More on football recruit Tre Roberson

I finally got myself in  a position where I could actually hear Lawrence Central coach Jayson West to learn more about quarterback Tre Roberson, the recent Indiana commit. My story for tomorrow’s paper follows.

Tre Roberson’s list of interested schools was getting interesting and he still had a lot of time to make it grow. Purdue and Toledo had both offered scholarships, and Oregon, Ohio State, Tennessee, Illinois and Ball State were sending letters.
But when Indiana offered the Lawrence Central junior quarterback a scholarship, he didn’t need any more time to think about it. He committed to the Hoosiers on Saturday after he and several other members of his team watched a controlled scrimmage at Memorial Stadium. He became the fourth member of Indiana’s Class of 2011.
“I always wanted to be a Hoosier,” Roberson said. “Ever since I started playing football.”
Roberson and his family’s connection to IU go back well before his birth. His grandfather, Larry Highbaugh, lettered with the Hoosiers in 1968. Because of that, Roberson said he became a Hoosier fan at 7 years old when he started playing football.
When he was being recruited, his vision of the program only improved.
“It was a perfect fit,” Roberson said. “I really like being around the team. It’s fun. Practices and everything are fun. That’s a perfect fit for me. You want to work hard, but you want to be having fun.”
The Hoosiers apparently think he fits their system well enough to play quarterback. The 6-foot-1, 170-pounder ran for almost as many yards as he passed for last season with 984 on the ground to 1,008 in the air, but Roberson said the Hoosiers recruited him as a quarterback, not an athlete.
“They said they could use me freshman year in the wildcat package,” Roberson said. “They run the same system right now that I run in high school.”
Well, according to Jayson West it’s not exactly the same. Lawrence Central runs a spread option with some elements of the Wing-T, but according to Roberson, they do use the pistol formation on occasion.
Regardless, West said that if Roberson puts some weight on, he will have the tools to play under center.
“He has a very live arm,” West said. “But if he has a bad day at the office throwing the ball, he can run. A lot of quarterbacks, if they’re having a bad day at the office throwing, they’re in trouble. But he does have a very live and accurate arm.”
If the Hoosiers decide to move him elsewhere later, Roberson said, he doesn’t have a problem with it.
“I just want to play football,” he said.


  1. I just feel good about this kid. Offer from PU and major interest from other big time football schools and he wants to be a Hoosier! WOW!!!

  2. Sounds great. I’ll take anyone with the speed and skills of ARE. On the down side, it’s as I suspected…IU runs the same offense as high school teams, LOL.

  3. He is built like Kellen Lewis from the sounds of it. And it also sounds like he is not like Kellen Lewis in some important ways, too. Kellen was fast and shifty and was tough to hit. Hopefully Tre is, too.

  4. Kentucky has been to 4 straight bowl games, and won 3 of them. If we could be a bit more like them, I would see it as a good thing.

  5. I must say I’m pretty impressed with the way this class has started. I think if you compare basketball and football at IU right now things are shaping up very differently. The football team is starting to get better and better recruits due to new facilities and a new ‘fun’ offense/philosophy as a program whole that kids seem to like.

    I know Crean is going for the same thing, he just needs a few things to turn first, but for all the complaints about Lynch, he has done nothing but improve. Even at 5 wins last year, we were in at least 4 losses to the end and we were fun to watch for most of the games (late collapses aside that is). I for one hope it continues and we give Lynch the fair shake that everyone is giving Crean to see what these kids turn into.

  6. Hoagland- 5 wins? Review your facts.

    Also, to state that the teams are going in opposite directions is way off. The basketball team, even with their struggles, knocked off 2 tournament teams, won 4 conference games including a road game, and was able to overcome blown leads to finish ballgames.

    IU football lost by 40 points to a 3-9 Virginia team. They won one conference game, and were humiliated by a second-to-last place Purdue team for the second straight year. They showed 0 resolve whenever things got tough late.

    I appreciate your optimism and look forward to the football season, but let’s not confuse apples and oranges.

  7. My dear late aunt had the most accurate assessment of UK football I’ve ever heard. She made this comment forty years ago and it still holds true. Keep in mind she was a die hard Kentucky fan. She said, “We’re hoping for a 7 and 4 season this year. Seven acquittals and four convictions.”

  8. Husky, good post. I agree. I am looking for better all around recruiting classes and wins/losses. Funny thing with me…I would be happy with consistently being 5-8 in Big 10 recruiting and not 10 or 11 and I would be happy with 6-8 win seasons. I am not asking for much really I don’t think!!!

  9. Husky,

    Wasn’t trying to claim perfect facts, just what was on top of my head, I don’t have the schedule and W-L’s in front of me. Sorry for being off 1 game, I will never try to embelish so greatly ever again. I never said they were ‘going in opposite directions’, rather that they things are shaping up very differently.

    Also, if I wanted to play your game, I could just say we lost to IOWA twice in basketball and they were at the bottom of the league. Minnesota was one of the last teams in, and we beat Pitt when they were down 2 players that were important to their team, and we are losing recruits left and right, not stealing them from good programs.

    I wasn’t trying to put a damper on your deep feelings for Coach Crean, or make you take down his shrine, but rather asking for more people like you to give Lynch the same chance you have given Crean. Lynch didn’t walk into a historic program, and is making changes and the team has improved, as well as landing some very nice recruits for the future. All of this is in a short time, where other coaches never got it done. Crean is starting year 3, or as I’m sure you will rebuttle year 2, and hasn’t done anything amazing yet whatsoever. Both are in about the same position in their coaching tenure.

    It takes time to build a consistent competitor in either sport, and is easily harder to do HERE in football due to history and other conference powers, not to mention larger teams/slots to fill with top talent. All I’m trying to say is unlike you and the rest of the sheep, I’m not ready to enshrine Crean, nor am I ready to throw Lynch under the bus. Both have work to do to be sure, and who knows how either turns out. It is okay to question things a coach does on a message board. People do it to Lynch all the time, why is it different for Crean. I didn’t say he should be fired, or he was a failure, just that he hasnt proven to be the coach that gets us back yet.

    To the recruiting point, Lynch has surpased what people expected of him and his classes are getting better by each year. Meanwhile, Crean has failed to live up to his hype on that front by landing 1 nice class that possibly underpeformed for a ‘top 10’ class and then not getting much the next class.

    This would be shaping up very differently, would it not?

    Are people not even allowed to compliment one coach and question another if it doesn’t match up with what some posters think? If this is a rule that I missed please point me to it, and I will gladly take back my opinion and post the obligatory ‘Fire Lynch, Marry Me Tom Crean’ post.

  10. I love the way Lynch seems to recruit, even though our classes are ranked towards the bottom of the conference. He’s definitley an upgrade recruiting wise for IU standards. This season, IU just might surprise some teams and win eight games.

    IU basketball is a work in progress, but Crean doesn’t look like the homerun hire IU hoped he’d be. Crean’s in a tough situation with Pitino and Cal to the South, Matta to the East and Izzo to the North of him. IU should improve next year but probably not by a whole lot.

  11. Find myself agreeing a whole lot with what Hoagland in saying. I’m not sold on Lynch, but I feel he is making progress.
    Unless I missed it, there were no transfers,and little talk thereof, from the program unlike the BB program.(I know, no transfers to date but plenty of talk).
    One of the things I like about what I see from football is that we are getting recruits from Cathedral, Ben Davis, Warren Central, Hamilton Southeastern. These are typically the powerhouse teams in the state. Can’t be too terrible of a sign when IU is getting commitments from programs like this. Everyone talking about Crean securing the state, it appears that Lynch is making some good progress in doing this.
    Don’t forget about the E-ville Reitz team Coach. They beat a heavily favored team for the state title. Must be some talent in the Pocket City also.

  12. I’m all for recruiting Indiana schools and players and I root for them to do very well, but before we go ecstatic over the recruiting, what do rivals and scout say about how IU is doing? Sadly our ranking in the conference at rivals is pretty poor.

  13. Well said, Hoagland.

    FLMMTC, for every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat — and wrong.

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