Offut considering walking on at Indiana

Walter Offut, a 6-foot-3 guard who transferred from Ohio State to Wright State, is now considering a transfer to Indiana where he would walk-on, according to this report from the Dayton Daily News.

Offut is also considering playing at Ohio University. The Warren Central product played in two games with Ohio State this season and saw limited minutes before deciding to transfer. He missed last season with knee surgery. He averaged 17.6 points per game as a three-year starter at Warren Central.

[5:45 UPDATE from Chris Korman]

As I’ve referenced several times, I spent much of the summer of 2007 watching the Indiana Elite Team Indiana squad coached by Mark Adams.

Offutt played on that team with Indiana’s Matt Roth, as well as Tyler Zeller of UNC and Lewis Jackson of Purdue and Emmanuel Negedu (Tennessee) and DeAndre Liggins (Kentucky) and others.

Offutt had been committed to Ohio State for a bit by the time I started watching him, so I rarely concentrated on watching him. With that team, there wasn’t one guy who dominated the play for any lengthy stretch. It had too much talent.

Injuries have slowed him, but I remember him as the quickest guy on that team with a knack for getting to the rim. Seemed to have the makings of an above-average defender at the time, too.

We’ll try to get in touch with Offutt so we can follow his decision.

In the meantime, you can see him on video. As one reader noted when I posted this earlier, this highlight clip is set to one of the most offensive songs ever written. That’s my bad. I was in Union Station when I watched and couldn’t hear it.


  1. This would be big. The guy was a 4 star; #99 in Rivals of 2008. It would sure beat the heck out of Kyle Taber or Steven Gambles as a walk-on off the bench.

  2. Yeah, but either he didn’t work out at either OSU and Wright State, or he’s a total flake/headcase/primadon.

    I’m all for talented walk-ons, but something about this doesn’t quite sit right.

  3. Come to Bloomington Walter. If you CAN play, then you WILL play! Live out the Indiana dream! We do not care what happened at OSU, no one should be forced to go to school there. Forget the problems, learn from the good things, lace up your sneakers and have FUN playing Ball at IU!

  4. If Offutt can play well following knee surgery, Crean will gladly accept him on the team. It will be interesting to watch his development if he decides to play here. I have no doubts that he will help us down the road. We caught a break with this walk-on.

  5. I saw Offutt at the same tourney as the video, and there was one game in particular that he really impressed me. He had an increadible nack for flashing into the top of the lane and hitting little mid range jumper. The other team couldn’t stop him and, at the time, I was wishing he would rethink his commitment to OSU. It is very unfortunate he had the injuries because he has increadible talent.

    Hopefully, where ever he goes, the injuries are behind him and he does well. If he chooses IU, well, welcome home Walter.

    Lastly, Dustin,that is the most offensive song you’ve ever heard? Seriously? If so, you really haven’t heard alot of music, have you?

  6. Seriously. Great song. Either way if Offutt walks on, that is a great stable of guards. Creek, Hulls, Jones, Offutt, Roth.. All of them can fill it up. I’m for anything that keeps Rivers on the pine.

  7. Speaking of Rivers, what seems to be his problem? Does he really think that everything needs to go through him? I thought that maybe he could have a good year, but i have been hearing that he is getting real hard to get along with now.

  8. Great another 4 star guard. Just what we need. We should be stacked with 5 star recruits like Knight and Alford got.

  9. If this guy comes to IU – Leave it to Beaver (Rivers) will ride the pine. Rivers will not change his game-it is what it is? We can all hope he settles down but he is too error prone for Creans offense. Im sure after Teague watched Rivers at IU and he was scared to come here because of the guard play! He probably felt he couldnt learn anything here from a guard position! Hulls will be fine w/ more time but Rivers WONT! Walter would be a great pick up without a scholarship gone! By the way how did we ever give Rivers a scholarship???? I like Crean but come on??????

  10. I am surprised more people aren’t excited by this. Offutt is better than our 2 commits and better than anybody we are still in on for 2010. The best part is we don’t even have to use a scholarship for him.
    As for Rivers… He was terrible at Georgetown so I am not sure why everybody thought he was going to be good here. He is a wasted scholarship.

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