Live From the Derby Classic

UPDATE, 5:30 left in the third quarter

Victor Oladipo and Moses Abraham ore in the same shift this half, and they’re out for the moment. As has been previously explained, they’ve had their ups and downs. Abraham’s had some nice moments, but he’s clearly been outplayed by Gorgui Sy Dieng, a Louisville recruit who had three blocks in the first half and has to be up to five or six by now. Oladipo had a few highlight reel dunks early, but he missed his last attempt, a windmill on the fast break.

UPDATE, Dunk Contest

Oladipo had an impressive first dunk in the finals. He had Ray McCallum lob the ball off the back of the backboard. Oladipo grabbed it and jumped out from underneath the backboard, grabbed it and slammed. That earned him a perfect score of 30. His second dunk didn’t go quite as well. he had two players bounce the ball off the backboard in front of him then turned and slam, but really sort of threw the ball in the bucket.

Justin Coleman had dunk of the night. He got Gorgui Sy Dieng to rainbow kick the ball into an alley oop and Coleman did a 180 spin to grab it and dunk it. Needless to say, that got a perfect score.

UPDATE, Three Point Contest

Victor Oladipo knocked down 10 shots in the 3-point shot contest. There’s been a lot of discussion about his form so far. I wouldn’t swear by it, and reports that he doesn’t get far off the floor when he’s shooting are accurate. But he hit 10 3’s. That’s not good enough to win it, but his stroke looked decent if not spectacular.

UPDATE, Halftime

Since the two dunks from Oladipo there hasn’t been much to speak of from the two players of IU interest. Moses Abraham has a dunk and a putback layup. He obviously has a lot to learn, but you can tell a few things by watching him. One, he’s trying to do the right things. He’s setting picks and rolling, boxing out, and attempting help defense. In an all-star game, no one cares that much about defense, which is evident by the 73-55 score, and I wouldn’t say he’s doing a great job of it, but he’s at least attempting.

Oladipo’s had his ups and downs. He’s looked disinterested on certain possessions, and I haven’t been blown away by his vaunted lock down defense. He also sort of looks winded. Not sure if we should make any thing of that or not.

Among the guys that have impressed me are Stanford bound Anthony Brown and N.C. State recruit Ryan Harrow. They’re about to get the 3-point contest going.

UPDATE, timeout at 5:25 left in the first quarter

Oladipo has four points and an assist so far, but it’s all been in spectacular fashion. (This is an all-star game after all). He drove baseline for a tomahawk dunk, then slammed down an alley-oop. He also had a nice no-look pass to Dwight Powell for a dunk. It’s 18-14 White. And Moses Abraham is in. He really does exist.


After driving halfway into the airport and parking on the wrong side of Freedom Hall, I’m finally in my seat for the Derby Classic. Luckily, they’re starting off with a high school drum line performance, which is entertaining and gives me a chance to catch my breath.

Anyway, this marks my first chance to see Indiana signee Victor Oladipo and to see the man, the myth, the Moses Abraham. I’m excited just for proof he exists. I’ll have random updates throughout.


  1. Dustin,
    Thanks for the honest reporting on Oladipo.
    “reports that he doesn’t get far off the floor when he’s shooting are accurate”
    also doesn’t sound like you are too impressed with his defense.
    sounds like we have a leaper, not a basketball player.

  2. Hey Dustin heres what I take from your Honest report? By the way do you lie about some of these reports??? 1) Victor has a good shot but he doesnt get off the ground very high! OK — Hey 4 guard Dustin then said “but his stroke looked decent if not spectacular” therefore the kid can shoot! Dustin also stated he made great passes and that the kid can sky! This means he will also be a great rebounder. In regards to defense I didnt take it that Dustin said he can play it?? 4gaurds you evidently havent followed Victor because if you did you know he can play defense? 4 guards every article I read your always are so negative about IU recruits and Coach Crean! Are you an IU fan? I saw where someone stated you are always on the Purdue blog with the same name? Why so negative about all of IU! No one wants to hear that all the time! Sorry but it gets old seeing the dumb stuff you say and write! I need to just skip over your comments from now on but couldnt resist saying this because this kid will be a great asset for IU and you need to get off Victors his back! Grow up 4guard?

  3. I never said Oladipo can’t play defense. I said it seemed like Dustin was not impressed by his defense. I just say he cannot shoot and is not that great of a basketball player.
    I am an IU fan and have never been on any Purdue blog. I even asked the guy/lady what website it was and he never responded. I have had people trying to imitate me lately. I am always negative about Crean because he is not a good coach. He is running our program into the ground so far we may never get out. I am not negative on all our recruits. I just give an honest opinion. Etherington and Carlino I was high on. Oladipo and Shehey just aren’t very good. Last year I was high on Elston, Creek, Hulls, and Watford. I was negative on Bawa on Capo. I just call it like I see it.

  4. A. I’m not really sure why anyone is looking for lock-down defense in an all star game.

    B. 4guards, Crean is running our program into the ground? Really? Because we were in such awesome shape before he came here, right? And you wonder why people rip your comments here…

  5. Just got home from the Derby Classic. VO is very impressive. There was a sea of Kentucky Blue and Lousville Red all around me. I will say everyone was rather impressed with VO. There were several comments about the “Indiana Kid” looking pretty good. VO definitely needs to work on his jump shot but his athleticism is second to none. He is amazing and was wearing an IU Hoodie when introduced before the game started. You can say he is thrilled to be going to Indiana, these are the kind of kids we need, (Marquis Teague slam if you will).

    Moses Abraham has a longgggg way to go and was without a doubt outplayed by Dieng. This Dieng kid was very, very impressive. He is an inch taller than Moses and about the same weight. Now before everyone starts in on me I realize this was basically an exhibition game. I realize very little defense is played at these events, so I was basically trying to watch for athleticism and basic basketball reactions and instincts. Maybe it was an off night for MA but he seems to be way behind everyone else. Im sure he will catch up in the coming years but if its any consolation for the Hoosier Nation I really dont feel it was a major loss as far as loosing the recruitment to GTown. As a matter of fact Nate Lubbick worked over MA time and time again. I thought Nate was going to be a big ole lurch but he actually moved quite well for a big man. He was quicker to the ball, quicker to the rim and rebounded well.

    All in all Oladipo did exactly what I thought, dunked then dunked again along with some impressive blocks. Toward the end of the game VO took a nasty fall and laid motionless on the ground for several moments, to eventually get to his feet under his own power and stayed in the game. He was later taken out, hit the floor toward the end of teh bench and was shown attention by the trainer. That was basically the end of his night.
    MA was not impressive in my eyes at all. He has good size but that seems to be it.
    Gorgui Sy Dieng looked like the most impressive big out on the court. Looked like a seasoned freshman and/or sophomore with great reactions and blocking ability. He is pretty good at soccer as well. Him and Justin Coleman got together and had a rather interesting dunk during the dunk contest at half time. He did a nifty soccer move as he kicked it up into the air as Justin Coleman ran underneath and shook the rim with a nasty, monster dunk. Cool night, great fun…..dont like Justin Coleman by the way. Wears a headband that looks like its going to pop off his head at any moment and his attitude is extremely cocky. He is tough and will probably be a pretty good player, if he can make the grades that is. Im very happy with VO, Im very glad he is attending IU!!! That was my take on the night anyway…..

  6. My dad also made a comment about VO saying that he thought he was lazy, the very next play he blocked this shot about 4 rows into the crowd. Sure their wasnt any, I repeat any defense being played as I said before. Its an exhibition game. And yes VO doesnt have much of a jump shoot, but out of all the players their he made it to the final four in the three point contest from the night before, so he must be doing something right if he was able to make it to the final four of the three point contest. Its no secret that VO needs to work on his shot, I think he would admit that much, but what VO does bring is attitude, energy, athleticism, and in a real game some serious defense. When he makes a steal and goes down and jams it home to get momentum back, thats when people will realize that we need a guy like VO. No one on our current roster can do the things VO is capable of doing. When he throws down a nasty dunk after a missed shot as he is gliding through the lane, thats when people will realize why TC brought him here. Believe me, people were talking about VO in my section and I was a Hoosier minority. Thats my take, just wait and you will all see what Im talking about. His attitude toward IU and his ability is a piece of the puzzle that is missing right now!!!

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