IU spring roster cut down by injuries

Before the first practice after its first scrimmage of the spring, Indiana declared five more players out for the rest of the spring.

Defensive tackle Jarrod Smith (back) hadn’t seen any time before Tuesday’s practice, but IU made it official that he isn’t coming back. Offensive lineman Cody Faulkner, who missed all of last season with injuries, is now done for the rest of the spring with an ankle injury. Safety Jarrell Drane (knee) is also done for the spring, and cornerback Lawrence Barnett had his last spring practice on Tuesday. He will have surgery to repair ligaments in his wrist.

Running back Darius Willis also missed Tuesday’s practices. He injured ribs in Saturday’s scrimmage. Offensive lineman Justin Pagan has been cleared to do some drill work in helmets and shorts. He had ankle surgery before the season.

In other roster moves, true freshman linebacker Jack Denton, who graduated high school early to practice in the spring, is temporarily moving over to tight end. Redshirt freshman safety Nick Zachery is working with the wide receivers.


  1. How does IU’s amount of spring injuries compare to those of other programs?

    To me, it seems like every year, we have a lot of injuries. But, with 50-something guys running around hitting each others, scrapes and bruises are inevitable.

    Does anyone know how we stack up? Am I bothered for nothing, or do we have an issue with conditioning?

  2. You know, this year more than ever, I really, really need to have something to get excited about with college football – something right here in Bloomington. We have to start winning some football games. I want to be one of those universities that when one major team slides, another one is there to pick up the fan base and keep them cheering. A school like North Carolina. Or Florida. Or Kansas. Or Kansas State. Or Illinois. Or Ohio State. Or Wisconsin. Hell, like the entire Big 10 except for IU. IU has the worst 1-2 punch for major sports in the conference.

    I’ve said before that I think Bloomington could be a huge football town (only Downing disagrees with me). There are plenty of hungry young fans and progressive older fans out there who want to be like the rest of the Big 10; they want to matter in both sports.

    I am looking forward to the season. I want 7 wins and an above average bowl game. I want 4 conference wins. Is that asking too much?

  3. Go to collegefootballtalk.com and you will be amazed at the number injuries that occur across the country during spring practice, many are season ending and many are at big time programs.

    HT, I agree IU does need to be prominent in FB and 4 or 5 other sports. On location alone I tend to believe recruiting to Bloomington(the most southern point in B10)should be a selling tool, however slight. I know some residents of Bloomington probably won’t agree with me but winters there are moderate compared to seven other schools in the B10. I travel the Great Lakes/Midwest region extensively and there is a pronounced contrast.

    As far as what to expect from the FB team, this is the second year for the class practicing redshirting to to be eligible(Willis and his group being the first). We should start seeing less disparity between starters and their backups. Meaning more available and quality depth to maintain those early advantages we get on teams that have their own depth to make a comeback. If we show real improvement, it will show up first by being more dominate in the OOC part of the schedule. I am very aware that playing “what if” scenarios is fantasy. But I was doing some “what if’s” and found that if you do not use BL’s worst two season(BSU) records his lifetime college record is 94-69-3, but of course they do count making his true LT record 95-90-3(I honestly did not know he was over .500). It is only trivia or fantasy but still encourages thought.

  4. Yeah, who in their right mind would want to go to Nortwestern?…Beautiful city skyline, museums, restaurants, weekend strolls along famous Lake Shore Drive, Cubs games(This is the year!), cheerleaders with high SAT scores, basketball program on the rise, intelligent and highly personable football coach…intelligent and humble basketball coach…abandoned the stigma of cellar-dwellers attached to both major sports programs.

    But, brrrrrrrrrr…it’s so shivering…the cold chill in the October autumn air. And I hate the thought of a few snowflakes dancing in the stadium lights of an early evening late November sky. Give me the complete boredom of Bloomington in brown landscape, the ineptitude of the gum-tossing coach, and the cold drenching rains on my breeches!

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