Perea looks like the real deal

Maybe it was one of his two-handed dunks. Maybe it was the way he ran the floor with the ball. Maybe it was a windup jam on a fast break.

But a certain point, while watching Hanner Perea Saturday during the Indiana Spring Classic, I thought to myself, “Sweet Tijan, this kid is legit.”

Perea, a 6-foot-9 sophomore, is one of three A-Hope kids on the Indiana Elite Team Indiana roster. The other two, 7-footers Obij Aget and Peter Jurkin, are far beyond what the aformentioned Tijan and Bawa Muniru are at, or maybe ever could be.

But Perea (who is from Colombia) is special. Call him the Colombian Jack Rabbit. Call him, as one IU fan in attendance did, the Helicopterin’ Hoosier. But this kid can absolutely fly.

And he likes Indiana.

Indiana and Baylor are his final two schools, Perea said. He’ll decide a year from now which one to eventually go to, but he clearly likes both.

On Indiana: “I already know the coach from IU (Tom Crean). He’s a nice person, to me. He’s been talking to me about doing stuff, and I really believe him. I know that if I play for him, he’s going to help me get to the next level.”

On Baylor: “They play with the big men. They really use their big men. And their coach (Scott Drew) is a nice person too.”

It helps Indiana that Perea lives in Bloomington with A-Hope director Mark Adams when he is not in school at United Faith Christian Academy in Charlotte, N.C. It’s allowed him to be in Bloomington and around the Indiana campus.

He and Jurkin were the two prospects Crean Tweeted about showing off what noted wordsmith Riley Crean has termed the “Chamber of Awesome” to.

It was the second time Perea and Jurkin had seen Cook Hall, and also the first opportunity to meet new assistant coach Steve McClain.

“I really like the campus,” Peraa said. “I have fun with (Crean) and Peter and the new coach they have (McClain). He’s a nice person too.

“I like everything. I like the basektball court. I lke all the training stuff they have. I like everything they have.”

Below is a highlight video of Perea. Like many a highlight video, it is mainly cut scenes of the big man jumping and dunking. But this time, it seems representative of who this kid is and how he plays.

“I’ve been dunking since I was 12-years-old, so right now that’s all I like to do,” Perea said. “That’s all I think about.”


  1. He likes how Baylor “really use their big men”.
    This could be trouble since we really don’t.

  2. 50/50….not bad

    Thankfully he is good friends with Peter Jurkin…who really likes indiana also.

  3. Wow. With two more years to go, there’s no reason this kid couldn’t end up 6’11”. I’d take him at 6’9″, but wow, what a huge pick up this could be! I realize 2012 is a ways off, but I like that it comes down to IU and Baylor… we’ve got a 50% chance, and the other team is not Purdue or UK. Awesome.

  4. 4guards is right though. We never did utilize our high quality big men…Tijan, Bawa, Pritch. I mean, with a stable of bigs like that, how did we not dominate the world?

  5. I read alot of positive things in this article that the kid said! He is on the campus quite often. I feel if Crean stays close to this kid he will be a Hoosier.
    Hey 4 guards you probably think the kid will sign a LOI with Baylor tonight? I bet your glass is always half empty? Hey Hugh great information above–thanks much!

  6. If we get Perea and Jurkin…we will be getting 2, 5star players (or pretty close)….their style of play fits what Crean is trying to do. These 2 along with some solid guards, and we will be a team that can compete again.

    As if you can’t tell, I am a huge fan of both and I don’t really care what state they are from.

  7. To give CTC some credit he really never has had a big man to really use. The three he had isn’t what he can relly call good big men. So who knows maybe CTC will use the hell out of a good talented big man. Go CTC woo this kid to IU.

  8. Thanks Hugh, first real information on this young player that I have read from someone actually eyeballing his performance.

  9. Perea will verbal temporarily, realize Crean is going to get fired, and then sign with Purdue.

  10. This guy looks really good. Lets hope that Crean and his staff stays on top of this one as we know what can happen at the last minute.

  11. Hugh, tell me exactly how many minutes you have watched Bawa play- with the details of when and where? You simply have NO FACTUAL BASIS to make ANY evaluation of Bawa’s “game”! None of us do!

  12. I don’t think he will sign with Baylor. I don’t think his final 2 now will be how his final 2 end up either. A lot can happen in a year.

  13. More mud being slung on the wall. Might as well tell us you predicted JFK’s assassination.

  14. He doesn’t look like an Indiana kid I don’t know why Crean would want him. He’s not a 5 star either.

  15. I hope Hanner is the real deal, but I’m becoming a little bit afraid of putting too much stock in the digital technology of YouTube clips..It’s rarely regular speed footage we get to watch. They put going up court or driving down the lane in slow motion..During the slams, it’s likely very simple to dissect frames into a super high speed mode to create a visual deception of extra power and quickness at the rim(Bamm-Bamm!! effect). Show me some normal footage and some short range jump shots.

    How many very talented guys slip under the hype radar because they don’t post doctored highlight footage in a slew of YouTube productions? These kids handlers are becoming excellent marketers of mediocre games. Are some of the handlers/agents in cahoots with the major websites that put out the rankings and stars associated with these kids? There is a lot of room for deception and corruption in the big $$ business of marketing talent.

  16. Hugh-

    No problem..I jumped the gun on you.. I inadvertently skimmed over your statement that you had already seen Perea play in person at the Indiana Classic…Your upbeat visual assessment of his talents, and knowing this kid still has two more years of high school to develop, certainly makes me more excited than just relying on YouTube clips. Look forward to seeing your personal footage of his game at the upcoming May Classic. Thanks.

  17. I don’t care if they got George Lucas to get alien stand-ins to play this kid’s part on the dunks – no amount of digital treachery could fake the fact that this kid is an ath-ul-eete. If indeed we only have to beat out Baylor, this could be TC’s do-or-die recruiting chance. If we get aced by Baylor, what hope do we really have of recruiting talent? And TC hasn’t shown that he can ‘do more with less’ yet, so recruiting seems to be our only hope.

  18. He’s a good dunker. Can he do anything when he can’t dunk? Reminds me of Quincy Acy of Baylor. 70something percent of his field goals were dunks.

  19. greg-fishers, you are exactly right. What we want to see is what Hugh will be looking for and informing us about on this lad’s capabilities and development.

  20. kurk81-

    Nice…The whole business of recruiting has been dumbed down into a sort of “star” wars. As far as doing “more with less”, let me work with Chewbacca for six months and I’ll give you a more effective(albeit very furry), post player than Tijan or Bawa. I don’t think Crean has had much to work with.

    Hanner does look awesome. It’s a long time to wait, but I hope he ends up a Hoosier. Has Rakeem Christmas committed yet? Maybe we should try to show Rakeem the new Cook Hall…?

  21. Hard to believe this kid is a sophmore.Supreme athletic ability.What’s our chances of getting him?I have a hard time believing he only has 2 colleges on his list.He would be a huge asset to us with JD feeding him on the block.

  22. Hard to tell much from the youtube clip, so I’ll take Hugh’s word for it. I checked out a youtube clip for Jurkin, which I found much more exciting, since the kid is 7’1″ and actually showed a little bit of touch around the hoop. Needs to eat some Big Macs, but looks surprisingly coordinated for a 7’1″ 16-year-old.

  23. Lives in the area + IU’s history with the program that brought him here + our facilities are ridiculous now = game over.

    Keep World Wide and the Cheaters out of the picture and I am confident this is one we will finally land.

  24. 4guards, Mark Adams, that Perea lives with is the father of new Director of Basketball Operations at IU, Drew Adams. Mark also coaches Indiana Elite AAU teams. Indiana Elite AAU is run by Criss Byers, who is a South assistant coach. Drew is a South graduate & former Indiana Elite player. Almost every major IU recruiting target plays for an Indiana Elite team. What do you think?

  25. I understand the Adams connection….. I was asking about Holmes.
    I really don’t know the answer to the question either, just seems like some moves may have been made lately by Crean that could cause him to sour.

  26. No you do not understand the connection as your question glaringly substantiates or you simply cannot connect dots. You are only trying to show your disdain for Coach Crean by manipulating the circumstance to support your bias. That no longer is possible. Everyone knows this and you no longer have any credibility because of it.

  27. Hate to admit, but Hoosier Clarion is correct. You have absolutely no credibility in what you say 4guards.

    Keep saying you are civil all you want. Clouded facts and bias just makes you look like an uninformed fool.

  28. I cant believe you people still reply to this guy, 4guards. He does not like anything about IU, he constantly routs for recruits to go elsewhere, constantly puts IU’s program down, constantly dogs Coach Crean. Its obvious this guys sole purpose to to get some sort of reaction from you people and day in and day out it never fails, the thread always turns into 4guards. This is exactly what he wants, he sits back and smiles over the fact that he is able to manipulate every thread to where it comes down to a conversation about him. If people would ignore this fool he would go away. But you guys feel that you must constantly engage him. This is the only reason he is not on Hoosier Nation, there is an ignore button that every would press so no one would ever see his ignorant responses. The ones that wouldn’t ignore him would eventually run him off. He has no credibility and he is a disgrace to the Hoosier Family. Its embarrassing to have an idiot like this that finds enjoyment on running down IU’s program and running down recruits and any positive news that includes anything IU. Go AWAY, GO FAR AWAY. NO ONE wants to listen to your BULLSH!^!! Your a TROLL, you speak like a TROLL and we dont need you HERE. Find another site to bring down, TROLL

  29. …and here’s the pitch. Zach takes the swing, and its back, back, back and outta here! A two run homer as Zach takes 4guards deep and drives HC in on the only pitch 4guards has. The curve.

  30. Some of you people are hostile. You have to admit that Crean has been using Bloomington South as a dog does a fire hyrdrant over the past year.
    Carlino, D Davis, Fromm…. I thought it was a fair question that I admittedly do not know the answer to.

  31. RHF,
    I grew up loving IU and Bob Knight. I graduated from IU. Trust me, I am not enjoying what we are going through. I do root for some recruits not to come here, for example I was happy Crean got beat out by Central Florida for McCombs. However I will be thrilled if Zeller commits here. I just honestly want what is best for this program. Soon you will understand Crean just isn’t the right guy. Can you honestly say it doesn’t make you sick to watch a team you have loved all these years run this dribble drive offense, and lackluster zone defenses with no fundamentals?

  32. I hope you Indiana fans realize it was Scott Drew that found this young man and placed him in the United States. He is a Baylor kid all the way.

  33. I’m still waiting on 4tards response to my question? I simply told him that I have watched Matt Carlino all year and do not believe he is big 10 materially and I have yet to hear what games this troll has watched? So please tell me 4 yards what ISHAA games or AAU games have you watched this year? If you had a choice would you rather see JD play for IU or Carlino? I’m guessing you will say Carlino just because you are a hater. I think I speak for everyone when I say you need to shut your trap. I beg you to shut your trap! There is not one person on this board that wants to hear your opinion anymore. I can comprehend the freedom of speech, but you have become the guy that everybody just looks at and giggles. Will you please just give up? Hoosier nation doesn’t want you apart of it anymore. Go file your baseball cards in alphabetical order again and leave us alone. If you’re not with us you’re against us! Shut your hole!

  34. He does not formulate opinions, he only wants to spread his bias. He is no longer free to do it here.

  35. I would rather see Davis AND Carlino play here. They are both big time talents. If I was forced to choose, I would choose Carlino simply because he has a much better attitude.
    You Crean Apologists just don’t see the big picture. I don’t know how many times I had to listen about how Sampson had changed his ways.

  36. I am by no means a “crean apologist” I can simply look at something by giving it some time and drawing an opinion after the man has actually implemented his own system and players. You on the other hand have your head so far up your own colon that you can’t judge a person after they have had at least a shot at doing something. Once again what games of Bloomington South have you watched this year? I have watched all of them and the guy is no where near a big ten guard. He was inflated by an overated hype machine that is a rating system thinking they can accurately evaluate 8th graders. So what you have seen a YouTube video of him and you think he’s a baller soley based on some lame highlights played against mediocre Arizona talent and you automatically think the kid is the second coming of Jesus? Get a life! Your opinions are pathetic at best and I really think it’s about time you keep them to yourself.

  37. I saw the Carlino kid play against Carmel on a Bright House Networks cable station that covers CHS games for the northern subs of Indy..He took over the game in the fourth quarter. Seems like the real deal. Marvelous jump shot with range. Didn’t shy from putting a tight game on his shoulders.

    I haven’t looked at any of his YouTube clips and I certainly haven’t watched him play “all year”. Based only on the one televised game I saw a few months ago, I was pretty impressed with his abilities. Maybe I just caught him on a very good night against a mediocre Carmel team.

  38. TC, I have never seen him play, but I do know last year Hulls and company won it all and this year with Carlino they could not. It may not say much but I am glad we have Hulls.

  39. I like Hulls…though he is a little lacking in size to shoot over people. He also brings the ball down low on his release..Doesn’t when you’re not 6’4″.

  40. I am glad we have Hulls as well. I really hope he is the starting pg next year or we will have turnover problems once again. Nobody else on the team is capable of handling the point.

  41. ^I regretfully confer. Rivers gives me the shivers.

    I think that’s a generous 6′ for Hulls. Carlino is a couple inches taller with maybe has another inch or two growth before wearing his college roster high-heels.
    Jordy can light it up from the outside, but he needs to work extremely hard to get adequate spacing to launch his jumper over taller defenders. Maybe he’s working on tweaking the jumper to minimize all the extra motion…a couple tenths of a second gained by a faster/higher starting point in his motion will give him the extra 12″ spacing needed before the defender can challenge him into a second-guess to launch.

    I like every kid on our roster. Hope they all stay. I wouldn’t beg to put anyone in a Hoosier uniform just to fill remaining scholarships. I like the idea of getting the walk-on kid from Wright State by way of OSU. He’ll play his ass off against the Buckeyes. I dislike the Buckeyes very much.

  42. TC,
    It was Calino being over 6′ I was referring to.
    Hulls maybe 5’11” actual. I believe his release is quick enough from the launch position for three pointers to be effective. If you notice for shorter shots he does not use quite the same release point.

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