SI’s Rosenberg to Stevens: Stay Put

[5:40 Update]

Stevens has heard you, Mr. Rosenberg.

Or he was just planning to stay all along. Yeah, probably that.

Stevens has signed a 12-year extension with Butler.


The discussion of Brad Stevens’s future has been all over the place in the last week, and in light of all that talk I found this column from Sports Illustrated’s Michael Rosenberg interesting. Actually, someone in the Time Inc. Communications department sent me what most likely was a mass e-mail about it, probably assuming that every sports writer in Indiana would find it interesting and he was probably right.

Basically, his point is that even though Stevens is as hot as he’ll ever be, he should stay put and not jump at the first good job. It’s an interesting column, and it also mentions Tom Crean (no, not in the sense that he should be fired and replaced with Stevens). Regardless, I found it intriguing. Hopefully you do, too.


  1. hope he enjoyed this years miracle and maybe next years if they all come back…cuz my Hoosiers will be back and whoopin Butler and PU!!!

  2. Well that certainly means he plans on staying for a while, but I’ll be extremely surprised if Stevens is actually Butler’s coach for 12 more years.

    At some point, the right program is going do drop a significang amount of cash to bring him in, and I think he knows that.

  3. Sorry folks the Butler job is a better job than the IU position is. IU is not a top 25 position anymore, thats why we cant land a big time recruit anymore. Its over folks and its not Creans fault, every one seen the way we handled the Mike Davis thing and then turned to a crook like Sampson. No one wants to be a Hoosier anymore!! The Homosexual capital of America who chased off Davis. were done!!!

  4. Wow, Doug. Much of a homophobe? We all know how that usually plays itself out. Butler will be a great gig for Stevens but they will never be in a position to pay him Big Ten money. Maybe he doesn’t care but I know what it is like to consider the future of your family when making job choices. Money frequently talks.

  5. Doug- San Francisco is the Homosexual Capital of America. And I think that Cal and Stanford have been recruiting just fine of late, for what it’s worth.

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