Stevens, looking quite secure, came to South

Brad Stevens was one of several big-name coaches to take in open gym at Bloomington South tonight.

Today is the first day of the April evaluation period. Coaches can watch open gyms and workouts, but not AAU Tournaments during April.

Stevens, the Butler head coach who signed a 12-year extension Thursday, was apparently there not only to watch Erik Fromm, who is signed with the Bulldogs, but also 2011 prospect and former Indiana commit Matt Carlino.

UCLA head coach Ben Howland also scouted Carlino, as did Purdue associate head coach Paul Lusk and Florida assistant Richard Pitino.

Notre Dame assistant Martin Ingelsby, a Philadelphia native and therefore my favorite person in the gym, also stopped by, and St. Louis assistant Chris Harriman also stopped by.

Carlino wasn’t the only target, of course. Senior-to-be Spencer Turner remains un-committed, and junior-to-be T.J. Bell has emerged as a legitimate force in the paint. There are also underclassmen who may develop into Division I players.

Turner, by the way, took a frightening spill. He faked a shot and was barreled over, landing loudly on his tailbone. He remained motionless on the floor for a long time — at least 20 minutes — before being taken off on a stretcher. We received word shortly after that he’d reached the hospital and was OK. He’ll be re-evaluated tomorrow.

Indiana, which is recruiting Bell, did not have a representative there. I’m not sure yet where Crean and his staff went, but I’ll work to find out.


  1. It was mentioned on Peegs today that Crean was in Florida. So to recap….UCLA,Louisville,Notre Dame, Florida, St. Louis, Butler, and Purdue were at BLOOMINGTON south high school today…and Indiana was in Florida.

  2. You posted that on Peegs, you fool.

    No one from Indiana was in Florida. They were all in Indiana high school gyms.

  3. Bummer for IU Stevens signed a 12 year deal. Oh well…maybe my great great grandchildren will be around when IU becomes good in basketball again……..

  4. jj,
    If Crean doesn’t show results by 2017 we will begin to hold him accountable. That should be enough time.

  5. Moye,

    I know this much: Crean and his staff did NOT visit Yeguete today. They might have gone to see somebody else in Florida, but it wasn’t him.


    Do you know where Crean and his staff went today? I heard they flew somewhere.

  6. Brandon Knight will become a wildcat,you know the program that had 5 first round draft picks and couldn’t get to the final four..
    It would be great news if we were to sign a 5 star recruit..I don’t think that will happen anytime soon

  7. First day and he is off flying somewhere, turning his nose up at the Indiana kids once again. Not a surprise Butler and Purdue were right here in Indiana.

  8. 4gaurds,

    Who would IU have looked at? Carlino, the guy who just decommitted, and who people are not upset about leaving? Fromm, who is committed to Butler? Turner, who IU fans would be screaming for Crean’s head if committed? Bell, who has been to IU games already?

    Honestly, why should they have gone?

  9. Mark,
    If you haven’t noticed everybody on here just tries to put a positive spin on every single thing regardless if that is how they feel or not. Creek could transfer tomorrow and everybody would say that was the best thing because he obviously doesn’t get it or would make up some other excuse to be happy about it. That is why they are called apologists. Carlino was a huge loss. He was the best recruit we had for crying out loud. We should be trying to get Carlino back and looking at TJ Bell, or I am sure there are other schools in Indiana to look at. Not Florida.

  10. I am actually hoping Crean succeeds at IU just so I can come on here and blast people but oh wait…that won’t happen because the people that talk trash will change their name on the blog and start being positive, jump on the bandwagon, and act like they loved Crean all along. Funny to me! I ask the people that trash Crean, what are you doing to help the situation? I do not really agree that Lynch should be the football coach but I am supporting him by doing several things like donating the last 2 years not just to the AD but in other ways that I know will go to football, still buying the season tickets, and have dropped him a line or two. If the coaches and football players show up in B town somewhere I take the kids and we shake hands and let them know they are supported. I wonder what the people that get on here and trash Crean do to help the situation at IU? Even though I cannot afford it I have bought mens bball tickets the last 2 years and have dropped Crean a line twice. What are you doing???

  11. Obviously there was no one in the South gym that had not already been looked at by IU, much the way Mark stated. coach4disreguards has no handle on anything that is not negatively biased.

  12. 4 guards,

    Carlino is not coming back. Don’t you understand that? IU said they are done recruiting him. I guess we should sign turner though, he is an indiana kid.

  13. Jpat,
    I have made donations and attend multiple basketball games every year. I am done. I will no longer attend basketball games or donate anything to the program until they show they are competent and bring in a real coach. Why should I support people who are burning our program to the ground? It may never recover after Crean if we let him go on like this for long.
    Jubilee, I understand IU is not recruiting Carlino. And I understand it is a HUGE mistake.

  14. Disgusting to think that the IU Program has been soiled by the dirty donations of 4tards…hopefully they’ve used that money on something insignificant, like toilet paper.

  15. 4G, I frequent 4 blogs/message boards and only post on this one. You are the only person I read that is so terribly against Crean. I encourage you to meet me in Bloomington sometime and pop in on a practice and voice your concerns in a nice way. Crean would be receptive. I have popped in on 2 practices, one with my family and I have not met a nicer more approachable babketball coach at IU. Write him a letter, not an email. You would be surprised, really. I started to have your opinion on football because of Lynch a couple years ago but why be part of the problem, complain, and not support your Hoosiers??? Do something constructive about it instead of whine and complain all of the time. I actaully feel bad for you.

    What are the top 5 things on the court that make you mad about Crean? I could list many that the untrained eye can see on Lynch but can you do the same on Crean?

  16. BTW, everybody wants a big man for next year….no big men are left in state…..maybe that is where they were?

  17. I’m out of state and so a little out of touch with recruiting around the state. And I understand that Crean and his staff have worked on all the South players they want who aren’t committed elsewhere. But it does seem fairly stupid to not show up when all those other coaches did. Why let them come on what should be your turf without even trying to defend it?

  18. eric-

    For one, maybe Crean has been there already. For two, Crean is desperately trying to add another body to the 2010 class; no one at Bloomington South is going to help next year’s class. That might be his priority right now. He knows that he needs to make some big strides forward next year, and certainly Spencer Turner is not what he has in mind.


    Thanks for that info. I didn’t know you could drop by practices. I’ll try to go see TC on the same day as 4tards, to express my unwavering support for Coach. As 4tards walks away, I’ll whisper in Crean’s ear “You see that guy over there? He lives in his parents’ basement and collects army figures. Don’t worry about him.”

  19. Here’s another name from Florida who is now available: Austin Rivers, who just decommitted from Florida (4 tards, are you getting a story going about Billy Donovan’s transfer records? He just lost a 5 star player)

    Although after watching Crean slowly downgrade Jeremiah, not sure Austin will be coming here…

  20. Jpat, I would love to voice my concerns to Crean. Maybe I should try the letter or going to practice. Emails and calling the radio show didn’t work.
    I feel like getting Crean out of here truly is the best thing for this program. He just is not the right fit.
    on the court problems…
    1) team plays out of control (turnovers)
    2) we don’t play defense
    3) poor free throw shooting
    4) dribble drive (offense) not enough motion or screens
    5) poor in game adustments

  21. Peeping Tom,
    I am still hoping for Korman’s story about Creans transfer problems first.
    and Austin is not a transfer….

  22. HT, I do not laugh “belly rolls” very often but I just did on your last post.

    I am also damned happy coach4disreguards is disassociating himself from IU. With his cred already zero this action will make his BS hollow.

    J Pat has the right attitude about rebuilding and transitioning.

  23. IU will surely miss your $5 donations 4tards, and no, buying popcorn doesn’t constitute a donation. No one gives a two sh&ts about your money. If you are an IU fan, guess what, you support your team and coach. I am trying that with Lynch and the football team this year, because I want to see my school do well. That is the bottom line. Crying on internet blogs like yourself gets the team nowhere and again, you mean nothing to the program, while supporters do. Engaging in meaningful disagreements is fine, but your endless rants and hypocritical viewpoints earns you zero credibility.

  24. We have finally found the problem 4 guards has:

    He wants to see a motion offense and defense that slows the game down….he wants the team to play like knight’s teams did. That is what he is upset about.

  25. No he wants white Indiana farm kids end of story. But he’ll throw in some support for a black kid every now and then just to appear unbiased.

  26. Again, I remind the adults. Ignore him, ridicule him, or use his posts as a bad example but do not respond to them as if they are worthy of a response. You guys are getting riled up at a pimply faced kid living in his mom’s basement with nothing better to do than post on blogs all day long before a night of delivering pizzas (no offense intended to any actual students paying their bills delivering pizza). He, and his stupid opinions, are worthy of nothing. Treat them accordingly and this site will be greatly improved.

  27. Bob,
    You are an idiot. Skin color means nothing to me.
    My list for 2011: Zeller, Teague, Plumlee
    My list for 2012: Hammons, DSR, Patterson
    4 of the 6 are black.

  28. Husky, I understand that maybe none of the players at South are specifically targets to get signed or committed this spring, I just think that as part of re-establishing a presence at recruit-rich schools like South, someone from the IU staff should be there at every legal opportunity.

  29. eric- legitimate point, but let’s not act like we are “ignoring” BSHS, when we have no idea of the recruiting agenda at this very moment.

    Don’t forget that Crean got Hulls, surely the biggest recruit that will be coming out of there in a 5-year period…

  30. Let me be the first to say that I almost never agree with what 4guards has to say.

    That being said, those of you who respond to his opinion (albeit repetetive and generally negative) by making personal insults and trying to concoct some sort of witty stab at him as a person come off sounding dumber than anyone who posts on this blog.

    Either become accustomed to engaging in argument with him, or ignore him. But those of you whose best defense is trying to make fun of someone actually come off sounding the most like 12-year-old, basement dwelling outcasts.

    I think there are others who’d agree with me on this one.

    For example, Chet — The whole point of your post is to get readers to cease in responding to 4guards, yet your agitating comments are almost certainly the most likely to illicit a response from someone.

  31. Casey-

    You make good points, and in the past I have lauded your clear-headed, rational, calm observations.

    I now declare to you, “Everything in Moderation!”

    Your last post looks like an attempt to come in here playing the benevolent, wise Father (Actually, it sounded more like Mr. Rogers than anything else).

    Most of us on here understand that we are often being immature, silly, goofy, etc. when we engage with 4tards. We have decided that it is worth the sacrifice to risk sounding this way in order to relieve a little bit of our frustration from having to see this troglodyte’s same old simplistic argument day after day.

    I’d be willing to bet that most people don’t care how we come off in the eyes of Father Casey and the “others” who cast their sorrowful, disapproving gaze down on us petty sinners.

  32. dougy,
    I don’t expect to get all 6 of these players. This is just a wish list. He has pretty much lost Teague somehow even though his dad is an IU fan. Zeller is looking grimmer and grimmer by the day and appears like we can’t even keep up with Butler for him.
    If he could somehow pull 2 of 3 for each class, I would consider it successful.

  33. HT,

    Granted, most people are just having fun, and I’m all for that. Don’t mean to sound father-ish.

    I’m just saying if people are really trying to shove 4guards out the door, the way to do it probably isn’t by being antagonistic.

    Is it perhaps that while we all despise his renduntant, droning posts and unsubstantiated claims, we secretly love that he continues posting, simply because it allows us the ability to flex our muscles?

    I think so.

    When the 4guards legacy began, it originally just annoyed me to death. Now, it’s, dare I say, FUN waiting to see how he’ll spin the next piece of news into an indictment of Crean’s incompetence (much like he accuses most of us for spinning news in a positive way).

    I’m all for banter, and I’m actually more tired of people complaining about 4guards at this point than I am of reading (skimming over) his posts.

    Blog conversations, after all, should be somewhat entertaining, in theory.

  34. Yeah, I have made a similar point…4tards keeps this blog entertaining, in a weird way. The same stuff happens on any blog; you get an angry troll or malcontent like him, and it brings everyone to life. It can have a very positive effect. For example, I had zero tolerance for Clarion during football season, and his ability to brush aside IU blowing a 25-point lead against Northwestern as if they never had a chance to win, all because of a blocked punt.

    However, our common distaste for 4tards brought us
    together, to the point where he was able to calmly present to me the logic guiding his opinion of the football program, which I now see in a new way. Suffice to say, I learned something from Clarion (although I am still much more suspicious of Lynch than he)

  35. have heard fife wants the job, not sure what in the world is keeping Cream from giving it to him. The guy is a head coach and is very loyal to IU.
    Is he scared Fife will be his replacement?

  36. If I wanted biased BS I would listen very intently and without fail to PUke’s announcers.

  37. Dane Fife is 65-84 at a cruddy school. Doubt Crean is scared.

    Only complete a complete duntz thinks guys like Fife or Crackich are worthy of being coaches at IU.

  38. Casey, hope you are not speaking of me.

    Husky, that post about watching practice was too funny!

    I am not sure practice is truly ever open but I popped up a couple times when getting tickets and was welcomed in with open arms.

    4G, I will give you the free throws for sure, they should be better and the improvement at the end of last season shows that. I disagree with the adjustments comment but maybe you can give me examples. The other three things in my opinion are all on the athletes on the floor. Not only was IU one of the youngest teams in the nation but they are still young while fighting off the whole “losing record” from Crean’s first year. Any coach can tell you that a young team that had two injuries(one to the best player) no matter who the coach is will struggle mentally to get past playing not to lose. That is why IU could not seem to close games out last year. They simply did not know how to win! It is my opinion that if everyone stays and everyone stays healthy…next year will not be the NIT, it will be The Big Dance for IU. You will be amazed at how well veterans play the next 2 years.

  39. J Pat,

    I am not. Rest assured.

    Here’s the thing about Crean: You can bash him all you want, say he doesn’t know what he’s doing or that he’s making mistakes, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t have much precedent to reference in helping him navigate this situation. It’s very much a fluid, on-the-fly learning experience for everyone involved — even the fans.

    But here’s why Crean has my respect: He left a good situation at Marquette because the glory of ol’ IU enticed him. Even in the midst of an unfortunate scandal, the opportunity to step in as head coach of Indiana University was still a top prize in his mind. He came here because he respected our tradition — because “It’s Indiana.” He walked into a situation in which it was certain there would be recruiting restrictions and probation that would affect his ability to come in and make an immediate impact. Nonetheless, he came, and is weathering the storm with unmatched optimism. He certainly hasn’t righted the ship yet, but I defy most any coach to remain as positive and focused as he has in light of what he’s had to deal with.

    In many ways, Crean embodies the types of players this program needs right now — driven, positive, passionate players who, despite IU’s situation and troubles, have a deep desire to restore the program to prominence. Who better to spot those types of players than someone who exemplifies those very qualities?

    Anyone who realistically expected IU to be “back” in Crean’s second year set their expectations far too high.

    Regardless of the win-loss column over the past two seasons, it is apparent that Crean won’t rest until he rebuilds this team. And that, to me, is an indication that it will happen, and that he’s a great man for the job.

    At this point, if you disagree, just go a way for a while.

  40. Interesting points regard tards. I guess he serves the same purpose as Fox News. Sometimes they will have a story that is interesting but you know there is no way in the world they could be telling the truth, as they never do. So you go to other sources to try to find out what the real story is. Tards quotes his ‘sources’ (which always makes me laugh) and sometimes I’ll call a friend in the coaching or sports writing ranks to see if there is any story there.
    Even manure serves a purpose.

  41. Chet,
    Don’t know why you insist on talking about Fox News on a IU sports site. You must be one of those people I will be paying for your health insurance for you. Just stay home and relax. I will cover it for you.

  42. 4gaurds,

    Not even Painter coming off what will be PU’s greatest years will land any of those recruits. Teague doesn’t want anything to do with PU, and Zeller has practically eliminated them too. If Painter, who has had more time and in state success than Crean currently, cannot get these guys while Crean is at least in the mix I would say Crean is doing something right.
    But you will spin this in a way that remotely backs your opinion.

  43. 4guards obviously have not seen JV player tj bell play. If he signs with anyone else no one will be that upset.Here is a quote from yesterday on a Purdue blog from 4guards……..”I love going on hoop scoop and causing a stir…they love me over there, they wish they were us…” He is nothing more than a troll who loves a banner less school.

  44. Mark,
    The worse purdue does in recruiting, the better for us. Purdue is in very well with Dawson. I am scared at this point that this absoltely loaded 2011 class is not going to produce anything for us except Etherington (if he sticks). Crean has been shunning Indiana talent since his arrival.
    Teague, Zeller, Plumlee, Dawson, Davis, Carlino. Are we favorites for any of these guys? I would say no.

  45. TheRegion.
    You are either making that up or somebody else is posting under this username. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was you.

  46. Sad thing is, it doesn’t matter, because there’s no difference between you and a PUke troll.

  47. 4gaurds,

    You are right Purdue should be in a lot better position than they are now. Painter is not getting the job done. By your logic he should of had the ’11 and ’12 Indiana kids locked up by now. Instead he went with three out of state kids for ’12, and that class is loaded. Dawson should be committed right now if Painter could close the deal

  48. oh my gosh, Crean is not shunning Indiana talent. He said when he got here he would embrace the states basketball talent and own the state. Look at future targets for IU on peegs list…Crean is absolutely not shunning the state of Indiana.

  49. Actions speak louder than words….. so far Crean has 3 classes in the books and one Indiana high school kid. Elston was brought in by Sampson. 2011 is loaded and I don’t see any top Indiana kids that we are projected as the favorite.

  50. 4 guards,

    We obviously are at a disadvantage in recruiting right now given the situation Crean inherited and the success of Purdue and Butler.

    But it’s funny, because Crean has recruited literally every player you listed a couple posts above. It’s going to be hard to get guys like that right away, but to say he’s “shunning” the in-state talent is obviously false, given that Indiana is or has recruited all of those players.

  51. I have not checked but it would not be hard to believe Coach Crean has more offers tendered to instate ballers for “11” and beyond than does PUke.

  52. 4tards,
    Yep, you (your dad, really) paid for my health insurance while I went out and went to war so your type could sit home and watch it on TV and talk about freedom. Don’t worry, there are more like me willing to pay the price to keep your sorry ass safe at home watching television and complaining about having to pay taxes.

  53. Lets hear it for more hypocrisy!

    If you want to slam Crean for not being able to keep commitments from the likes of Ebanks and Holloway, shouldn’t you also give him credit for continuing to recruit and eventually sign Derek Elston?

  54. HoosEyes,

    Wow. What a great point.

    I’ll be interested to see the BS counter-argument that’s sure to come…

    Very good point though. If Crean should be condemned for not retaining Sampson era players, he should then, in turn, be commended for keeping some Sampson-recruited players on board.

  55. elston was a kid who dreamed of playing indiana all his life, like they all should be. He was coming to Indiana no matter what. Tan Cream had to do nothing.

  56. Coach Crean did not have to honor the offer. But I am sure after his evaluation of Elston he too decided DE was a recruit to his liking and then called to honor the ride.

  57. And 4tards avoids Chet again. In our neck of the woods we call you a coward or a other name for a cat.

  58. Bob- 4tards is a textbook example of what you would call a selective listener. He hears what he wants to hear, and blocks out the inconvenient parts of an argument that don’t support his myopic view.

    What do you expect, he watches FOX news.

  59. I am not responding to Chet Lemon because I don’t want to get into politics on an IU site. He could learn something by watching Fox News instead of being brainwashed by the liberal drive by media.

  60. One of the most conservative congressmen in America recently had this to say about FOX:

    After a woman in the audience railed against the possibility of being put in prison for not obtaining health insurance under the Democrat’s new law, Coburn dismissed her remark and questioned the accuracy of Fox News reports on health care reform.

    He then went on to say:

    “What we have to have is make sure we have a debate in this country so that you can see what’s going on and make a determination yourself,” Coburn added and then again warned the crowd against the myths perpetrated on FOX News.

    Apparently even some Republicans now are starting to see the light about Fox. Not all conservatives are as dumb as 4tards.

  61. I keep coming on here because I am right. I am doing you all a favor, and you will all thank me in the long run when Alford takes over and we start winning championships again. In the end I will have more fans on this blog then Glen Beck at a Promise Keepers meeting.

  62. I wasn’t speaking of politics, 4tards. You brought it up, not me. I merely agreed with your statement that you (your dad) probably did pay my health insurance when I was serving our country, which little cowards like 4tards never do. They just like to watch other phonies on TV and whine like little girls when they are asked to do anything for their country, even if it just paying their taxes. OK, you can run and hide, again.

  63. Like I said, when is the log in screen coming? I would hate it if my unique contributions to this discussion were to get lost in all the other garbage posted on here.

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