So where is Saffold going?

The first NFL Draft in primetime begins an hour from now, and there appears to be a good chance it will also be the first time in 16 years an Indiana football player is taken in the first round.

Of course, no one has Saffold going in the first 15 picks or even the top 20, so there’s no guarantee this will actually happen. But as you wait, here are a few mock drafts, highlighting Saffold’s position in them.

Of the four experts, two have him going in the first round, one at No. 27 to Dallas, one at No. 28 to San Diego.’s Don Banks has Saffold going No. 27 to Dallas.

Three of’s mock drafts now have Saffold going No. 31 to the Colts.

There are about seven trillion other mock drafts out there. I’d have put Mel Kiper’s and Todd McShay’s on here, but that would have cost me money, and then for any of you who don’t have ESPN Insider, it would have cost you money. After that, I can’t tell who’s an expert, and who’s just a dude who wants to make a mock draft. So check those out and enjoy the draft. We’ll have more when Saffold actually is selected.