More info on the football recruits

Just corralled some info on IU’s three commitments from the weekend. My story for tomorrow’s paper follows.

It seems Indiana’s recruits are already doing some recruiting.
Chase Hoobler, a middle linebacker from Orrville (Ohio) High School and a signee for the Class of 2010, came to Saturday’s Cream vs. Crimson game with teammate Max Pirman, a hybrid rush linebacker and defensive end and a 2011 recruit.
By the end of the day, Pirman was committed to IU as well. He was one of three players to give Indiana verbal commitments for the Class of 2011 during spring game weekend, joining offensive lineman Ralston Evans from Arlington High School in Indianapolis and linebacker Kyle Kennedy from Cathedral.
Pirman was starting to see increased attention recently. He recently picked up a scholarship offer from Kansas to go with seven from MAC schools (Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Toledo, Ohio, Kent State, Ball State, Bowling Green) and was receiving interest from Nebraska and Duke as well.
“I was pretty undecided coming in,” Pirman said. “But it really helps having someone else you know going with you. I got there and I really liked the place. I liked the coaching staff and the players. It seemed like they had a family environment. I really liked the stadium and the town itself. And I just really liked the atmosphere of the game.”
Having Hoobler around is a bonus, Pirman said, but he said he would’ve committed to IU either way.
“It’s nice to have him there,” Pirman said. “But if he wasn’t there, I probably would’ve made the same decision.”
The Hoosiers now get a chance to figure out where to play him. The 6-foot-5, 220-pounder was used as both an outside linebacker and a defensive end last year at Orrville, which runs a 3-4 and 3-3 scheme. He missed the first seven games of the season with a broken collarbone, but according to his coach, Doug Davault, he still ended up with at least eight sacks, including four in one playoff game.
“He’s big and he’s explosive,” Davault said. “We can put his hand down, we can stand him up, we can drop him into coverage. … His upside is just off the charts. He’s got the size and the frame to get bigger and faster and stronger.”
Arlington coach Rob Patchett said the same thing about Evans. He’s listed at 6-foot-4, 260 pounds on recruiting Web sites, but he claims to have bulked up to 275.
“He’s not a sloppy kid,” Patchett said. “He could easily put on another 30 some pounds as long as he doesn’t lose his quickness. He’s not a big sloppy fat type of lineman.”
Patchett said Evans has played basketball and baseball at Arlington, showing a range of athleticism. He’s been timed at 4.9 in the 40-yard dash.
He’s just as impressive academically, Patchett said. With a 3.8 grade point average, he had a scholarship offer from Duke as well as Buffalo, Toledo and Ball State.
But he committed to Indiana with homes of majoring in sports medicine.
“I knew once I kept visiting that it was kind of like a no-brainer for me,” said Evans, who said he made four visits to Bloomington. “It was just like, ‘OK, why haven’t I committed yet.’ I told the coach I need to be a part of this.”
Kennedy committed to IU over an offer from Ball State, but he had also taken visits to Iowa, Michigan State and Boston College. At 6-foot-3, 210 pounds, Kennedy could obviously use some physical development to be a Big Ten-size linebacker. According to his coach Rick Streiff, however, his biggest strength is his mental ability.
“You can count on one hand the number of mistakes he’s made in the last two years,” Streiff said. “… He covers ground very well, and probably the greatest thing about Kyle is that he’s a great tackler. If he gets up on you, you’re not getting away. He may not be a highlight film tackler, but you’re going to be on the ground.”


  1. Now we are seeing the advantage to having an athletic department run by someone who understands how important it is to ring the bells each time the the hand strikes a number on the clock. The AD department creates an environment for the football coaches and staff to be successful in selling and closing on the recruits invited in to become desired commits to the program. This just doesn’t happen. It is an organized plan of action. My compliments to AD Glass.

  2. I like your optimisim, Clarion, but can it really be that hard to close on two-star players who are being recruited by mostly MAC schools?

  3. Ummm..none of those guys are 2-stars. Most ratings and evaluations haven’t been given yet. And for the love of God, summer camps haven’t even started yet. A guy not having a giant offer list yet doesn’t mean much. I’m not sure why people don’t understand this.

  4. Jimmy-

    Stop acting like I am some crazy naysayer. IU historically recruits like a MAC team; it’s a fact.

    Also remember that people like you were giving people like me flack last year for not jumping up and down after two ugly opening wins against inferior competition.

    Turns out the somber realists were right; as they always are with IU football.

  5. HC & HT,

    You both make valid points. I’m glad to see IU attracting recruits with a lot of potential, but I also think it’s time that IU starts putting more emphasis on recruiting more marquee type players that could be the difference between a 4-8 season and a 7-5 season. Unfortunately, the only real selling points that Lynch has right now are the new facilities and a promise for the future. Win 7 games and go to a bowl game, and IU will undoubtedly have the ear of several highly touted HS impact players. Go IU!

  6. When has IU ever had 3 verbals on Spring game week-end, not commits recruited for the upcoming season but for two seasons out? The promoting of the Spring game by the AD’s department had a lot to do with staging an atmosphere and attitude for success. Now we have 8 commits for two seasons out, far more than I can ever recall. Remember over 2005-06-07 we had 14 commits with 3 star ranking or higher. Years 2008-09-10 IU recruited 49 commits with 3 stars or higher. Hep and now BL have never had anything close to B 10 parity in talent at IU. They both came here with winning records,Hep 48-25 and BL 81-67-3. No wonder there were not many wins, there was little talent. Tom we are now beating the inferior competition. Remember the howling when the MAC’s were beating us. Recruiting still has a ways to go before IU can perform in the upper half of the B10. The positive is a plan and a process for effective action is now a building block in the organization to raise the profile of the FB program. This is the best organized the IU FB program has ever been. Even Mallory never had an AD crawl into the same proverbial bed. For four seasons I have kept a blind eye to the W/L record only to happily focus on observing exactly what I have seen take place off the field. Now those changes are advancing needed on field actions to happen, NFL notice, upgrade in talent, JUCOs, speed on D, pistol formation, asst. coach selection, 3-4 D. That is seven on field positive actions. Like I said the other day how did we all miss Roger Saffold being so good. We paid attention to the W/L record is how, because it was Indiana brand FB is how and because he was not at a skill position is how. Same with the off field actions. This year what I will watch on field for and what I think we should see is IU dominate the out off conference opponents. That should produce even more conference games for cussing this year.

  7. I have to agree with Higgi, IU has to start hitting a home run or two with it’s recruits. After the bowl game a few seasons ago, a 4 star linebacker from Michigan, can’t remember his name, commited to IU. But after the horrible season that followed, he decommited and signed with Michigan St. All we have to do is show some consistancy, 7-8 wins a year and a bowl, and the recruits will follow. Now that the Big 10 has signed a deal with the Little Ceasars Bowl (formaly the Motor City Bowl) that should be easier than ever. The schedule is pretty favorable this year, so it has to start now. GO HOOSIERS!!

  8. Tom, yes, you are a crazy naysayer. Or maybe a Purdue fan in sheep’s clothing.

    The HT should just get rid of comment sections. I can predict before reading them what some people will say.

    “Can it really be that hard to close two-star players who are being recruited by mostly MAC schools?” and “IU historically recruits like a MAC team; it’s a fact.”

    And the best one so far…”I also think it’s time that IU starts putting more emphasis on recruiting more marquee type players.”

    Right, just as soon as we hire, oh.. umm… Pete Carroll? Because Lynch obviously just wants MAC players, right? In fact, if Rivals gives these guys a 3rd star, might as well toss them back in the river so a big name can catch them.

    Why do I bother reading these comments?

    Lighten up guys — we all know that better recruiting leads to improved results on the field.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. IU football can get better, but building a quality roster with depth does take time. And it seems to me, we are seeing that process underway, thanks to some stability in the football program and the investment in facilities.

    There is no curse on IU football (other than the curse of the athletic department not putting any emphasis on football for long stretches of time during IU’s history). There’s no reason why IU football *has* to be bad.

    If you don’t have any patience at all, feel free to go root for Ohio State or someone. Or maybe you already do?

    I sure hope that if any recruits happen to stumble across your comments, that they don’t think they are representative of IU fans.

    I welcome the news of the recruits, and I hope they prove you wrong in the next few years.

  9. Just wondering, i googled and youtubed those songs you have in the description, but nothing seems to come up, are those the real names for the songs?

  10. Clarion-

    As always, your detailed and informative response is appreciated. Actually, it gives me hope for the next year or two.


    Cut the whining and pleas for censorship, and if you don’t like the comment section exercise your liberty to look the other way. If you can’t deal with the facts then do this.

    Now for my short response: The team, over the last 4 years or so, has obviously had enough talent to win more games than it has. You can’t blame everything on recruiting. USC went 19-18 in 3 years under Paul Hackett despite getting their usual crop of 5 star guys. You can measure improvement in the little things all day long, but unless it translates to a surprising win somewhere, into a bit of overachieving reflected in the W-L column, no one is going to be sold.

    I watched my alma mater go 5-7 last year after going 0-12 the year before. I would love to see IU have a similar turnaround. Clarion, I am going to buy your explanation to be optimistic, but I will remain skeptical until I stop seeing games like a 40-point blowout to a 3-9 Al Groh team.

  11. husky – I think there is reason to think these aren’t MAC level players – 4 of the 8 have another BCS offer. From what I’ve heard about Shaw, he could potentially be a 4-star player, just doesn’t have the offer list because he’s from a tiny school. Then you have Replogle – you can never have too many Replogles. So that’s 6 of 8 to be positive about.

  12. Phil-

    Like I said to Clarion, I appreciate the optimism, and if the number of 3 star recruits building up in the last few seasons is any indication, then the team should finally break through with a big win this year.

    Up to this point it has been hard to fathom how not once has this team surprised anyone, upset anyone, or done the unexpected over the last few seasons.

    Purdue is still able to beat Ohio State on a down year. Illinois, in between bad seasons, did the same, on the road, and went to a Rose Bowl.

    I don’t know, maybe this is because Illinois and Purdue have more 3 and 4 recruits stockpiled, you tell me. I could believe it with Purdue but not with Illinois.

  13. I’m not a BL bandwagon guy, far from it, but I think there is another way of looking at these guys. Every year there are a handful of MAC guys that go on to successful NFL careers that could, without a doubt, have been successful for almost anyone in the Big Ten. Maybe these are the guys that the coaching staff is identifying. Maybe they are just really good at finding those guys. The guys that appear to be locks for Ohio State are already gone. The guys that are gonna be outstanding players that SHOULD have been recruited by the big boys are the guys we need to identify. Bill Lynch hasn’t shown me squat yet but I’m still willing to give him a little more time. I’m gonna cheer all year and if he gives us 8 wins I’m a believer, 7 seven wins and I’m optimistic, 6 wins and he should keep his job. No winning season then we should, without a doubt bring in Steve Alford to coach the football team but only if he can tell me the sum of one and three.

  14. Actually Tom I think our W/L record has been in a pretty accurate parallel to our talent. 08 was when the talent upgrade started to succeed. Most of that class with Willis redshirted (excluding Doss and Belcher)meaning this will be their second year on the field. The practice of redshirting players that are not of the 4 and 5 star variety really gives a program a chance to improve and our 08 redshirt class has 3 more years eligibility left. The 09 season was our first glimpse of them playing and we scared the eyebrows off 3 Big 10 teams while watching those 1st year players perform after coming off their freshman redshirt. Redshirting is a proven practice IU has never had the luxury to utilize because they were always trying to fill the roster with whoever was left available(with many not worthy of a B 10 scholarship) and usually just before the summer offseason was to start. IU FB tradition, philosophy and actions had to change! The whole FB program needed re-evaluated and re-organized before priorities for a plan of action could take the first step. BL has been so successful with the off field management(with support from AD Glass)of the program that I am now preparing to watch his performance coaching the product on the field. I personally feel the IU FB program has advanced farther in the last 3 seasons then any other 3 seasons period over my decades long passion for following them. The people responsible for my stating that opinion are Greenspan, Coach Hoeppner, Coach Lynch and AD Glass.

  15. Well Clarion, that’s some substantial thinking that you have put into this subject. I like what you’ve brought to the table, and I will try to look at this next season through the lens you have provided.

    The one difference between the two of us is that I expect that a program heading down the right road should be able to show us at least once over the course of the season that they can knock of top teams (meaning conference teams). Look at Tom Crean’s teams his first two years – despite horrible records they beat tournament teams Cornell, Pitt, and Minnesota.

  16. WOW Clarion U And All This Rosey GLASS STUFF Makes me wonder if Youre Family Silly Billy 22Straight Losses @ Ball State Losing Record Everywhere Hes Been And you think This is the Man What a Joke see How many Tickets Glass has 2 Give away this Year 2 Produce Some INFLATED ATT> NUMBERS THIS FIRE OverMY HEAD FRED FIRE SILLY BILLY !

  17. NO BIGS NO CHAMPIONSHIPS, please pay particular attention, I am going to do this one more time for your benefit and I will do it as painless and simplistic as possible.

    Coach Bill Lynch career head coaching record:

    4 head coaching jobs during 17 seasons at 4

    Career record 95W-90L-3T (for your
    clarification) W is for win,L is for loss
    and T is for Tie (no mistakes now)
    8 Winning seasons
    7 Losing seasons
    2 .500 seasons
    ONE MORE TIME (say it with me)
    8 Winning seasons
    7 Losing seasons
    2 .500 seasons

    Now educate yourself further through some sweat equity and research what was taking place with Ball State’s Athletic Department during BL’s tenure there and see how it negatively affected the football program and the impact it had on the field. Then report back and coherently explain it to everyone with a fact filled post.

  18. Congratulations Coach Lynch. It sounds like you are recruiting some great young men and good football players from our area of strength-Ohio, Indiana, IL, MI etc. But we need to get 1-2 from Florida; 1-2 from AL, GA, SC, etc.; 1 from CA or TX that are really special, start them as freshmen, program changers! I love to hear the kids say: “family environment” and “I need to be a part of this”. That is a tribute to you. But we also need to win 8 games a year. Best of luck, Go IU!

  19. Clarion,

    I cannot believe that BL is still at IU with that glowing career mark that you are heralding. Why was he coaching at the football powerhouses (please name them for us, I’m sure you know them) that he was after BSU?

    C’mon. I like the kids too, and I want them to do well. But to glow like you are about the progress this staff has made amazes me. Will you do me a favor, and come back with it all halfway through the season? I would love to hear it again then. And then again Dec. 1?

    You predict that IU will dominate its non-conference opponents? I hope they do, but I remain skeptical. When has IU dominated anybody the past 4 years? Are we going to dominate any BigTen teams?

    You come back and admit your error, and if I have to I’ll be glad–ECSTATIC–to come back and admit mine.

    Why do we have Arkansas State(?) scheduled as Homecoming? Wow.

    I will say this as a positive though. At least we haven’t been hearing anymore about the ‘pistol’ being our big running formation this year.

    See you in the fall at the Rock. I’ll be the middle-aged guy screaming at the officials, while my wife is shaking her head in utter embarrassment.

  20. Please reveal what coaching powerhouses any of our previous coaches have come from. Dinardo was fired from LSU. What is your opinion on how well that powerhouse coach worked out for us? Arkansas St. was a late addition to replace the PSU game moved to DC. Dominating the out of conference opponents is the next step in attaining a winning season and advancing the program to a bowl game and recruiting even better talent. Do you even understand how important redshirting is to a program. Something that has not been practiced at IU until BL initiated it, but has been in practice at every other B10 program for years and for some even decades. Think about what an extra year means to personnel just on special teams. How do you think IU got so close in 3 B10 games last year? Redshirting helped, the pistol helped and things like mixing in a 3-4D this year will help more. Open your eyes and pay attention also to the off field changes made by not only BL and staff but also the supported by the AD’s department because they are all positive. But your hatred for BL has you blinded to facts and hence you offer no facts of your own, only bias. You cannot deal with with Coach Lynch’s career winning record because of your hatred. Do yourself a favor and you too research the BSU athletic departments maladies while BL was there.

    So you are middle aged and still cannot evaluate and identify progress? Huh! Hell I have shoes older than you. I’ll be looking forward to your ecstatic outburst.

  21. I have seen the kid Evans in person and he is a great player the kid could have easy went to an SEC or ACC school and done great he is a high charcter guy so that was a great pick up for IU but now we have to have a plan for him use him right but he has a great upside and a quick kid i think that was a steal great job coach lynch

  22. So you agreed. That’s all I needed. Not a lecture.

    Thanks. And I have no hatred.

    You open your eyes.

    Maybe you need new shoes too.

  23. Just what I expected, no facts, no proof and consequently no discussion. Disdain, blind bias and listening to so and so bitch about Coach Lynch is easier than developing your own opinion which would take asking objective questions, doing some research, comparing stats and evaluating contrasting historical data. Stay in your negative environment, think what you will, it is no consequence to me.

  24. For eberyone that wants to talk about Lynch’s record: Do you not realize that the winningest coach in IU history had a sub .500 record while at IU? I’ll take a guy 3 games over .500, especially when he had a 22 game losing streak in there. Think about how hard that is to overcome and be 3 games over. One more thing, if we fire him who’s going to replace him? Pete Carroll ain’t walking through that door. Nick Saban ain’t walking through that door. Hell, Bill Mallory ain’t walking through that door….even though that would be cool. No big name coaches are going to come to IU, and any young coach would just use it as a springboard to a bigger job. Lynch will stay until the day he retires or is fired, he’s loyal to IU, so I’m going to loyal to him. GO HOOSIERS!!

  25. Pirman continues to get BCS offers. Nebraska apparently offered in the last day or so. Guess he ain’t that bad of a prospect after all, eh?

  26. Evans has been getting a lot of interest from ohio state lately and michigan state is also coming after the kid he cant be that bad of a player he is a long kid with skinny ankles once he is in the weight room and get bigger he will make a big impact

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