next fall.


  1. I’m impressed. How was the weather? If it was cool and rainy that would have helped el Norte en Futbol players.

    I hope that was right. vbg

  2. It sounds good that Soffner is saving those point blank ricochets. I can’t name how many times those exact type of goals hurt the team last season, and by hurt I mean the difference between winning and losing games and a lot of them.

  3. GFDave, it was cool but no rain. My wife and I talked to several of the players from Mexico in the mall on Monday night and they were nice…more smiling than talking!!!

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