Larson commits to Florida

Cross another recruit off the list.

Cody Larson, a 6-foot-9 senior, committed to Florida tonight, the Sioux Falls Argus-Leaders’ Stu Whitney reports.

He also received interest from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State, New Mexico, Kansas and Arizona State.

But Florida rose to the top of his list after Donovan paid a visit to Sioux Falls last Friday to meet with Larson and his family.

Indiana sent its entire coaching staff to South Dakota to watch Larson almost immediately after he pulled his commitment to Iowa.

With Larson out of the picture, IU’s best hopes for landing a forward in the class of 2010 seems to be Dwight McCombs and John Wilkins.


  1. This was a long shot anyway! With the big ten rule as it is I dont blame the kid for not screwing with trying to change the rules! Good luck to this kid! Now the big ten needs to change their rules ——if a kid signs a LOI and the coach is released– Then the kid should be able to change his mind and if he wants to go to another B10 school on a scholarship he should be able! Come on this rule isnt fair for kids who havent taken any classes on campus. Get a grip Big 10 your living in the 50″s???????

  2. I agree. I wanted this guy, even though he seems to be more of a tweener, just because he’s a highly ranked big man with some polish. But, like Hammer stated, he was a long shot.

    Regardless of where he ended up and what his thoughts were, this rule is dumb. What if he wanted to go to OSU, IU, or UM, and this rule prevented him? What if it was even the idea of the hassle that turned him away from one of those schools? Change it, it’s just not fair under these circumstances.

  3. Crean is a failure. How could we lose out to a school with only 2 championships, when we have 5?

  4. Boys and Girls, we need to get one thing straight. IU nation is not going to get a four or five star stud in house for a LONG time. Tom Crean and staff just can not pull the strings to get it done. We need to realize this soon and have everybody get off of their high horse and live with it.

  5. ^^That may be likely, but it isn’t necessarily true. Stanford and Arizona State both nabbed 5-star players in this upcoming class. Central Michigan nabbed the #26 player in the country. Not every 5 star player wants to go to the glorified NBA draft camp Kentucky. Once in a while, a guy will have sentimental or other reasons to stay home and play for the local school.

    That being said, it isn’t likely that we will get a 5 star. But that is almost irrelevant if you can get good 4 stars who will stay with the program for 3-4 years.

  6. Ummm, 4guards (whomever used that screen name for the 7:24 am post), what makes Larson a “real Indiana type kid?”

  7. On a positive note…I was able to go see the new basketball facility and it is impressive on the outside. The place took a lot of flack a while back on the blog but with sides finished and concrete poured and beautiful landscaping I was impressed! The walkway up/in is awesome! I am waiting on that statue!!!

  8. anyone read McLeod’s comments in the NJ paper about Crean? Any thoughts? How could their views be that different? Had to be more to it.

  9. I understand what you are saying and I am not taking anything away from the studs we have now. But the fact the matter is, as of now they can’t get that one 5 star kid to come in. I understand why, but if I had the chance to play for a Big 10 school with alot of TV coverage, then I am in. Heck there is even a Big 10 channel that covers everything. Is there any other conferance that has that kind of thing?

  10. J Pat, can you summarize McLeod’s comments? I didn’t see them and am not sure what paper you’re referring to.

  11. haha. for some reason that is how I pictured good ol’ husky tom.
    You will probably never know what really happened with Crean and McLeod.

  12. Terry Cummings- great photo choices, especially for 4guards.

    Only one I am not happy with is mine. Not sure how you came up with a silver-haired gay guy for your pic of me. This might be a bit more accurate.

  13. I’ve looked at McLeod’s from both sides now,
    From up and down, and still somehow
    It’s McLeod’s illusions i recall.
    I really don’t know McLeod’s at all.

  14. Just for information neither Travis Carroll nor Danny Hale, both Purdue recruits from IN made Rivals top 150 list (sort of like Capo and Pritchard did not make that list). Also neither Cody Larson (SD) nor Will Yeuqete (FL), both “great” new FL recruits, made that list. They may be great kids and good basketball players, but 5- Star and 4-Star “studs” they are not! We need Tyler Zeller to transfer from North Carolina and Cody Zeller and Jeremiah Davis to commit with Austin Etherington for 2011. That would make for a perfect world!

  15. has a newstand link that you can click on. He says that his style did not mesh well with Crean’s.

  16. Are we looking for more controversy to give to the Opie Taylor basket case twin named 4guards? I’m beginning to think many of you are closet supporters and want a Knight disciple at the head coaching position as well. Fire Crean now!

    You have to admit, it does look a bit like Ron Howard’s brother.

  17. Hey 4turds, apparently your Wonder Boy Alford can’t get it done either. And he didn’t have the Big Ten’s idiotic rules as a road block.

  18. To J Pat: When you say “his style”, who is the “his”?
    To Washington Apple: The Zeller’s of Washington IN make very good sons and excellent basketball players! I can’t walk on stilts but where can you buy the Hotdogs?

  19. Question: If Bob Knight wanted to have one last run at coaching and publicly conveyed a desire for it to be at IU, how many of you would kick Crean out of Bloomington faster than Jamarcus Ellis was made to pack his Sampsonite bags?

  20. No big man’s style meshes with Crean’s. It should not be a surprise. What legitimate big man wants to play small ball dribble drive all game?

  21. Zeller wieners can be found at Trader Joe’s…There kind of hidden in the rear section..Just look for the pale brined chickens.

  22. Ok on a normal day I would bash Tom Crean and say it is all his fault for losing Larson but this one falls back on the bigten itself for having dumbass rules.. I think in the end if Crean can pull out a good season then he will get good players again. If he name Steve as his third asst. then we’ll get even more attention from some good players out west.JMO

  23. Maybe Larson decided in favor crappy winter weather.
    Maybe he just wanted to spread his exotic wings and and be closer to cruise ship ports…

  24. Tyler Zeller is not going to transfer and his brother Cody, well can you say “Lets go DAWGS”

  25. adam- You are more civil than I thought. I agree with you completely.

    Downing- Now why would you throw that stupid Knight question out there? What better way to stir up the zealots and weirdos…It’s like asking how many southerners out there would like to go back to the year 1850 and the confederacy…

    Stick it: go DAWGS means only ONE thing where I’m from…

  26. Washington Apple: That was a good pic. I guess they all should be on top ridding to the Field House!!

  27. adam is just kissing up…You honestly don’t know who that blogger is?

    I believe the McLeod comments were the beginnings of the attempts to “stir up”. Where were you then? Brining your chickens?..How did the removal of the roid go? As I said, I’m finally beginning to realize most of the Yacht Club are closet 4guard supporters and desire to forever nurse from a Knight teat. With those teeth on 4guards, that could be quite the painful experience for Alford, Fife,…Knight.

    They will never be happy.

    And why on earth are you calling me Downing? He went down with a Basketblog ship.

  28. Straight from the Purdue blog…4guards himself…”As I antagonize the IU faithful, I am beginning to wonder why Painter doesn’t have any committments that are worth anything…I know he is not in IU’s situtation but he seems to be falling behind”…..

    Again 4guards is a Purdue and he is found out…might want to change your name…

  29. ^^^Classic. Although we don’t drive on the right side of the car in Washington. Was that an English doggie there?

    My the way, don’t let my hemmorhoids tarnish the name of Trader Joe’s…that place is incredible…

  30. Whole Foods….Do you have a WHole Foods in Bloomington? I used to shop at a fabulous Whole Foods in Fairfax, Virginia. I miss that store.

  31. me bringing the McLeod comments up were not trying to stir anything up…just wanted to let everyone know that. I was surprised he made any comment at all about IU.

  32. Hearing that Izzo is making a push for J. Davis. Would be a major disappointment if IU loses him after all the work the coaches have done.

  33. I knose you didn’t. 4guards will find a way to put a positive Hoosier spin on anything McLeod would say.

  34. There is a Whole Foods in Indy. Great place, though expensive. Trader Joe’s gives you much of the same product, without the sticker shock, thanks to some creative arrangements with suppliers and small farms… The cheese prices are out of this world. Blocks of imported Manchego for 5 bucks…organic feta for 2 bucks…Grana Padano parmesan for 4 bucks…terrific stuff.

  35. so out of the top 5 indiana kids in 2011 according to , Teague, Chandler, Dawson, Zeller , and Davis… How many does Crean land? This was supposed to be the class I have been hearing about since 2008. Just wait to judge Crean until 2011, It is loaded with Indiana talent. How does it end up for us?

  36. Agree…Whole Foods is pricey.

    The canned Albacore tuna is a very good quality product from Trader Joe’s(their own label)..I use it to make delicious grilled tuna melt sandwiches made with nice ciabatta bread I also buy at Joe’s. I’m hungry.

  37. ^^^ For god sakes, get rid of that name already. It served its purpose, but since the updates are over, let’s go back to something familiar. Swooshinspace?

  38. Boggers and poop update: It appears you do not know me as well. If you actually read most of what I post it is to stir up crap not always what I belive. I love to make people irate and watch them react with comments that are worse than mine. Sometimes I can be serious and the above comment was. Larson was not Creans fault. Also, I believe IU will have a very good season next year with 15 to 20 wins.

  39. You obviously have an obsession with Downing..Didn’t that hussy ruin Basketblog? The picture was great! I have to go make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich..I’m famished. Up yours too..

  40. IU does not get any of those players from Indiana at all. He is going to need to change his approach on this issue. Can you say Blu Chips!!

  41. As a fan of hoosier scoop,I appreciate the effort put in by these guys.As of lately I have been discouraged with us(IU) not bieng able to get any commitments.Please basketball gods remove your spell and let the sun shine back on this program.
    Something gotta give 🙂

  42. Bloggers, thanks I needed a new nose hair clipper! Hope it was appropriate as I can’t open the links at work!

  43. You should probably stop using them on your brows.

    Gordon played hard while a Hoosier. I have no regrets cheering for the kid then and now. I was a little disappointed that he gave a seedy reporter an interview about the season of turmoil. It did nothing but show how quickly millions of dollars can change even the most humble of souls. Still think he’s a decent young man in a league(all athletics for that matter)that is in dire need of role models.

  44. Does anybody really know why he (Gordon) changed his mind? Was it really coach S, or do you think that there might have been “behind the green door” kind of things?

  45. Bloggers, I was joking on that last post but it does seem that he is doing better than he did at IU when comparing even IU to his rookie year. I wish him well, just not one of my favorites and I have my reasons… trust me.

  46. maybe we meet up one day. I have stated the reasons on here in the past. I was pretty much run off another blog for saying something that my wife and I saw with our own eyes more than once. I loved the kid too at one time. I do wish him the best!

  47. Can you give a rhyming word? He made some insinuations about former teammates that fed a lot of hungry wolves. I hope the actions you’re implying and leaving in the dark are far less a slip in character than the feeding of a hate-filled reporter hellbent on a storyline to justify riding kids out of town. I guess now returns the boomerang of implication from mouth of too quick a growing ego.

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