Saffold continues to sneak up draft boards

The prospect of Rodger Saffold being taken in the first round of next week’s NFL Draft is a possibility that appears to be getting more likely by the day. has four mock drafts on its website. Saffold is in the first round of three of them. One has him going No. 26 overall to Arizona, another at No. 27 to Dallas and a third to the Colts at No. 31. Various other internet mock drafts have him going somewhere in that area as well.

Saffold’s camp is becoming increasingly confident that he will go that high. He’s apparently done well in workouts and interviews since the combine. He worked out with coaches from Kansas City, Seattle, Cincinnati, and St. Louis at his pro day and visited Washington and Pittsburgh. The meetings often don’t mean much, but it’s clear interest has been high.

Defensive end Jammie Kirlew still appears to have a chance to be a late round pick. He’s had meetings with the Denver Broncos and at least one other team since pro day.

The draft begins Thursday at 7:30 p.m. The second and third rounds are Friday and rounds 4-7 are on Saturday.


  1. Unless the ‘skins trade for a spot they won’t be taking Saffold as their first round pick is too high for him and then they don’t have one until round 4.

    Its great for the program that Saffold is doing so well.

  2. What is so surprising is I do not remember anyone during the last two seasons ever being this high on SF. Are we all that bad at evaluating talent or does the Indiana FB brand shade our vision.

  3. BL and staff just got there 5th 2011 commit. An LB from Ohio. 6’4″ 218lb. As a Junior the article states he recorded 228 tackles, 8 INT’s. That is as crazy as Perez’s rushing yards were for his Senior season.

  4. Clarion- I think it is more a matter of a general ignorance about offensive lineman. Only those who really know the game from a more fundamental level are able to recognize that level of talent.

    The average hacker like me only notices the so-called skill positions.

  5. Football is very difficult to watch. The tendency is to allow your eyes to follow the ball. TV doesn’t help because the camera follows the ball.

  6. We’ve been talking a lot about basketball recruiting lately, but many of you are curious about how the recruiting of opinions is going.

    Team 4tards

    Chris Korman *****
    4guards drew early interest from Korman, a New York native, and didn’t have much trouble landing this early commit. Korman mentioned 4guards by name in several threads near tournament time, something that rarely happens on the Scoop. He has also been a staunch defender of 4guards’ ability to “keep it to basketball” and maintain civility.
    Hoagland ***
    Hoagland maintained that he hadn’t picked a side for a while, but eventually he realized that he needed to make a decision and has since bought into 4guards’ skeptical and negative system.
    Doug **
    An obscure, last-minute commit who liked 4guards’ “Let’s get the Indiana kids” mantra. Shows promise for his ability to evince despair and longing.

    L’accent/Terry Cummings ****
    L’accent backed out of his early commitment to 4tards a month ago, which was a devastating blow to his recruiting class. But L’accent is still rumored to be interested, and since changing his name to Terry Cummings, has brought out some new anti-Husky weaponry that would make him a key part of 4guards’ bench.
    Chill ****
    Chill has consistently repudiated 4guards’ negativity, but he recently confessed his unbending apathy for Crean, making him a remote possibility.

    Stay tuned for more recruiting updates.

  7. That was fun. Could you do a write-up on Team Trader Joe’s? Stars could indicate number of hemorrhoids/interest?

    Husky Tom*****
    Joe’s main go-to guy. Doesn’t shy away from the cylinder. Not your typical skinny carrot in the lane..Haven’t seen a recruit go to the hole like this since “Chocolate Thunder”.

  8. I think I will reconsider on the hemorrhoid surgery. I’ve heard that if something goes wrong, your hole won’t close anymore. Then I would be like Terry Cummings: an unclosed rear end with a constant stench coming out 🙂

    Sorry Korman, I forgot about the Philly part, but glad to hear I was right about everything else.

  9. Once the entrance was found, I was hoping for updates from Sir Oliver S. Lindenbrook’s hemorrhoid journal. What a letdown.

  10. DO The Ditty
    lol. I could do worse i guess. Korman is a top notch journalist. Hoagland has some very well thought out ideas and he obviously knows what he is talking about. Doug I am not so sure about.
    L’accent has wavered on his committment , but he will be back.

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