1. Anyone notice Brey at ND probably will not get the same forgiveness as Pitino did at L’ville, for about the same action.

  2. Notre Dame is a Catholic institution, they may take a much different light on adultery. Not saying it’s right or wrong, but that is their prerogative.

  3. I liked Gibbs, this wasnt a huge disappointment, but it is disappointing in the fact that Gibbs like many other recruits is/was a backup plan to Davis. It now makes the Davis recruitment extremely important. As a fan I would love to have Zeller and JD, but you cant sit around waiting on a few guys that may or may not even sign, in the meantime every other possible target is giving a verbal to Maryland, Central Florida, Florida, UCLA and the list goes on and on. I hope Crean knows what he is doing, at the end of last year it was obvious IU had huge holes at the point guard and center position. Crean has not filled either position and as much as I love and cant wait for Victor to be flying through the air, IU has not gone out and got the recruits that we absolutely need. If JD and Zeller pass, IU is in big trouble because all the other targets have found a new home.

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