1. Can we please just get rid of comments? At this point, its just rude, worthless garbage or blatant trolling.

  2. Dynasty,
    I watched it…..and it said 60 views so evidently 59 other people watched it as well.
    good work guys.

  3. I’ve heard the attendance was as high as 7000-7500. They had 3000 giveaway t-shirts.
    Was there an official tally announced?
    How much 3-4 D was played throughout the game?
    Did it cause the down and distances situations that it is predicated to do in the season?
    How much were the tight ends involved in the passing game?
    Did Damon Sims play I did not hear his name at all?
    I like the new uniforms, but I think they would be more unique if the stripes on the shoulders were not there.

  4. I was hoping to see more offense…can’t tell how to interpret the results. Is our defense better than expected, or our offense worse?

  5. I went to the game. Attendance seemed OK considering that it was IU. There were several times on D when we only had 3 down lineman, but there was always a linebacker on the line of scrimmage. The TE’s were used pretty frequently, but most of it was passes to the flats. Overall, I thought the play was pretty poor. It’s early so there’s still time for improvement. However, I’m going to predict 3-4 wins on the year from what I saw yesterday.

  6. Why no big headlines and the usual Yeagley hype about IU soccer? Could it be that they lost in Ft Wayne? ….looks like Yeagley Jr’s start is much like his record in WI…not good.

    Good thing the old man appears as ‘guest star’ to all the alum funtions to promote Jr.

  7. Why would anyone try to make a record prediction for the season based solely on the spring game? It wasn’t 1s vs. 2s, we didn’t use a lot of the playbook, QBs couldn’t get hit, and lots of guys didn’t even play. I mean, for any school, its silly to read too much into a spring game. I just enjoy seeing some football.

  8. JK thank you very much. I’ve always felt with BL stating the Spring game is to find the top 50 players that the team personnel for this game is divided up to do just that, evaluate individual performance.

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